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Ron Ron Not Gone Gone (Not Yet Yet...)

Apparently, Ron Ron doesn't want to live in Sacramento for the next two years, and the deal (as a couple of our crack readers have reported) to send Artest west for Peja is off

So Artest doesn't want to live in Sacto?  Maybe he's not crazy after all. 

Seriously, though, is this a guy to which the Lakers should hitch their wagon?  Shouldn't he be willing at this point to spend two seasons in the esteemed yellow and green of the CBA's Albany Patroons if it would mean rehabbing his image?   I was actually pretty excited when I heard he was on the move, because it meant all this nonsense was over. 


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Well, Artest to Suckramento is off. Check out

Mitchy and the boys get one more shot not eff this thing up. Sack up boys and make it happen!! Even as biased Laker fans, you can not honestly tell me that the Lakers would NOT have a legitimate chance at beating the Spurs and Suns in the West this year if they had Artest. This guy is prime for a Rasheed Wallace-type career rejuvenation. And his contract is perfect!!

The Pacers get screwed by Artest again.

Ron Ron wants to be a Laker and if it happens he will be a satisfied player with a future ring next to the Mamba! Mitch make it happen how many more signs does the better skilled version of Rodman need to give.If it means Bynum and George honestly thats not as big of a risk as it seems.....................

Words from the Hall Of Famer


GO GET HIM MITCH. JUST DONT TRADE KOBE OR ODOM... and not since most the good trades didnt go through... try to trade kwame instead of bynum.

Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn.

I hate Artest.

this is not Indy getting screwed by Artest...this is them "badly" overplaying their hand by bluffing everyone into thinking there were an assortment of deals on the table for their mercurial star. and when it came time to "s##t or get off the pot", they tried to make the only deal that was really there in the beginning. J.O'Neal was starting to get sick of losing all these games while none of the trades that were rumored about unfolded. So Indy decided to send their all-star guard to Sacto for a soft, defense-averse, shooting guard who is not "shooting" well. All the while, Indy's front office KNEW ron-ron didn't want to play in Sacto. And if they didn't, then a phone call before the deal would have been in order!

It's the "in" thing to blame Artest, but Indy's posturing and bluffing and resistance to let the kid play after the apology and shop him while he was playing put INDY in this position! and shame on Sacto for allowing this to happen w/o checking to see if Artest was down with the trade! i'm sure Peja's gonna be REAL happy to go to war for this club now!!!


We shouldn't hitch our wagons to Artest. He simply doesn't understand the consequences of his actions, nor is he willing to emotinally/mentally compromise on matters which he needs to compromise.

Anyone remember Isiah Rider? Remember how Phil said he could handle troubled Isiah Rider? Well, that didn't work out so great.

Artest is in a whole different league from Isiah Rider or even Rodman. Rodman was an eccentric. Artest needs serious therapy, but he doesn't think he needs it. Translation: Difficult, if not impossible to treat. Conclusion: Trouble. Stay away from this guy.

Send him to our enemies. He'll help them win a few battles and then cause them to ultimately lose the war.

The guy is poison. What has he ever done? Has he taken anyone to a championship? No! He's helped win some games, but now Indiana is practically in a rebuilding phase because of his presence.

Bird stood by this guy (when realistically few would have) and he has no loyalty to him, or anyone else. He is the most selfish player I've ever seen. Not necessarily with the ball, but with everything else.

Get'r done...please. No Bynum, NO Kobe, I WAS a very strong supporter of Lamar but after the last couple of games... AHHH damn I cant even type it ...


Devean George and a second rounder, hell give him Miami first rounder. Make it happen Mitch, Indiana cant ask for much now they have been screwed by the powers of Ron Ron!

BK brings up a point I'd like to emphasize even harder. If this doesn't demonstrate beyond the shadow of a doubt why you don't trade anybody on the team who realistically could be part of the future (i.e. LO or Bynum) for this nutball, you're deluding yourself. Artest can't help but get in his own way. He's way, way, WAY too unreliable. He hasn't gone an entire season without an incident since approximately junior high. And if he ends up in L.A and acts up again, he makes Marbury look easy to trade. It's a loser deal, unless they can get him for spare parts (which maybe they can now, since Bird must be ready to put a gun in his mouth). If you can get him for nothing, hey, why not? I still don't think a tandem of Kobe, Artest, and LO can beat S.A., Detroit or Phoenix, but whatever. But just Kobe and Artest? No way in hell. And giving up Bynum is shortchanging future championships for ones I don't think they'll win anyway.

Look, even if you think LO will never mesh with Kobe, he can easily bring in somebody who could. Somebody with the slightest degree of accountability. Same with Bynum. If you're gonna trade those guys, do it for somebody you can count on. You can't bank on Artest for the month of February, much less the rest of the season and beyond. If I were the Lakers, I wouldn't even consider it.

People underestimate how much time players need together to win. Everyone remembers it like Phil arrived and the Lakers started winning. But that core (Shaq, Kobe, Fox, Horry, Fish) also played together for three seasons before striking gold. Yeah, Detroit added Sheed, but most of them had been playing together a couple seasons. Same with the San Antonio teams. I don't see Artest coming in, out of shape and with no knowledge of the triangle, making them a championship team. I know Phil said differently, but I honestly don't think the team is one player away. And I wouldn't risk giving up LO or Bynum to find out.

I know it sucks, but if you want to do it right, patience is as important as aggressiveness.


Of course Artest will only be a plus for the Lakers squad right now. But who do we have to offer to get him? Phil doesn't want LO to be touched (neither do I), Buss is in love with Bynum. Who we got to offer. When you look at what other teams are offering for Artest, they are all a lot more 'appealing' than Laker's George + Slava combination (or whatever it may be).

Personally, I would love to see Artest in purple and gold. But on the serious side, I don't have faith in Mitch to get it done. Besides, Lakers chemistry is starting to gel. gel'n like Dr.Scholls.

Who the hell would want to live in Sacramento?
I don't blame Dennis Rodman for that oh sorry I meant Ron Artest.
So he doesn't want to live in Sac? well no one wants him there either!
Lakers have one more shot!
Mitch you dumb idiot do something!


You took the words right out of my mouth.

