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The Lakers sign Ronny Turiaf

It's official. The man now wears purple and gold. 

Best wishes to roster casuality Laron Profit for a speedy recovery (along with a spot on an NBA team next season).

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Dear Kobe,

The Shaq Daddy Logging Back on! Kobe, I'm glad that we settled our differences. Now I can play with an agression and put this behind me hopefully. It' been for me leaving L.A. being practically rejected. Kobe, let's just hope we can put everything behind us and just play a basketball game. Shaq-Fu!

,Shaquille O'Neal

Ronny Turiaf signed with the Lakers? I thought he was going to the Development League? can anyone explain the situation to me. Ronny Turiaf might be the guy we need in our Lakers roster, a strong- minded individual with confident in the post and play great defense without fouling. Hopefully Ronny can play with a strong mind and play without fouling, basically let's just hope he's not a Mihm or a Kwame.

Welcome to the team Turiaf!

Good luck Laron, and Welcome aboard Ronny! Here's hoping you can learn the triangle quickly and stay out of the D-League, and maybe if you're lucky you'll even get to dunk on Shaq next year!

BTW, I guess they're holding onto Slava's contract because it's worth more in a trade scenario (3 mil expiring), maybe we'll see another move by the front office before the deadline next month..?

LeBron Vs. Kobe, this debate should be over because it's clearly just plain non sense. and I'm sick of hearing about the Lebrons vs. the Kobes, or the Wades vs. The Kobes.

Wade vs Kobe is plain retarded Wade's game is clearly no where near Kobe's. I respect Wades ability to come inside and draw fouls, he can dunk at 6'4. just like Smush. He can shoot jumpshots. He can't shoot threes.
He can't play D.

(By the way now people questioning Kobe's defense, Ok tell me when T-Mac can get pass Kobe, then you can sh*t talk on Kobe's defense.)

Wade is great but still his game is no where near Kobe's.

So comparing those 2 guys (Wade not even in Kobe's class), is just plain ignorance.

Now LeBron,

LeBron I like way more than Wade, LeBron is greater than Wade much greater.

LeBron has a lot of respect for Kobe and Kobe does as well for LeBron

LeBron even said himself that he's not ever going to be as good as Kobe, he's not a "Killer"

At least he's being honest.

I personally think LeBron is a terrific ball player. He has mad inside game, that's where he does most of his damage, very strong and fast. He can also shoot the three. I've observe his shooting game or jumpshots, it's decent. He monster dunk on people who he gets inside but he still has fresh legs. Kobe's still young but his legs aren't as they were when he was a rookie. don't forget Kobe was a dunking monster when he was younger.

To start off with
Why is it LeBron vs. Kobe?
For goodness sakes, they play 2 entire different PRIMARY positions... Both Kobe and LeBron can play from the PointGuard to the SmallForward But LeBron's big body was meant to be a smallforward and Kobe's Body was meant to be a shooting guard or preferably to the fans, "A Jordan body."

LeBron is not a Clutch player so don't compare him to Kobe.

Kobe is clutch.

So let's put this ridiculous subject to rest

Wade being compared to Kobe is like a criticism to Number 8. And LeBron knows he's not Kobe, that's the end of that.

This message was brought to you by: "THE MEDIA IS STUPID AND RETARDED"

alright! when is he expected to play?

I'm glad to see we finally signed Turiaf. I don't know how effective or how good he'll be, but I know having another big body on the roster will really help when our big men (Chris Mihm) get into foul trouble. I just hope Phil gives him a chance to prove he can play before he sends him to the D-league.

I also wish Laron Profit luck. Maybe he can re-sign next season after he's all healed up.


Turiaf's signing will prove to strengthen the Lakers' thin front court.

Kobe can't guard his own shadow.

'Nuff said.

lol shaquille!

If the Laker front court is so thin, that is just more testament to the sucess they have had. Additionally, how do you explain such a 'weak' front court ranking 9th place (with Detroit) on defense? The front court is the last line of defense, and if it were as weak as msb212 would have us believe I just do not see how they could be ranked so highly defensively. AND offensively the Lakers rank 12th (meaning 18 teams are WORSE). Take your sour grapes with you and post when you can support your statements; in the mean time, us fans will enjoy some fine California wine and the ever improving play of our team.

