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Game on... Maybe

Everybody's favorite wacky forward has apparently decided he's cool with Sacto. Now it's up to Sacto to decide they're cool with him. And really, what's not to like?

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Stop the Insanity!

why do indian want Peja so badly? if he opt out his contract this year, they loss Artest for nothing. do they know for sure Peja wants to play for them the next few years?

I don't think it's going to happen with SAC. If Jermaine O'Neil is hurt the Pacers need a big man. Chris Mihm, Devean George and the first rounder for Artest. There it is.


Here’s what I think is going on. Artest does not want to live in Sacramento, AT ALL, and has told Indiana or Sacramento or both as much. I think Indiana turned to him and said either you go there or you don’t get paid, it’s your choice. Artest probably told his agent to call all the other interested teams involved to see if he could swing something, anything, in the 11th hour to bail out his boy and nobody budged from their offer to Indiana that was already denied. Even Mitch Kupchak said they would love to have Artest “at our price”. So Artest can either play in Sacramento or don’t get paid. For $6.5 million Sacramento looks like Malibu. How bad would it suck for the Pacers if the Maloofs backed out now? Ah crap that would be funny.

Chris Mihm???

Then who is our center? Nice plan.

Kwame for a while then Bynum. Don't forget Rony just came back too.

So this Artest thing is basically all sewn up and he’s a King (more or less). Do you think there is a move out there the Lakers could make that would help them this year? They don’t want to take on any long contracts, we know they won’t give up LO or Bynum, and they have a system that takes awhile to get comfortable with. We’re always looking to improve, but do you feel okay taking this team to bat for the rest of the year? I’d like to hear some takes on this, with one stipulation, when claiming how far the Lakers can go in the playoffs (if they indeed get in) you can only use two “if’s”. For example, “The Lakers can get to the conference finals IF they get the sixth seed and play the winner of the Northwest Division and IF Tim Duncan, Steve Nash, and Dirk Nowitzki all tear their ACLs”. Get the jist? Two “ifs” people, just two.

The Kings must suffer from a low self esteem to want someone who doesn't want to be with them. It was a stupid trade for both teams because Peja is out of Indy when his contract is up and Artest just doesn't have his heart in SAC and that will eventually come out in his behavior.


If I were Maloof, I wouldnt do this because, there doesnt seem to be even a short-term benefit here, for the season by having ron. Sac's current record, even if they make significant improvement with ron in the next half, is going to be mighty tough to get into playoffs.
And when this season gets over, I doubt if Ron would stay there, if he goes to Sacto now.

Do you think Artest will enjoy cow bells ? good luck Sac, you window opportunity is already closed, if Artest play for Sacramento, you never know what is going happen when they losing.

Here is the best deal. Peja is going to Indy for a year. If Kwame do not become what he is supposed to, he will be traded to Indy for Peja and Peja would love to play with Lakers.

Kupcake!!!!!! How can you let this happen??????????? Now, Sacto is going to slowly sneak up on us in the Pacific.

Well, there goes Artest. Now we can look forward. We still have half the season to go and we need to root for the Lakers and Kobe. Ah come on, quit complaining for those who wanted Artest. As a lot of people has said, he wasn't coming here in the first place. Short of Kobe, we do not have enough high caliber players to have made a sufficient trade. He'll probably be a Terrell Owens which means that Sac might improve a little bit, but will hate him just like the Eagles did to T.O. Look on the bright side for you guys who wanted Artest, he probably won't be happy there and when he wants out, you guys will have another round of trying to think of ways to get him to Lakerland. Until then, let's root for our boys to kick some Golden State butt!

Go Lakers!!!!

Its good Peja headed for Indy. I want NEITHER Peja NOR Artest in my team. Peja is too old now. He is next Vlade. He will go down with disc problems.
Good Job Kupchek!

Michael Teniente,

I think you or crazy. If Mihm is out who will play the center? Bynum is still a virgin in NBA.

Who do you think guarded Shaq in Miami? When Mihm was out of the game it was Kwame. Mihm is a college educated guy and Kwame is not. (You would think he would be a smarter player) To me right now Chris is at the height of his career. He's playing decent ball but what we're seeing is his top. I hope he continues to play well and gets a double double on a consistant basis, because I think he'll be vaulable in different trade scenarios. The future of the center position is Bynums. Until Bynum is ready, Kwame could easily play the position, with Lamar going to the 4 spot, heck we could even play Brian Cook at the 4 spot and get a dose of outside shooting from it, although the defense might suffer for it. But anyway, like I said, it's just my gut feeling and nothing is going to change that. PJ can praise Chris all he wants, believe me Chris Mihm will be gone!




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