I get so freaked out when I read comments from fans saying we need to trade Bynum or Lamar for Artest. Are they insane?

Listen, Artest is not going to get us to the championship this year. If he could, I would be open to the idea (even as it would be a compromise of my values), but he won't be. Period.

So, what's the point in giving away our future so we can win eight more games this year? It's the most twisted logic I've been presented with in a long time.

Some thoughts:

According to, Artest has 3 years left on his contract. Unless the final year is a team option (not indicated either way) this would seem to torpedo Mitch's 2 year plan.

Bynum and Odom appear to be off the table as far as this trade is concerned. The Lakers could trade Devean and Slava and make it work. Both are in the final year of their respective contracts, but something tells me Indy will try Golden State over the Lakers.

Indy could trade Artest and either Austin Croshere (1 year left on that albatross of a contract) or Scot Pollard (final year) for Baron Davis, or Artest straight up for a lesser player or two. I haven't followed GS this season, so I have no idea if they would find any of these scenarios attractive.


Jon Kavulic ,

All I have to say to your post is simply being

Artest is one of the best perimeter defensive players in our league.

Do you understand what that means?

It means that he has the ability to slow down players like LeBron James.

That is all we should know about him. And we should get him. Give the guy a chance would you? He's just confused.

Unless Phil can convince Odom to practice with his left hand tied behind his back, TRADE L.O. FOR R.A.!!!

I feel what your saying AK. There's no way I would trade LO, or Bynum for Artest.....But Devean, Slava, or any other player at the end of their deal, plus a draft pick I wouldn't mind doing that.

You're also right that Ron won't make us a championship contender right away, but if he's with the team for the majority of or the whole second half of the season I think he'll be knowledgable enough in the triangle, and with his natural ability he can easily help us beat some of the better teams in the west (I don't think anyone is beating Detroit).

He's our best chance to make something happen this year, and with his contract gone in a couple of years (if he comes to NYC) we'll have cap room to bring in the real prize in a couple of years....CHRIS BOSH

GREAT! GOOD CHOICE RON RON! We're happy to have you on our team! Trade Slava, and George for Artest!



Untouchables : Bryant, Odom, Bynum

Deal for Artest: Trade the whole team

khan you're the biggest loser on the post. stop using my name.

anyways, i say we try to trade kwame, george, miami's first round pick for artest. we just need to find a 3rd team to help us work financially. if we can get artest and sign big ben next year, we'll be the top defensive team in the nba. forget the salary cap plan, lets win a ring now!

if we still had butler, this would be so easy. damn you mitch.

Staples Center should be the beginning of the "We Want Ron" chants. Somone take a add out from LATimes make it happen!

Hall Of Famer

Artest is a good player, but we don't trade Odom or Bynum for him. Phil, let's Bynum play, you have no reason to keep him on the bench, i like to see Bynum play more than to see Walton play, i don't know why Phil like Walton, the guy can't shoot the damn ball, ans he has too many turn overs. Tex Winter is right when he wants Odom to play power forward, if Odom play power forward, Lakers already win more games, Odom when he plays point guard, he becomes lazy. Lakers pays Phil 10 mil to coach, please do coaching.

AK, BK, Mitch Kupchack, The Busses, Laker Fans and Laker-Bloggers Please Read!

Well I dont think Mitch and Dr. Buss will be able to read this.


Lakers - Pacers - Raptors trade - a 3-TEAM TRADE???

George & Slava - Artest - Chris Bosh???

The Pacers get George & Slava.
The Raptors get Artest.
We get what we (well, Phil Jackson) want! C-Bosh!

It's great doesn't it?

Reactions? Anyone?



George + Cook+ Miami First = Champions 2006 in LA

Hall of Famer

Okay Ak and Jon Kavulic. I understand where your comin from but Jon said trade our future for Artest would be a bad idea and I agree with you. But Andrew Bynum is our future, not devean George or L.O. personally i cant see L.O. meshing with kobe EVER. because they both need to dominate the ball to be effective. Its kinda like jordan and a lesser Majic Johnson type of players on the same team. Just not enough balls to go around. But if we trade L.O. for R.A. then we could hurt people kobe can dominate offensivly and ron defensivly. and u may say Artest complained about not gettin the Ball enough in Indy but the way phil manages game skobes out in most of the enaa of the second and begining of the third. So L.O. has the ball and doesnt do nothin with it. we need someone who knows his role(defending the other teams main scorer) but can also dominate a game on the offensive end. Ding Ding Ding thats ron artest. coming to the Lakers he'll know what he was brought in to do. could you imagine that clipper game where Cuttino Mobley scored like 40 on us. But instead of L.O. stickin Mobley Artest on him it woulda played out way differently i mean we steel won but we coulve dominated them. So A.K and Jon just look at the bright side of what could happen with Artest before we compare him to the T.O. of the NBA


Just for the record, the only thing Isaiah Rider really did was come to practice late. I thought PJ was micro managaing in the Rider case. I like Devean George but he's in the last year of his contract and more than likely will not be with the Lakers next year. Chris Mihm's time with the Lakers is going to breif anyway, with Bynum and Kwame and the potential for another player to come in, this makes Mihm the most likely to be traded. So, with that said it would have to be Mihm, George, and a first rounder for Artest. Can you image the Lakers trading Mihm, George, and a first rounder for Peja? If you we're SAC would you do that? If the answer is yes then why wouldn't Indy? Heck I would throw in Walton, too! Yeah, Mihm, George, and Walton for Artest and keep the first rounder.


Shaq Hater,

The only issue with that deal is why would Toronto give up there best player? Chris Bosh is not going anywhere until his contract is up(unfortunately). Once his contract is up, you'll see the Lakers doing some heavy work to get him (I hope). Bosh is an incredible talent who's just going to get better. Artest is a quick fix that will make us contenders for a couple of years (then he'll leave unless we win the chip), and then Chris Bosh puts us over the top.



D. George + Slava to Indy
Artest to Toronto
Bosh + Aaron Williams to L.A.

It would work. Though Toronto is probably more keen on Bosh than Artest.