Welcome Ronny...I won't praise him yet cuz he hasnt played a single minute yet. Let see what he can contribute with the Lakers. Too much hype on Ronny.

No player is worth a dime unless he is bleeding purple and gold. Who cares about LB, Shaq, Dwade AI or so on...they all can kiss our purple and gold a$$e$$. Forget pushing KO8E for MVP. We should only and only push KO8E for the NBA RING. I know we will come closer than any of you Fakers out there expect. Who cares about beating the Heat. It's no big deal. They had 15 loses b4 they beat them. I hope they don't lose another game again.

Kobe is a SG. Lamar is Point forward. That is the strategy of PJ. Lakers is the most dangerous, when Kobe is shooting well. By nature of the PJ offense strategy, Kobe has to take a lot of shots, difficult shots sometimes. Only then the opponent team will always consider him the biggest threat. That creates holes for Kobe teammates.

Therefore, the key is for other Lakers to be more aggressive, understand the triangle better, discover more opportunity for themselves.

In order for the Lakers to be better is not for Kobe to take less shots or take more shots, it is for the others to be more aggressive.

Lakers is never about regular season, but dont you think Lakers can match up w everybody in playoffs. If you guys remember how PJ use Tyronne Lue to match up against AI, I think each Lakers player could be key in chess games during players.

Bynum, Kwame, Mihm, Odom against Rasheed n Wallace
Bynum against Duncan
Sasha against AI
George against Wade
Bynum, Kwame, Mihm, Odom against Amare
Kobe against Nash

It is a big if, but I see the advance of Lakers during playoff is up to themselves.

Go Lakers

They probably kept Slava since he would probably make a better trade bait for a team looking for a shooter since GM's across the league are more familiar with him.

Laron did a solid job backing up Kobe before he got injured. I'm pretty sure he'll be on Mitch's "nice" list next season.

Kobe has killer instinct, Lebron is better coz he has winner instinct.


AK, BK plz tell your fellow sportswriters to be not such an idiot.

The ring is about playoffs. Playoff is when the game slow down, and the score relatively tight.

The question is when the final play of the game, your team down by one WHO YOU WANT TO TAKE THE SHOT?

Lebron is great player, he will be a Hall of famer. But he hasnt won anything, for God sakes. Cmon, guys you know better than this. Can Lebron ever beat Detroit in playoff? He may or he may not. As I like to say, he could be the next Barkley (a great player but never won a ring!)

Hyping Lebron is a disrespect to Kobe and Lebron. Let see in a few years how this kid fare in playoffs. Then you guys can hype him.

For now, anybody with an IQ above 70 would know a guy with 3 rings is better than a guy who has not even get into playoff.

Of coz, you can say Kobe win the ring with Shaq, but Shaq + Penny also never win any ring. Do you think this kid is so much better than a young Penny?

Plz, u guys are smarter, more knowledgable about the game than us mere mortal fans. Stop this idiot effort trying to hype Lebron by putting down Kobe.

Nobody in the league can guard Kobe's shadow, but Kobe can sure as hell guard any swingman in the league.

Watch a game or two before you comment, msb212.

Good deal- I am happy the Lakers got this kid and he should gain some playing time soon. Why did we let go of profit - he had more upside than Slava and who is going to take him after back surgery. I really liked the way Profit looked and hustled, he is a scorer and pretty quick too, hope we can regain his talent next year. We ought to release Slava and find room for the big project, Artest. If we keep winning I wonder if Buss will go out on a limb for Ron A.
Ronny T. Congrats - big time! Its an amazing story and you deserved all the prayers and love coming at you. If we do this youth movement thing then why don't we let these kids play? I would like to see Bynum avg. 10 minutes a game at least. It would definitely help Mihm who seems to always be in foul trouble. Just end of quarters beginning of next quarter 1-2 3-4 Come on Phil they need some time on the floor!
Wow - Kobe bashers trying to let on that he aint got no D - how many years on the all D team did you miss...some of this stuff is just ignorant.

Kobe has problems against quicker point guards on offense and on defense. I've watched and analyzed more games than the number of times you've wetted your bed Tangerine.

It's time for you to take your "I love you Kobe" goggles off when you watch a Lakers game. Did you see Wade going by Kobe with ease? Even when Kobe decided to concede the jumpshot to Wade and sagged back about 5 ft. away from Wade? Did you see Dixon torch Kobe on those backscreen cuts?

It's ok to admit that there are deficiencies in Kobe's game. It's ok to realize that your idol isn't "perfect". If's better to disillusion you now than have your mom tell you 30 years from now to remove those Kobe posters from the ceiling of your room.

Since the goggles may have obstructed you from watching the game, here's Charley Rosen's (associated with basketball for 30+ years) take on Kobe's D. And maybe you can tell him to watch the games too.

"At the same time, his defense is getting worse and worse. He reacted passively to every screen set in his vicinity — making no effort to get through, get over, or even get under. Whenever possible, Kobe leaned into the passing lanes. If he did intercept one pass, he also lost a pair of gambles that directly led to one basket scored by the bad guys as well as a foul being called on Kwame Brown.

Throughout the game, Wade obliterated Bryant's faux defense on fourteen separate occasions. (Kobe only played forceful defense against Wade on a single possession.) His lapses didn't all result in scores by Wade (11-24, 7 assists, 34 points). Some led to assist-passes, some to passes to wide-open teammates who proceeded to miss open shots or were fouled. Bryant also turned his head on numerous occasions — thereby allowing Wade a backdoor cut that turned into a dunk. Another neck-twister permitted Gary Payton to run out, corral a lead pass, and score a layup." - Charley Rosen



I'm pretty sure both Profit and Slava are FA's, so even if the Lakers waived Slava, they'd still have to resign Profit for next season, anyway. So it doesn't really matter, in terms of his future with the team. Plus, I think there's a chance (albeit remote) Slava could play this season. Profit's definitely out. If there's a choice to be made, you gotta keep the guy with at least a prayer of helping at some point.

I'm not 100% positive I'm right with that info. But if I am, I think the logic makes sense.


Shaq to the 2008 Beijing Games??? C'mon, forget about it Jerry Colangelo. Three years from now, what do you think Shaq can do for US Bball team??? He'll just be humiliated by Yao (granting China & US meet) in front of the latter's countrymen.

By 2008, shaq will just be a big liability both on offense and defense for the US Men's and for the Miami Heat as well.

Why not consider ANDREW BYNUM? I think He's the future David Robinson or Hakeem. Not Ewing. He didnt have the finesse Bynum will have or already has.

Send AB to the Beijing Games. Teams from Europe & the Americas always send young players to the Olympics, anyway.

Forget about Shaq. His SHAQ ATTAQ days are now way behind him.

Charley Rosen....You use him to make your point!!
YOU should be traded...we'll ship msb212 and charley Rosen to the D-league...Starting tomorrow!


Kobe's defense has been a little lax lately, but remember he's playing with a sprained wrist and tendinitis in his knee, so he's been very very consious of screens and has generally been conserving energy on the defensive end - this has actually led to Laker wins, so there's no complaint from me. I do see what you see though, that he's generally letting his man go by with little resistance, but the game plan against Wade seemed to be to let him drive into congestion, and have the outside defenders stay home (it's why the Lakers are among the league leaders in defending the 3 point shot). Kobe's had a few off games defensively, but saying that he is a overall poor defender is just ludicrous, you only have to look back a few games before the wrist injury to see that (see Stephen Jackson et. al in the Indiana game) - heck, you can even look back to the Xmas game at Miami and see how frustrated Wade was in that game. I have no doubt that when given lock-down assignments he will continue to take care of them, but it seems to be something Phil is willing to let slide right now so that Kobe has the energy in the 4th to finish teams off.

Keep it up Smush. That big shot you made in the 4th, I thought i saw Tony Parker with a running floater off the dribble, but it was #1 SMUSH PARKER. I know you can do it and more.

Compared to the Bulls triangle, you can be a faster and quicker Ron Harper. C'mon man. Make it hard 4 Mike Bibby thursday.

And Kwame Brown? I agree with Stu Lantz. Kwame Brown is on the upswing.

Keep it going. Have a bigger heart.