I can understand your hesitancy to want to bring Artest in, he has had a bit of a past (very tongue in cheek). But really, what are our other options? I think we all can agree the Lakers need another All-Star caliber player. We can all talk until we’re blue in the fact about LO’s potential, what if Kwame comes around, Smush has been great, but realistically, none of these players can even come close to the second option of the premier teams in the league. Ron Ron is All-Star caliber and he’s relatively cheap. Hell, if he wasn’t crazy he’d be making twice as much!!

I think most of the people on this blog fall into one of two categories. One being Andrew Bynum is going to be an All-Star center in the league and will be there soon enough to help Kobe. The second group believes he will be serviceable at best and we’re wasting Kobe’s prime years with a project on the bench that might never amount to much. I’m in the second group. I hope to God I’m wrong, but that’s where I stand. You mentioned giving up Bynum would be shortchanging future championships, I think that might be a little far-fetched. Maybe you’ve watched him more than I have or have some inside scoop that I don’t, but I just don’t see him being a centerpoint to build this franchise around in the future. He doesn’t strike me as that kind of player.

If everyone is comfortable being mired in mediocrity, then that’s cool. As for me, I want to be back in the elite as soon as possible. That ain’t happening with this squad any time soon.

I'll field that one, Lance.

The point isn't that Artest isn't better than Odom. Talent wise, I'd say he is (although Odom does have a pretty unique skill set). The catch is all the other crap that goes along with it. Say they move LO for RA. You cannot and will not convince me that move makes the Lakers a legit championship team. Not even close. Okay, you say, but now we have a better player. Sure, but if things go south with Artest, and they juuuuuuust might, then he's totally untradeable. Meanwhile, Odom is a guy who has value, even if the Lakers don't believe he's part of the future. If they want to move him, they can do so, and bring in a pretty good player in return- one who they can count on in their revamped, hopefully championship ready team. It's not that Odom is untouchable in my mind, it's just that I think the Lakers would be silly to move him for someone with the kind of truly explosive downside that Artest has.

Even if they got Artest now, they couldn't put much around Kobe/Ron until '07 anyway. And again, if things turn sour, they'd be left with an albatross on the roster (Artest), and virtually no tradeable assets. This whole rebuilding thing requires a little patience. When teams start making rash decisions to speed it along, they end up like the Knicks. The goal is to get back to a championship level, not just be pretty good.
They have to be smart, or a three year project could become a 10 year one.

And by the way, regarding Mitch Kupchak (who has been a topic of conversation today on other comments), argue all you want if he's a good GM or a bad one. That's fine, but I find the notion that he is unwilling to take risks to be a silly one. Dude took a shot on one of the biggest busts in recent draft history (Kwame) and drafted a guy who couldn't vote at the time (Bynum). That's pretty ballsy. I think the lack of movement on Artest has more to do with what the Lakers have to offer, rather being scared to pull the trigger.

I want Artest on our team, but I'll be happy as long as no other team in the Pacific division get him. Artest may be crazy, but his defense is ridiculous. We can't afford to have him in our division trying to stop Kobe.

To everyone out there, there isn't a snowball's chance in hell we're landing Chris Bosh without sending a big contract (i.e. LO) back in sign and trade when the kid's rookie contract expires. He's getting the max deal, and no matter how cold it gets in Toronto, he'll have an extra $20-$30 million to keep him warm. Let's not forget this is all about the money folks, and the new CBA is structured to make it easier for teams to keep their star players, especially small market teams. So let's find another player to dream about.


I am looking at the bright side. Unfortunately, I think that's also the realistic side. There's no way that Kobe and Artest, minus Odom, plus a bunch of role players, can win a championship. Artest doesn't know the triangle and admitted he's outta shape (basically hasn't played since 2004). Not to mention that without Odom, you lose someone to facilitate the offense, which means it'll basically be Kobe doing it along with scoring, and we all saw how well that worked last season. I don't even think Kobe, Odom and Artest together can win a championship, since the lack of inside presence will still be an issue. But just the two of them? Forget it. Trading LO for Artest is more or less a wash, in terms of the overall impact. You're really no closer.

I agree, Kobe and Odom may never work. But you can flip Odom for a guy with no baggage who can contribute heavily. There are plenty of teams with 2 good scorers who'd love a guy like LO who can help move things along and be contend with 15, 10 and 6. Again, if Artest causes problems again (and the odds certainly favor it), you can't move him for anyone worth jack. And in the meantime, Kobe's got even less to work with.

I agree, if you can get R.A. for George, Slava, and a pick, then take a chance and pull the trigger. But otherwise, it's a risk that I don't think has a realistic chance for the ultimate reward.


I don't believe Lamar Odom will ever be that consistent #2 scorer alongside Kobe Bryant. If you also come to that conclusion, that does not necessarily mean you should trade Lamar Odom... you can also add another scorer. Artest fits that description, and he's also one of the league's best defenders. It is a risk, given his history of recklessness, but I still think it's a good one.

Artest is relatively underpaid at $6.5M this year, and that total increases to $7.8M for 2007-2008, after which he can become a FA.

With Kobe/Artest/Odom, the Lakers may only be complimentary players (consistent shooters and good defensive big men) away from a title.

I'd love to see Chris Bosh sign in 2007, but he'll be a restricted free agent, and Toronto could match any offer. Are you guys willing to wait until 2008 for the chance at Bosh? If not him, then who should the Lakers sign that would realistically be available?

Asaad Weaver,

I know that Bosh is their best player, but Artest is very much better. Toronto's doing well on offense. They got Mike James, Charlie Villanueva, Jalen Rose, and others. But on defense sir, a big NO NO. Why? Just look at Kobe's 81 points. He shot open jumpers and easy lay-ins. Artest can help this Raptor team to being defensive and may will the team to W's.

On the other hand, we're doing well on defense. If I'm not mistaken, we're 9th in the league in OPG. That means there are 21 worse defensive teams than the Lakers. All we need is a CONSISTENT 2nd scorer. We MUST NOT RELY ON KOBE TAKING ALL THE SHOTS, AND ALL THE POINTS! And I know, ARTEST CAN CARRY SOME LOADS KOBE HAS BEEN CARRYING FOR THE ENTIRE 1ST HALF OF THE SEASON.



Andrew Z,

Honest truth, man? The Lakers aren't gonna win it all this year. That's just something everyone needs to accept. They're not a player away (okay, maybe if the player is Tim Duncan, but you know what I mean). They simply don't have the talent, and don't have the means to make it happen. It's part of a rebuilding process. And everyone goes through it.

But the difference between a good franchise, which I believe the Lakers are, and the Knicks, is letting things progress in a realistic manner. The Knicks are grabbing everyone in sight trying to force the issue. They're no closer to a championship and are paying the likes of Penny Hardaway and Jerome James. Quick fixes just don't happen. If the Lakers seem no better in 2008 than now, then yeah, you've got a legit gripe. But to say they should be contending within a year of breaking up a championship core and trading a first ballot HOF center just isn't realistic.

Yeah, this team is playing better than many expected. But let's keep some perspective. Just making the playoffs (which I think they will) shows a huge step in the right direction. Give it a little time. I know it sucks, and I feel your pain. But in the end, I think the team is better off for it and have a better chance at more titles not looking for a quick fix.


BK -
So, theoretically speaking of course, who do you think we can trade LO for? Mind you, not the best player we *want*, but the best we can *get*. With LO's consistency issues, I don't know of may teams that would trade for him unless we get back someone of similar nature. Now, this is not to say we should trade LO for Artest - I'm against that one.

But I do think that *if* we can get Artest for anyone not named Kobe, Bynum and LO, we should do it.

Yes, there's a good chance that Artest might go crazy again, but atleast he doesn't cost that much, and I daresay we may be even able to afford to just sit him down without having to trade him. Look at TO!

And BTW, for the record, I think D Howard is better than Bosh - though either would be a real nice addition to this team.

Also, I thought Bosh had an option to opt out after next year - not really a player's option, but a qualifying offer. So if he were to get disgruntled with all the losing in cold Canada, we might be able to attract him.

Now, keep a close eye on Minny as well. KG is getting *real* frustrated there, and he might just force them to trade him while he's still in his prime.

Out of curiosity, how much exactly is a #1 pick worth in salary negotiations? Is it a set value? Does it depend on which team's #1 pick? For example is Miami's pick more valuable than, say, Detroit's #1 pick? In terms of setting monetary compensation for trades, just how much is a #1 worth?

Could we please target Al Harrington if we can't get Ron-Ron? He brings much of the same skill-set without a lot of the baggage-associated risk. I would still prefer Ronnie, but I think Al's someone that Mitch and the Laker brass will like.



Would you trade Kwame for Artest?

The best way to get Artest is Slava, Walton, and Wafer. George is good as a sixth man, though I never really forgave him on that time against Tony Parker. That Miami Pick could help us get some of the college players who are very good. Why should it be Slava, Walton and Wafer?

1) Slave: He's out! He did not do very good at all with us, not even when he started when Malone was here! I really pity the scout who recruited Slava. Medvedenko maybe a OK shooter, but he sucks in post, free throws, and especially defense.

2) Walton: Yeah Walton scores but he is liability because of his injuries. Maybe Phil Jackson just drives him too hard. Whatever the case may be, I'm pretty sure he could do well in Indiana, given we get Artest.

3) Wafer: One of the worst draft picks in my view. This guy came out after Sophomore year. Not that I have anything against that, but this guy was causing trouble in Florida State and was not even invited to the the annual Chicago pre-draft camp, which allowed people not drafted in the first round to display their skills up front. The only reason why Wafer was drafted at all was because an untalented scout saw "enough" skills out of Wafer. Shit, we should've drafted someone better or at the very least used it on Devin Green. But hey, if we can get Artest using him, I've got no problem with that.

What I would like to see is time for this current roster to marinate. There's no way that the trade for Artest is going to happen, the numbers and personnel just don't work out. This team is a piece away from truly contending but I think that this year, even if that piece were to come, they're not going to contend for a title no matter what.

What I want to see is what happens next year. After a year of the triangle under their belt, as well as a year of playing defense together, I think that this'll be a much better team. Then the piece that they need, when it comes, will be much better suited to contribute to a team with a more defined identity.

However, even though people say that one guy can't win a championship, if there is anyone in the league that can single-handedly win a championship, it's Kobe. After what I saw on Sunday, taking a team on your back and snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, Kobe could possibly do it. I'm not saying it's likely, it's actually extremely unlikely, but with Kobe there really is no such thing as impossible.


Maybe I have lost my mind but it seems to me that a Laker trade (George package picks +?) to Sac for Peja would be a deal that the teams could do. I think Peja could actually help the Lakers quite a bit. Make him the spot up shooter that he was two years ago and booooya!!!! Better player.... 15-20 pts/game...........thoughts?


Keep D George - bring him back - Lakers need him on D - trade Lamar!!

Reports are The deal is off
I tell you I think Ron Ron wants to play in L.A.
Just my Opinion but 2 Lakers Games and now this. I really think he wants to play here. George would be much better fit than Peja anyways. Get the man Mitch.

First off, The Lamar Show, we know that isn't you, don't sweat it man.

I personally was happy to see the deal fall through for the Sacramento Queens. The reasoning for Ron Ron not wanting to play their is probably because Sacramento isn't even in the playoff race. Now does Ron Ron want to play in L.A as a Laker, I don't know, but if he did, I'm gonna have to say that it will get us to the next level. Like him or not, the kid can play "D". Phil wasn't able to handle Isiah Ryder but at that moment in time, we all knew he was a lost cause. So was Dennis Rodman, however the third time is always a charm.

But as I stated before, it will be nice to trade for Ron Ron, but not for Lamar Odom. I know many of you think Lamar is going to the wayside, but at the same time, the coach has thrown him in different positions already this season. Because we have a sharp shooter like Kobe Bryant, Lamar really isn't needed at the small forward position. Basically, put Lamar back to Power Forward and throw Kwame in the trade talks. Ron Ron would make good as a small forward fitting in between Kobe/Odom. Kobe at the same time can ease back on his scoring vengeance as Ron Ron would be able to assist in that area. I think we can settle for Lamar to score 10-12 pts a game and focus more on rebounds and assist. Of course, Lamar Odom is very capable of passing the ball. Kobe can focus back on playing tougher "D" and with Ron Ron on his side, other teams capabilities of driving to the lane for uncontested layups will be like getting some from a virgin with a Iron Chasity Belt.