Oh how I'd love to hear the TV play by play announcer saying "KB8 to KB54..... BAANG!!!" "Great pass by Kobe Braynt to Kwame Brown for a slam"

GO Lakers!!!
Sac Kings better watch out...


Hmmm, I am somewhat surprised that Charlie Rosen said something negative about Kobe.

If you look at his body of work, you will notice he is quite unbiased and never bashes Kobe...

Congratulations to Ronny, welcome!

As for waiving Profit, he was making about $875K and the cash the Lakers received from the Wizards in the Butler for Kwame trade basically paid for it. Slava on the other hand is making $3 million this year but has an expiring contract, which becomes increasingly valuable as the year goes on and the Feb23 trade deadline gets closer. Neither player is expected to play this year due to injuries and surgeries, so I'm sure the Slava contract was kept solely on its trade value (which is pretty high).

I think Turiaf should spend some time in the D-League. Obviously he's signed with the Lakers, but he won't be getting much, if any, playing time, and right now his main problem is game conditioning (as much as treadmill helps, nothing can simulate actual game action). I think spending a month or so down there would get him up to speed quicker conditioning wise, and if he can get back up by the trade deadline, it would be like acquiring a 6' 10" hustle, heart guy. I just think he would benefit more by pplaying minutes in Fort Worth rather than riding the pine and just practicing with the team, even if it means experience in the triangle.

I do hope that we try and re-sign Profit as a back-up two in the offseason, i was really enjoying what he was doing on the court before his injury.

You guys are are so funny to me,you have to find something negative about Kobe's,game no matter what. How can a man who has been on the all defensive team for the last couple of years not have any defense? You talk about his assets and he is in the top ten for shooting guards.How many defensive teams has Wade/Lebron been on? Look Kobe is not going anywhere so if msb212,maybe its time for you to find another team!!!!!

This is a bigger deal than Laker management is willing to admit. Turiaf is going to make a very positive difference in this team.

Andrew Z,

But Phil isn't going to play Ronny more than 6-8 minutes a night. His conditioning can handle that. Do you really think sending him down to the development league is necessary?

I think believing that Turiaf will have any impact on this team this year is a bit farfetched. He will undoubtedly bring certain intangibles to the team, like hustle, spirit, and energy, but his skills on the court aren’t game changing. I think having him around will definitely bring energy to the team, and if that’s what you mean by “impact” then I have to agree with you. Let’s just not go thinking that he’s going to be a starting power forward by the end of the year and shutting down Tim Duncan in the playoffs as the Lakers win the Western Conference. Everyone knows that’s what Kwame is going to do 

Needless to say, I would love to be at Staples when Phil calls his number for the first time as a Laker. That crowd should be louder than when Bynum threw it down on Shaq. I’m glad to have the guy around, an infusion of energy and hustle is just what this team needs to keep the momentum going (6 out of the last 7).

All I'm saying is that Kobe is beyond criticism. All I'm saying is that he's GOD on the basketball court. I think players should bow to him before the game to show proper respect. That's not overrating him, is it?

msb212 points out that Charlie Rosen, the guy famous for knowing Phil Jackson's phone number, [probably not his cell, just the one that goes to voice mail] thinks Kobe's D is sagging. NBA quiz... Was there ever a player in the NBA that averaged 40 pts a game for extended periods, while playing shut down D on the other teams leading scorer for 42 minutes a night, without ever slacking off or fouling out, so they can be around at the end of the game to win it with clutch shot after clutch shot? Hint: there were no Wades, Lebrons and McGradys when MJ was playing.

Andrew Z

I agree with you that we should re-sign Profit! I think very few people recognized his increasing value as a back-up for Kobe. I think Profit was growing nicely into that role and was sorely missed during that little slump the Lakers had after Kobe scored the 62.....I think the team has just adjusted really to his absence and finding some minutes for Kobe to rest so he can close out games.

Another thought.......

I have read recent threads about Charles Barkley and his obvious "personal" dislike of Kobe expressed every chance he gets on his platform as TNT analyst....but I wondered has anyone noticed Magic's lack of defending Kobe against the likes of Barkley while he is on the show?

I am sure there are some issues of envy coming from Barkley towards Kobe that much is obvious....but is it possible that Magic is a little envious as well?