Maybe that was a bit overboard?

I felt dumped when I heard "RON RON was Gone Gone." I thought man we should have gotten him. Thnikin ,of course, 8 wouldnt have to guard the best premeter player of the oposition without giving anything and all the energy going to creating destraction in defense and opportunities in offense. What, I believe got MIKE, the INFAMOUS 6 BLINGGG BLINGGGS. Mike had people who did their job the best way possible. Remeber? Rodman(Sir.Dennis Rodman) CLOSING Melones, Pippen BLANKETING (Marc) Jacksons, and Mike stilling the ball. Rodman(Sir.Dennis Rodman) making EVERY grab, Scottie running the offense and MIKE dunking the ball home in the clutch. that was the BULLs. RON RON CAN BRING THAT or like the e-bay promo, "it". I know there is NO WAY in the world for the LAKERS TO UPGRADE any time soon for another year(BGrant is owed ~16MILLLL for this and next year), but wouldnt be a bad experiment put together THE MOST INTIMIDATING DUO on the court waring P&G. SAY WHAT YOU WANT but that is flat SCARRRRYYYY.

I just read that Peja is not happy with the way he was treated. The kings might have to trade him anyway! How bout the kings trade him to the Lakers for George, Walton and the first rounder and then the Lakers trade Peja to the Pacers for Artest. How bout that? The Kings proably won't do that because it's the Lakers, but who knows?



I'd have to think about who I believe a guy like Odom could get, but no doubt I'd trade Kwame for Artest in a heartbeat.

The other option with Odom, of course, is to keep him, and fill in that 2nd scoring role another way. It's not that Odom sucks, the problem is he is being asked to fill a role on this roster that he isn't suited for.

Hey Laker Fans!

Check out this article. The best article about Kobe's 81 points. Check it out,1,2158276.column?coll=chi-sportsnew-hed&ctrack=1&cset=true

AK --

Artest is familiar with the triangle, he played it while in Chicago.

That is one of the big reasons Phil is so gung-ho about Artest. Do a little research.

I say trade Bynum. With Artest, Odom, and Kobe you have a real solid nucleus. In the offseason if the Lakers get more help on the frontline they are a legit contender.

BK -
totally with you.
Except for that game against the Kings, I think he's coming along quite nicely, and unless we get a certifiable stud [Ronnie not included], I would be averse to trading him.
If we could get a second scorer - and BTW, we might even be able to get Peja now:) - then LO is the perfect glue guy for this team.

I still would like to wait and see if the Truth comes availible. Boston wouldn't want to trade with us but if we're offering LO and Walton, that may be the best offer (other than Artest or Steve Francis, two headcases) they would get. It makes sense for both teams and PP is a better player than Lamar or Artest.

Brothers Kam, do you like the idea of Pierce?

Shaq Hater,

I understand what you're trying to say, but there's no team in the league that would give up a talented 7 footer for a good 2 or 3 unless there name was Kobe Bryant. I believe guards make the league go, but having a dominant center historically works better than having a dominant guard/forward (MJ was the only exception so far, but Kobe will be the other).

As much as I want Bosh to be a Laker, I know we'll have to be patient and wait 2 or 3 years (i'm not sure how much time is left on his contract) to get him, so i'll take AK's and BK's advice and be patient.

Just call me Asaad. My whole name sounds (looks) way to formal.


I am aware Artest played a non-Jackson version of the triangle. But there's a big difference between having played it a little bit nearly five seasons ago and really knowing it. It's an offense that takes a while to really learn, much less truly know. Combined with the fact that the guy more or less hasn't played basketball since 2004, and the idea that he's just ready to jump right in with offense feels a little farfetched. I'm not buying it.


And for the record, I do like George. He's the perfect role player in Phil's system - plays good D [atleast for the most part], and can stroke the 3.
It's just that at 5 mil a year, he's a tad too expensive. Maybe, once his contract runs out we can resign him for, say, 3 mil a year for the next 3 years?
I personally think that we're getting together a nice roster.

C - Mihm + Bynum
PF - Turiaf + ??
SF - LO + George or Sasha [but not both]
SG - Kobe + Wafer [yes, I'm not giving up on him yet]
PG - Smush + ??

It's the PG and PF positions [as usual] that we have troubles with. If we can get Artest or Al Harrington, LO can slide onto the PF position and we can be pretty decent team.

As you can prolly see - Kwame, Mckie, Green, and Sasha are not too popular on my list right now :)

As an aside, any news on Jay Williams - I hear he's getting back, and we might be able to get him for cheap to back/front up Smush!


Kwame for Artest? Oh, god yeah, I'd do that. Dude, I may be wary about bringing the guy in, but I'm not terrified.


First off, this was a good post, a lot of good ideas and thoughts out there.

Tomorrow Artest is meeting with Donnie Walsh to talk about this trade to Sac and my guess is the Peja trade goes through. I'm not sure I see the long term benefit in it for Indiana other than the fact that they can use Peja in sign and trade bait next summer.

todd, I don't think Sacramento would make that trade with the Lakers. I would love to have Peja on this team right now, he seems like a perfect fit, but there's no way he's getting traded here and we won't be able to afford him in the offseason.

So let's take Artest off the table and realize we're not going to get any major impact player this year or the next, we're not financially set to make it happen.

I hate to use the forbidden word, but we are rebuilding. You all will have a tough time convincing me that Bynum was a good pick or is the key to the future, but I guess I'd keep him around a bit longer rather than sending him to Indiana for a complete nutjob.

Here's to the second 41 games of the year and hopes of a playoff berth. And here's the biggest question of the second half of the season, which team would want to face Kobe in the playoffs? Yikes!

Rick Bucher said that Artest recently closed on a home in LA... and that the Clips and Lakes will make a concerted effort to pick him up if the Sac deal is indeed dead (appaently there's a Maloof/Artest phone talk in the morning, and Artest is going back to Indy for a meeting).

I have it from good sources that both the Lakers and Warriors have gotten back on the phone with the Pacers. It is rumored that the Warriors have decided to offer Ike Diogu; who was first deemed untouchable by Warriors' management. But that is not the case. Ike is still not being offered. Warriors hold steadfast on their intial offer.