Although Magic gives credit when credit is due to Kobe(unlike Barkley) he seems to never do it enthusiastically...(is that spelled right?) During the LeBron vs. Kobe game Magic said that Lamar Odom understood the game better that any Laker......was he serious? Better than Kobe? I thought that statement was a bit much and unnecessary especially with the game and finish that Kobe had against LeBron and the Caveliers.

I understand that at this point in Magic's life he is concerned about his Legacy as a Laker guard and where history will rank him vis-a-vis Kobe Bryant....but is this concern shaping or mis-shaping his analysis of Kobe's game?

Just a thought....

I've long been a fan of Kobe's D, but I have definitely noticed this year he's looking at the back of the guy he is defending as his man goes by him. Happens a lot. The first step of the really good guys (Wade, Arenas, etc) is quicker than Kobe's first step he is playing D...just like Kobe's first step is quicker than any of his defenders. And there are times when I can tell it's an effort issue, but the guy does score 34 a game so it's understandable. It's not a huge deal, but I definitely remember back when people weren't getting around Kobe like they do now.


It is lame that Barkley bashes Kobe on the TNT show but it would be equally lame if Magic was over zealous in his appraisel. They are supposed to simply cover the game and offer their professional insight. It sucks when commentators/joutnalists (Rosen, Simmons) are obvious in their support or lack of support for any particular team or player.

I usually enjoy Barkley's comments, I take them with a grain of salt, he is funny. If I want actual intelligent and insightful comments, my vote goes to Steve Kerr. I think that Kerr is one of the best young commentators right now.

Anyway, I guess we all need a little comedy, and Chuck does a good job at that but as far as an unbias opinion...I know I wont tget that from him.

Maybe Chuck prefers Shaq to Kobe cause he knows that Shaq's right hand came within an inch of sending "the round mound of rebound" to an early retirement. He is scared that if he is honest Shaq might show up in the studio one day and give him a fistful.

We may want to keep something in mind here... as Laker fans, we are prone to see the best possible interpretation of most everything our team does, especially our main scorer and big star. More bluntly put, being a fan his team, not to mention his game and talent, makes it very easy to idolize Kobe Bryant. The man is brilliant, no doubt about that, he is without question one of the best and most talented players to ever play in the NBA... but that doesn't mean that everyone else has to agree with me about my opinion about him.

Let's not over-analyze and attribute motives and feelings we know nothing about to anyone, including both Magic and Barkley, just because they disagree with us.

Andrew Z,

Yeah, I agree with you it will electric when Ronny first steps out on the court at Staples Center. Its a Hollywood Story ("Kid comes back from near death to rejoin the greatest team in basketball"). People will go nuts.

I don’t think the coaching staff would want to look at conditioning in terms of 6-8 minutes a game, rather that he could play 25 or so. I obviously haven’t played NBA basketball, but even playing at the local gym you begin to realize how quickly your skills deteriorate when you’re on the court. And to be honest, other than his 5 games or so in Yakima, Ronny hasn’t played in actual basketball games since the Summer League. I’m sure the staff wants him to have as much game experience as quickly as possible to make even those 6-8 minutes as effective as possible. I would venture to guess his skill set and timing is probably a bit rusty too, so a brief stint in Fort Worth would help get that back quicker. I honestly think they are planning on using Ronny more than 6-8 minutes a game, that’s why they want him to get up to speed as quick as possible. I think this Miami game definitely showed that if Kwame and Chris get in foul trouble, which they have been known to do, it’s a quick trip to playing an 18 year-old rookie valuable minutes in what looks like a pretty serious playoff run. Ronny will definitely add size for us inside so I would like to get him back in game shape as quick as possible. Of course, I could be totally off and sound absolutely retarded, it happens quite often.

Phil Jackson's defensive schemes are much less one-on-one now. When Shaq sat in the middle, it gave Kobe a lot more confidence to get right up in the grill of his man. If he made a gamble, the player was funneled to Shaq who blocked or altered the shot. I don't think Kobe has lost a step, but his defensive help is clearly not as comprehensive as it once was.

Shaq's presence, aside from simply altering shots, altered game plans. It meant more jump shots, which are more difficult and easier to defend (lower percentages than in the paint).