Odom and Bynum are not going to be traded folks. One media member told me today that although Phil would like the opportunity to win now; and he believes he can get this team to the WCF with the addition of Artest without sacrificing Odom. Phil is willing to let Bynum be included if it nabs Artest.

Jim Buss, rumored to have hand-picked Andrew Bynum in last year's draft, is being groomed as the successor to Dr. Buss. Jim is hesitant and unwilling to let Bynum go in a deal for Artest.

The Lakers are sticking with their initial proposal which centers around Devean George + filler + draft pick for Artest or Kwame + filler + draft pick for Artest + filler. With either scenario, the Pacers would be provided with cap relief.

It seems the Pacers would accept Warriors' package instead of the Lakers' if both plans offer cap relief.

Andrew Z

"I guess I'd keep (Bynum) around a bit longer rather than sending him to Indiana for a complete nutjob."

Very well said.


Out of shape? Please. Even if he is (which I doubt), he'll be back in shape within a few weeks. You cannot question this guy's physical effort. The fact that you do AK makes you look incredibly biased.

I see a lot of issues with Ron Ron too, but you're blinded by bias.


The reason I concluded that Ron Artest was out of shape is because I heard Ron Artest say it. Is this what I get for actually taking the man at his word?



Like your comparison between Knicks and Lakers orgs and I agree. You are presenting a well reasoned argument against impulse buys, and I agree to a point. To make a deal for a Pierce, Marbury or that type of player is nuts.

Where I disagree on the Artest deal is that I think you may be overestimating the value of Odom. Odom has reached the point in his career where he is what he is. That is, a good rebounder, a good ballhandler for his size and an above average passer for his size. He is not a consistent scorer and he is a mediocre defender. It is obvious that his game does not mesh well with Kobe's, and Kobe aint going anywhere.

What is missing on the Lakers now? A consistent #2 scorer and a shut-down defender, which Artest is on both counts. It is true that Artest is a high-risk, but Odom is one joint away from a lifetime suspension, so it's not as if he is low-risk.

I totally agree that Artest will not win a ring in 2006 or 2007. However, I think he could be a more vital piece than Odom, and make the Lakers a true force in 2008 with a maturing Bynum and FA additions.

I just got a phone call from a media friend of mine. He says the Lakers have acquired Ron Artest. Ron has cancelled his meeting with Donnie Walsh for tomorrow. The deal will be announced either tomorrow or Thursday.

Ron Artest a Laker. Bank it.

Alright A.K and B.K i can understand really why u dont want to take the risk. And i agree with u saying Mitch does make Ballsy moves (with Bynum and Kwame). But if the Lakers get artest then they would move up at least three spots in the conference for at least the next three years. If we got Artest thier is no way we could even dream about Big Ben becuz thier the reason for the Brawl. Now im not saying we would contend for a title but Next year everyone would know the triangle well and Smush Kwame and Bynums offense and defense could take a huge step in the right direction with those developments and Artest alongside Kobe the spurs would maybe beat us in six but we would definitly give them a run for thier money. And with this Peja trade falling out the ultimate revenge for him would be to suit up in a Laker uniform. and if he is humble enough to come off the bench and work with Sahsa in the off season we would have a legit(not title contending) Team.


Laker fans should not be too worried about getting the best talent but making the talent we have work to our advantage.

The greatest team ever assembled is the Spanish Soccer team "Real Madrid" this team is so great, the players are called "Galacticos" or all Galaxy Players. They currently have 4 world players of the year award winners and 5 runner ups, the great "David Beckham" is just a role player on this team. Guess what? They have not won a damn thing in 3 years.

Sometimes it is not about the players you have but how well the players you have understand their roles on the team and of couse how well they execute same said roles.

The Spurs (San Antonio) of recent memory have not been the deepest team or even the most talented but everybody does their job and no more. Tim Duncan provides a steady hand, Tony Parker ball handling, Manu penetration, Bruce Bowen Defense and the rest of team spot shooting, rebounding and ball movement.

Every player on the Lakers cannot be a scorer but everybody can contribute something, and that is where Phil Jackson should earn his money, finding roles for his role players. The team may not be great but it's sum can be greater than it's parts.

The Fear.


Did the Santa Ana winds blow what little brains you have out your ear. All of you who want Ron Artest to come to the Lakers are really dumb Laker fans. You are embarassing the real fans who understand basketball. I'd suggest all of you go find a book about basketball cause you really need to learn about the game. Yesterday, it was a bad deal that had a very slim chance of working out; something fun to discuss but probably wouldn't & shouldn't happen. After the latest chapter, if the Lakers made this trade now it would be proof that the idiots are truly running the asylum or maybe that one of you idiots has been hired to be the GM. Honestly, you bitch about Mitch but none of you has even half the basketball knowledge that he does. If you did you would have a job in basketball not be posting your thoughts on a blog. He has actually played professional basketball. He went through years as an apprentice and assistant to Jerry West. Where, again, he learned much more than you. Artest is a loser, he's never won anything and he will not help the Lakers get where they need to go. Also, they won't win the championship this year, no matter what Kobe does, they're not good enough yet to beat the spurs or pistons in a 7 game series. In a few years, I hope, but not yet. Everyone calm down, breath into a paper bag for a few minutes.

I hope it's true, who are you hearing that the Lakers are sending to the Pacers?


just wondering msb212 what do u do (you know a lot im impressed)

Run or Gun

I agree with Jman but there's that what if. Honestly, I'm sick of Odom's inconsistency. He's the big reason why the Lakers aren't there mentally with Kobe. Kobe's expectation level is way up there and the rest of the team isn't close to meeting it. We need some changes. Keyword "Changes." Ever since the Shaq deal, I haven't seen any decent management. We need some of that. Those 2 games without Kobe should summarize this trade of Odom for Artest. Odom had 2 games to prove that he could lead the team. I didn't see any of that. He's just not tough enough. Like any great player, Kobe Bryant needs a sidekick. Just like Pippen was to Jordan. He's missing that and as long as the Lakers lack it, we won't be seeing any parades in the near future. Artest is the actual fit to this puzzle. I was wrong to think Odom as a re-incarnated Pippen. Now, It seems Artest's lock-down defense makes him easier to draw the comparison. He will make the best back-up for Kobe. He doesn't mind walking in Kobe's shadows. The trade is right there. However, I also feel the same way as many people here, afraid that he might cause chaos if dealt to L.A. But this organization has always tend to maintain its gambling instincts. Why wait? Let's gamble now. Mitch has already gambled but so far, well you know. Let's just say he's not very good. We should keep trying though. It's as simple as that. The Lakers are closer than most people think. Some think the players that surround Kobe are a joke. I think not. I agree with Phil Jackson. It's that one player that will make the difference. We have the greatest player in the league playing for our team but like all great players, he needs assistance. Mitch, you have two choices. Gamble or wait. We could shoot at Artest and convince Indy or we could wait for next season. Another season that will bare suspense. The fans surely won't be content if this goes down, they're just too impatient and spoiled. L.A. has the chance to continue to surrender more than 100 points each night to their opponents or Mitch can think outside the box in acquiring the risky Ron Artest, improving their team defense dramatically. Risky or not risky, people need to understand whatever Ron Artest does, he's still one of the greatest lock-down performers. Imagine what he can do for the Lakers? Imagine what he can for Kobe? Kobe's self-image has not fully recovered even with the 81 points he scored. Ron Artest will help the Lakers win. And as long as L.A. comes away with W's, the negative talks about Kobe will end instantly. I have no idea what the Lakers should do. Only one path may be the correct one. Seriously, I doubt Mitch can get us there. It humors me that this trade scenerio has gone crazy in this blog. It seems as though it's Mitch having to make the management decision of his life on the cliff off an edge. Whether he makes the correct move or not, we'll just see. Stay positive, stay strong.


msb212 clue us in dude. What's going on?

Steven A. Smith on ESPNews stated that either Pacers take back Ron Ron or offer them to the Clippers for an injured Corey Maggette or talk to the Lakers and offer Croshere and Artest and beg for Lamar Odom. Why do I sense that this may happen?


I understand why you're not sold on Odom. Personally, as BK has said before, I think he's not fitting in as a #2 scorer because that's not what he is. He's a guy who's best left as a #3 who creates opportunities for your #1 and #2. But either way, he still has a lot of trade value. If you wanna move him, so be it. But move him for somebody actually reliable down the road. Be patient.

And I totally disagree with you about Odom being just as big a risk factor as Artest. The drug stuff ended two seasons ago and hasn't come up since. He was younger, much less mature, and part of a terrible, unstable situation. C'mon, if you were on the Clips during that period, don't even tell me you wouldn't be high 24/7. I'd be smoking crack at the scorer's table. Odom's behavior has gotten steadily better. Artest's has gotten steadily, rapidly worse. They're not in the same ball park.

You also can't talk about how Artest will help solidify the Lakers' base in 2008, because he's not even a safe bet to finish this season without incident. He could be out of the league by then. The words "Artest" and "future" can't be used in the same sentence. Again, if you wanna bring him in low risk, high reward, I'm fine with it. But I think it's a terrible mistake to do it for Odom or Bynum.


pacers are getting Lamar and Bynum. sorry "the lamar show" guess you can just change it to the "ron show". no big deal.

No way! I can understand one or the other but both...It's a false report!

msb212 that's bs dude.

msb212 is clearly a joker, he does nothing to prove to us that he really has insider information. And the fact that he said they're moving Odom and Bynum for Artest confirms it. Don't listen to him, and take anything anyone says (other than AK, BK and Roland Lazenby) on this blog with a grain of salt. You'd think people could be more mature.


you crack me up dude... quote "if you were on the clips during that period... you'd be high 24/7"...

that was hilarious...

love this blog... thanks for taking the time to make
it happen K brothers...

I agree with you AK, that you can't compare lamar's situations from when he was with the clips to what we are currently seeing from ron-ron...

to msb212...

are you starting rumors ???
i hope it ain't true, i'd love to get ron-ron, but
i wouldn't want to give up Lamar or Bynum...

well... maybe bynum... but i want lamar to stay
a laker for life with kobe...

Artest for Odom and Bynum, now that's funny.

I thought msb212 was just some guy messing with us, now we know he's a big joker.

I would be extremely upset if the Lakers have a losing record in this 7-game road trip. Their playing teams that are less than 500

Sun 29 @ Detroit 3:30pm KCAL ESPN XTRA 570/
ESPN 1330
Tue 31 @ New York 4:30pm KCAL -- XTRA 570/
ESPN 1330
Wed 1 @ Indiana 4:00pm KCAL NBALP XTRA 570/
ESPN 1330
Fri 3 @ Charlotte 4:30pm KCAL NBALP XTRA 570/
ESPN 1330
Sat 4 @ NO/Okla. City 5:00pm KCAL NBALP XTRA 570/
ESPN 1330
Tue 7 @ Dallas 5:30pm KCAL NBATV XTRA 570/
ESPN 1330
Wed 8 @ Houston 5:30pm KCAL NBALP XTRA 570/
ESPN 1330

The only difficult teams should be Detroit, NO/Okla. City. I'm not so sure about Dallas, Kobe's been dominanting their entire team alone this season.

Couple of nuggets on the Ron Ron situation. Everyone assumes that he might not make it to Sacto but truth of the matter is that he is very likely to go. For those of us on here who truly follow basketball you may remember that about a decade ago when Chris Webber was traded to Sacramento he literally was in tears begging not to go. I remember this as I was in DC at the time. Webber eventually became the face of the franchise.

That aside is the Artest deal is dead I say bring him to LA. People cry and moan that we do not need the drama. Well I absolutely totally and completely disagree. We definitely need the drama. See the reason Kobe and Shaq was so good was not becuase of of their individual talents. Shaq and Wade have that, the reason they were great was becuase of the tension. The check and balance. Thats what this country is built on.

I dont care what anyone says Jordan and Pippen were not best freinds. They barely could stand each other. You need someone to challenge your supremecy to get the best out of you. Thats what Pippen did for Jordan, what Kobe did for Shaq, what Worthy did for Magic and what Artest will do for Kobe.

Dr Buss do what it takes. Bring in Artest and bring a championship back to LA.