I am not a big fan of Shaq, but his presence "creates problems" for other teams to score inside, which is why teams like San Antonio always wanted to draw him outside with the pick and roll, since his diminishing foot speed made this the easiest way to run their offense.

Also, who thinks that once the Heat loses in the 1st or 2nd round of the playoffs, and Shaq comes back at 360lbs, Riley won't be on the phone with the Knicks trying to unload his bloated contract (no team is as stupid as the Knicks when it comes to bloated contracts)?

Andrew Z,

How deep do you think we're going to go into the playoffs this year?

Laker Junkie,

D-Wade has been on the All-Defensive team, just so you know. I'm not saying this to rip Kobe's D (the guy obviously can defend), but because for some reason, the myth keeps circulating that Wade doesn't play D, and that's simply people ignoring the truth because they wanna side with Kobe. You can back Kobe and still give Wade props. Acknowledging Wade can defend doesn't somehow translate into saying Kobe's D sucks. Give both their respect and leave it at that.


Jon K,

I’m basing this assessment that our health stays relatively good. Let’s not forget that last year we had the exact same record, 21-17 before Kobe went down with the ankle and then Lamar with a shoulder at the end of the year and we had 13 wins for the rest of the year. But back to the playoffs. It all depends on the seed. I think we will end up the 6th seed, which will greatly benefit us because we play the winner of the Northwest Division (Minnesota, Denver, Utah). Then we would run into what looks like it would be the Suns (I think they’ll win our division and end up with the #2 seed). At that point, it’s a toss up. I actually believe that we match up better against the Spurs than the Suns, so if we were to get by them, I like our chances against the Spurs. If you were to hold a gun to my head and make me put something in writing, I say we lose in six to the Suns in the second round. I just don’t think we can run with them. Also, our playoff experience is minimal at best and that would affect us.

So there is my prediction Jon K, Lakers get the #6 seed, beat Minnesota in six and then lose to the Suns in six in the second round of the playoffs. BUT, it should be noted we have Kobe Bryant and I’m starting to believe that he could win the whole damn thing by himself.

Jon K,

I forgot to ask, how far do you think the Lakers will be going in the playoffs this year? I’ve been trying to set realistic expectations, as much as this team teases me with throwing those out the window.

Andrew Z,

I agree.

Are you saying that Wade D is comparable to Kobe?
You would rather have Wade guarding the final play over Kobe?


Actually, I do think Wade's D is comparable to Kobe's. It may not be AS good, but so what? If it's still good, it's still good.

My original point was, all these people saying Wade's D sucks simply because they're Kobe fans make them sound like suck ups, or that they don't watch enough basketball. Wade is a very good defender. Admitting that doesn't somehow diminish Kobe's talents. It's just being honest.

All you guys complain that people "hate" on Kobe, that they don't give him enough respect because they're "haters." And sometimes, it may be true. But then you turn around and "hate" on another guy simply because Kobe's your man. What's the difference? That's the exact same thing. If y'all are gonna demand that Kobe gets his props, then at least offer the same respect to other players that deserve it as well.

Thanks for the comment, Coxman.


Andrew Z,

We should be a 5th or 6th seed. We should get out of the first round of playoffs, but whenever we run into Phoenix or San Antonio (probably second round), we should be in trouble.

Against these teams the 8th Wonder will try to carry the Lakers by himself, but it won't be enough (it can't be). The only chance we'd have against a healthy Phoenix or San Antonio in seven games is if somehow Kwame, Lamar, AND Mihm all take their game to the next level in the last quarter of the season. (For Kwame he might have to take it two steps up.) If that happens and Kobe goes into predictable psychotic super-human basketball mode, then we'll have a good chance of taking thing to the Conference Finals or beyond.

However, its a lot to expect for all three players to make such a leap while learning a new offense.

Remember, its Haters who don't have realistic expectations. True fans never give up hope, but they also never create delusionally unrealistic expectations for their team.

With all due respect AK, Wade is a very good player but I strongly disagree with you on the defense thing!
WADE IS NOT COMPARABLE TO KOBE on defense! and that my friend is just plain obvious!
Kobe gets called upon to shut down the opposing team scorer on most night. Pat Riley doesn't call upon wade to do a matter of fact an older Payton still defends better than Wade!
That was simply nonsense!!
Just because Wade is a good player and his game is "comparable" to a younger Kobe doesn't mean that his defense is also!!

Chosen #23,

Then tell that to the people who put him on the All-Defensive team last year, because that's where he got named. 2nd team. Pretty damn good for a second year player (at the time). And he actually spent much of Monday's game guarding Kobe until he hurt his knee. Kobe also took some possessions off, with George on Wade. And that's how it should be for both. You need to preserve your best players' energy. But Wade spends plenty of time guarding bigtime scorers. That's simply the truth.

And again, I don't know why admitting another player's talents somehow is a slight against Kobe. Is it because they play the same position? Is it because the media likes to compare them? I fully believe you can say one is good without taking away from the other. That seems pretty obvious to me.

As always Chosen, it's fun talking.



Let's not forget who Wade is playing with, Shaq..who demands double-triple team when he has the ball. If you watch the game closely, KO8E had to sag on Wade a little bit to keep the ball on Wade's hands. KO8E had to limit Wade from passsing the ball to Shaq. Plus, their team defense has been the main key of success of their wins not individual one-on-one defense. Wade was more of a scorer than a playmaker on that game. It's sad to say, I don't think the Heat have a chance against the Pistons. Cuz Shaq looks even heavier and slower. But the Lakers are young and not as solid yet. Inspite of the win and spectacular shots by KO8E, blowing a 19 point lead is unacceptable. They can't win against Spurs if they blow a lead like that.

As a Lakers fan, I believe the Lakers can beat anybody in the west except the Spurs. We brag about Ron Artest, but Bruce can still slow down KO8E better than anybody in the league.

And, besides Tim D, I have a lot of respect for Ginobli's game. He's a proven clutch and winner...He's reason why I picked the Spurs to win it last year. Gold Medal and an NBA ing on his resume. But I know KO8E will excel his game to overcome the defense of Bruce and G's game. What do you guys think?

You would never her me saying that LB and Wade is not great players that would be nonsense. However wade game is not comparable to Kobe on ether end of the court. I have a lot of respect for your critique of the game but when you start to ignore facts to make a point the point can’ be valid. Out of all the games that they played how much time have Wade spend guarding Kobe. Kobe is one of the best defender is the game. Would you say the same for Wade?


So, seriously. How far do you think Miami will go in the playoffs? Not very far, methinks.

It seems to me that the combination of Wade/O'Neil isn't as potent as the combination of Kobe/Shaq. Perhaps that's simply a reflection of the fact that Shaq is getting older, but I just don't see Wade as important a player as Kobe to basketball.

He's a great player. Don't get me wrong. But if Kobe was playing for Miami right now (with Kobe) and they weren't at each other's throats, I'd assume that Miami would definitely be in the Eastern Conference finals with a legitimate chance of beating Detroit.

first time writer, long time reader.. I enjoy all your posts..
As for Kobes "D"
If you check out and view battlegrounds 05 you will see Kobe's training video.
He admits himself that it is very hard to guard someone one on one in the NBA today but its about bringing them to the heart of the defense. And playing team defense..
Bottom Line Kobe knows if he needs to tighten up, then that is exactly what Kobe will do..
check out the video..

I have missed Laron since he went down and out.
Half the time, he would make a brilliant dunk, and I'd say to myself, "I thought Kobe was on the bench" and even the announcers would say something like "there's a dunk by Kobe, oh, no, that's Laron Profit - nice dunk by Laron!"
He didn't have the outside shooting but man, he was a baller. A good scorer. I hope he comes back next year - he was a great backup for the Lakers.

so what happens to slava now...
I actually like the guy.


Dude, Wade spent plenty of time on Monday guarding Kobe before hurting his knee. Again, Wade got voted to the All-Defensive team last year, so the people who saw him play quite a bit obviously liked what they see. And since you said I need "facts," there's a pretty good one. You'll never find a scouting report on the guy that doesn't say he's a good defender. And saying this in no way disses Kobe, so I don't know why some readers have a hard time admitting it. Even if Kobe's a better defender than Wade, that doesn't make Wade a bad one, which is what I think people here like to claim just so they can praise Kobe.