I am saying Odom's trade value has diminished since he joined the Lakers, and there's no reason to think it's going to go up. He isn't fitting in and we're way past the adjustment period. I am not as convinced as you are that there is a big payday awaiting the Lakers in a year or two when they go to market with Odom.

OK, I buy what you say about the Clips, but forever is a long time to go without a slip-up and all it takes is one. Odom has been a model citizen to this point, but what if he takes his on-court troubles home as you seem to think he did with the Clips?

Artest is a load to handle, but isn't this part of why Phil Jackson is making $10 million a year? He seems very anxious to take him on. If you believe in Phil, that should provide some reassurance about Artest. Plus, if the reports are to be believed, Kobe is pushing for this, too.

Check Out what Simmons has to say about KB8's 81.

No Artest!! Please!! I want to comment about about Kobe's legend as it is unfolding before our eyes. Okay my beliefe is that Kobe should shoot more than he does. The reason being that Kobe has learned to isolate himself from the defense. Kobe is living in the era that is designed for the scorer. Of course if Jordan were playing in today's game he probably could have scored 81 as well. Phil should continue to take advantage of these modern day rules of the game and let Kobe do his thing and the other guys just play D and score a few points as well. Poor Kobe the expectations have increased for him. Oh well, poor Kobe. Next time he has to score 83 points or else, hahahah, j/k.

Children, children. The most recent post is obviously not by me. Just check the e-mail address of that poster. It's not the same as mine. Very simple.

And the way the post was composed, it seems to me there are posters that are under the required 13 years of age to post. My e-mail address is The imposter's e-mail address is

I will refrain from posting anymore relevant information to this particular subject. And since I've pointed out the imposter's folly (wrong e-mail address), I'm sure he or she will change the e-mail address.

Just remember, you heard it hear first. Remember my initial post. Devean George + filler + draft pick = Artest or Kwame + filler + draft pick = Artest + filler.

Good night Laker fans. Sooner than later, it will be our time to rejoice.


Talent wise,Artest is an upgrade over LO,but I am very skeptical about the strong personalities of Artest and Kobe and how they would mesh. Kobe and Artest would give us a defensive two-some comparable to Jordan and pippen,which was as much as anything the key to Chicago's sucess,and if we are able to lure Bosh here in two years, we would be a titile contender again. However,if Kobe and Artest have a personality clash,it can become a messy,messy situation that could make Shaq and Kobe thing look like child play. I say play it save and just wait for Bosh. Kobe,BOsh,and LO is not too shabby either!!!

AK how come my comment about Vinjerkity isn't posted?


I don't think Odom's trade value has gone down. He's only a 1.5 points below his career scoring average and above his career averages in just about everything else. He's more or less playing exactly the same as when the Lakers got him and his value was theoretically higher, in your eyes.

Odom's not playing badly. He's simply not thriving in a role that doesn't play to his strengths. Kobe dominates the ball. I'm not saying it's good or bad. It's just a fact. Odom's not a player who thrives playing off the ball. That's also a fact. How they're gonna come to a middle ground, I don't know. But I imagine G.M.'s recognize this, and thus aren't writing off Odom. If you have a team with 2 good scorers, which most do, Odom becomes an outstanding piece of the puzzle.

Odom also has no on-court troubles at the moment, so what's there to take home with him? It's a non-issue.

Maybe Kobe does want Artest. So be it. But with all due respect to Kobe, this organization has bent over backwards plenty for him over the years. And if they can't come up with a scenario that lands Ron Ron in a way that best helps the team, then Kobe will simply have to be told "no." Even the biggest and best hear that word every once in a while. He's a big boy and a professional. He can handle it.

Good debate, Jman.



I don't know for sure (I honestly don't remember it), but since I know a lot of your writing, my guess is language. Use more asterisks, less actual letters of the cuss word. People will get your point.




I was just wondering
How many games do you think the Lakers will win in their next consecutive 7 road games? who will they lose to?


I think the Lakers only improve three or so spots if they get Artest without giving up Odom. Plus, your scenario talks about them developing Bynum as well, so he can't be in the trade either. So that would mean they'd have to get Artest for spare parts, and I just don't think that'll happen. The Pacers would rather take and injured, but eventually healthy, Maggette. Maybe I misunderstood, and you meant trading Odom. If that's the case, they don't make that jump, and without serious help from other players, they can't take any of the elite teams, or even push them, in a series.

Keep reading. Thanks for the contributions.


I agree with BK. I don't oppose Artest coming here. He has the "D" and will initially bring the Lakers some good stuff. But BK is right. No team would want to get a good 7 footer for a mere spare parts. Odom's trade value has indeed became a bit low because of the fact he is a facilator instead of a real forward. Even if Odom is traded, short of Kobe Braynt, there is not enough players with the value of Artest. Not even if Caron was still here. The only reason why we got Kwame is that he was really a free agent and the Lakers wanted to give up some players instead of getting spending more money in accordance to Mitch's 2007 plan. So unless the Pacers really act dumb, we ain't going to get Artest, even if my plan (Slava, Walton, Wafer) was the plan the Lakers wanted to use.

And by the way. Whoever is the imposter has to stop. This blog was meant to spread ideas about how the Lakers can be the best ever. Not as your personal playground.

So, word around the league is that Sac is going to try to move Peja before the deadline, after messing with his head.

Any chance for the Lakers to make a move?

If not Peja, how about Jason Terry? Dallas wants a point guard, which he's not. He's a proven scorer, and the Lakers could play him as shooting guard and have a dependable second scoring option.

Whaddya all think?

Just tired of Shaq and his pettiness and fake handshake. Now Walker and Riley are joining in. Riley's a great coach but just an average GM so here's my advice to help Miami get a championship:

1. Trade Mourning to SA for Horry.
2. Trade JWilly to GS for D Fish.
3. Convince Fox to unretire.
4. And Finally, Trade Wade and whatever else LA wants for Kobe.

Just tired of Shaq and his pettiness and fake handshake. Now Walker and Riley are joining in. Riley's a great coach but just an average GM so here's my advice to help Miami get a championship:

1. Trade Mourning to SA for Horry.
2. Trade JWilly to GS for D Fish.
3. Convince Fox to unretire.
4. And Finally, Trade Wade and whoever else LA wants for Kobe.

Something tells me the Artest to Kings deal will actually go through.

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