Jon K,

I'm not sure why you think Wade and Shaq can't go anywhere, considering they went to the Eastern conference finals last year. Plus, Wade took his team to the second round without Shaq. That seems reasonably convincing to me. Miami isn't a scary team and I don't think they'll win the East, but that's more a reflection of how good Detroit is than anything else. But do I think they'll probably go at least two rounds, simply because who else is any good at all? The Cavs or Nets? That's about it.

Coxsman and Jon K, thanks for the good debate.



I can bet on this. Shaq will be now here seen on the bench come playoffs. Heat will go home in the second round. Its because of lack of team chemistry.

Laker Fan,

I could see the Heat going out in the second round, because I agree, they aren't that incredible. Why Riley panicked and made all those offseason moves (especially considering the people he got in said offseason moves) is beyond me. But my guess is Eastern conference finals, simply due to lack of competition and the amount of rest Shaq will get due to playoff scheduling. But hey, you never know.

Thanks for the comment.


The Heat are a little bit better than the Lakers so far this season, but the Lakers organization learned last year that you can't buy a championship! Team chemistry is something that's developed not bought. Buss chose Kobe, Riley chose Shaq.

Lakers are on the rise!


Lebron missing a free throw with six tenth of a second left and Cleveland lost to Denver.

OF COURSE THE WISE BOMANI JONES IS RIGHT. He has to come with new vocabulary to put Kobe down. I wonder what he will say now. IDIOT!

I dont say Kobe beyond critics. Nobody is, including sportswriters. But please put things in perspective. Dont critisize just for the sake of it.

Wade's a good defender. But being voted onto D team is not necessarily a good indication. Much like Kobe not making the D team a year or two ago (correct?), even after having been on it for all of his career, it proves that (like the all star votes) a lot is based on popularity.

Now I don't mean that Wade isn't a solid back and forth player..but just because he's been voted doesn't make him a great defender. Kobe's D has looked a little weaker than in past years. I can't say whether this is attributed to this new theory of "team defense," but it is obvious that he has lost a little spark in his step.

Nonetheless, I still believe that, while Wade is comparable on D, Kobe is still hands down a clearly superior 1 on 1 defender. Just my needless opinion. I understand what AK means about this hater double standard and I try not to commit it, but I honestly am being objective...(in my own mind, right?).


That's the thing, the Heat are not a scary team. How can they not be? Shaq, Wade, Antoine Walker, Gary Payton, Jason Williams, Ubonis (sp?)... and Riley as their coach.

What the hell is missing here? They're not a team playing with a vengeance. Detroit is a team playing with a vengeance. They're a fricken scary team. After watching the Sun dismantle the Clippers last night under the stewardship of Steve Nash's mindboggling play, the Suns are a scary team.

The Heat. Nope. I don't see them getting past the second round in the playoffs this year. I've seen nothing to convince me otherwise.

The Lakers have a better chance of going deeper into the playoffs than the Heat. Why? Because Kobe's playing with a vengeance. Players/teams on a mission are always something to be reckoned with.


I hear what you're saying. I'm certainly not saying Wade is Coop at this point. All I meant was folks on the blog saying Wade plays no D either don't watch enough basketball or are ignoring the truth because they're Kobe fans, and want to shoot down any comparisons. Is that a fair statement, you think?

Jon K,

Again, I agree that the Heat are vulnerable. But they've also got the easier road during the postseason. The west is much more difficult and the Lakers only have two particularly impressive win this season (both against Dallas). They still haven't beaten S.A., Detroit, Memphis, Phoenix. And it only gets tougher in the playoffs. So I wouldn't pencil them in the Western Conference finals quite yet. But they are playing well at the moment, so keep up the optimism.



Second round of the playoffs for the Lakers. I think that is a fairly realistic expectation, especially if they play the winner of the Northwest Division in the first round.

Oh yes.. certainly fair.

Although I don't think anyone doubts that of you.
We can still be fanatics, no?

I mean..afterall, Kobe is the greatest human being in the history of mankind.

I'll I'm gonna say is 81 and that my friends makes a hell of a player. Second of all lebron is good but he can't win games he chockes at the last seconds. Where as kobe is clutch in those situations. He thrives on presure, and that is why he is better lebron.

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