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Game almost on...

Guess it's just up to the league now. If I'm David Stern, I'm checking out the box marked "yes" ASAP, then reading the actual details of the trade later.

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Bro, your link is not working.

Fixed now, Jon.


Thank God! Stern better fax in his signature on this matter and have it done with.

What a relief.

Sacramento really did disrespect Peja on this one. I know he was kind of a wimp when it came to injuries, but he fought for them for years and then to trade him and have him find out about it through a televised report, that's pretty classless.

Kings... do somthing classless???

Its hard to believe. lol

I know this is not the topic but has put together a video that shows a counter of all 81 points Kobe got in his historic game. This is not the entire game just his points. I thought it was pretty clever and cool. Just wanted to share it with my fellow bloggers.

Go Lakers!!

So now, the Lakers hopes of improving their talent rests in the development of Andrew Bynum and the possibility of signing a big-name, talented free agent in the summer of 2007.

Let's hope that works out, somehow.

If that they wanted to keep Bynum prevented the Lakers from obtaining Artest, then Bynum should get more minutes, at least to try to accelerate his development.

please lets get jerry west back!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy Lamar is still here. I love Lamar!

On a serious side, I do love him.

Can we at least trade for Ron Artest's right hand and give it to Lamar?

If all speculation is correct, this Artest trade being finalized should open the flood gates for the rest of the moves in the NBA. Even though the Lakers don’t look to be a major player (if a player at all) during this time, I always like to talk about the deals going down. I think I’m most concerned with Denver and Minnesota doing something to shake up their teams and see them going on a second half run like Denver did last year. We’re not in the clear yet as far as the playoffs go, I just don’t want to see someone blow past us.

Andrew Z,

What do you think about Kevin Garnett staying in Minnesota? There are those persistent rumors of him being dissatisfied as a Timberwolf.

Peja's not having a good year, but I don't think it's his fault. I think this is his "Kobe 2004-2005" year. I expect him to come back strong.

He's a good player, good attitude, I would've liked to see him on the Lakers. Oh well. I'm sure he'll end up doing for the Pacers better than anyone is expecting him to.

OH yes..I don't think that's the lamar show posting. seriously guys. if you want to bash each other, go ahead, but don't post under other people's name or you're just an annoying (under 13, I assume) coward.

Yes it's not the real Lamar Show, just check out the email.

I don't think Peja would have been a good fit in LA because the guy doesn't know how to play defense.



I don't think it would matter. Steve Kerr didn't play Defense..Hell, he didn't rebound or pass for that matter. At least Peja will do those. We need a stronger spot up shooter, or at the least a better O threat. Peja might do that.

Besides, I don't think many people on the L.A. team we have right now do play much defense. They've learned a little in Phil's system, but cmon saw the Phoenix game right? Better team or not, all they did was run a lot and pass the ball. And we managed to leave an open player ON EVERY PLAY!

Sasha's a good defender, he puts forth the effort. For all the steals that smush gets, I can't honestly say that I think he's a very strong defender. I think I'd pick Sasha over him. All a moot point, but I just wanted to say that I think Peja could've been a good player for the Lakers.


I agree. You got to believe Kobe would be more inclined to kick it out if Peja is waiting at the other end for an open 20 footer. JMO

S. Tan
You're right about the Lakers defense but Peja in LA, just wouldn't have worked for me, he's to fragile. I'm happy we still have Bynum. I think if PJ would just loosen up and play both Bynum and Turiaf we might see some competition for playing time between Kwame, Mihm, Bynum, and Turiaf. If Bynum and Turiaf look good out there in a game, I'm sure Kwame would up this game. When he was out with that injury, he had to start thinking about what Bynum was doing. When he came back he came back with a strong game against Dallas. I also thing Kwame gets frustrated with running down on the offensive end and then seals his man and his teammates don't pass him the ball. For the good of the team both Kobe and Lamar need to recognize that when Kwame seals, get him the ball. It will be a big boost in his confidence. I really wanted Artest but not for Bynum. I actually like this Laker team, we just need to grow and I think we will. I've been watching and listening to all the games this year. They had a spurt there, about a month ago and they were actually playing great defense, they just need to be more consistant. Yeah, I saw the Phoenix game. They have match up problems with the Suns. How can a team like Seattle and Orlando beat Phoenix but the Lakers look lost against the Suns? The Lakers played the Suns real close at the beginning of the year but look out of it in the last game. It had to do, in my mind, with that deflating loss to the Kings the night before. I think the Lakers need to forget all the going over or under the pic when the Sund pic and roll and just switch. The big man should follow Steve Nash and the guard should get in front of the Suns roller to hinder his way to the basket. It would distrupt the Suns offense and the shot clock would come into play. The way the Lakers played the pic and roll in that last game against the Suns was stupid. Chris Mihm would be like a deer caught in the headlights trying to decide, should I stay with my man or peel off to guard Nash. He was always caught in the middle of that decision. Just switch! But that stupid Smush Parker proably would have contiues with his man and let the roller a free lane to the basket. Switch! Not with the idea of guarding the big man but just to block his way to the basket. Is that so hard to do?


Whatever you think, one thing is clear in my mind, which is: Chris Mihm's time with the Lakers isn't going to last. We're one player away from being a serious contender for the title, and Mihm isn't going to be part of that equation. Just my gut feeling. As soon as Bynum or Turiaf are ready to play steady ball, Mihm is gone. Kwame can play both the center and power forward spot. Kwame played a hella defensive game against Shaq in Miami.


I've never been a bball strategist. But I understand your pick and roll strategy, although placing a big man on Steve Nash too often, I feel, would lead to even bigger problems and bigger plays for the Suns.

I believe Chris Mihm won't last. Unfortunately, he's a good worker and I'd like to keep him at the PF, if we can. At this point, I'd rather trade away Kwame, but if he developes like everyone hopes he will, I'll eat my words. I still don't get the chances we're willing to take on the bumbling Kwame, but not letting Bynum out a little more.

The few times the Lakers do throw in to Kwame when he spots up, the ball slips through his hands. His confidence can only grow if he can make the plays. Otherwise, all the passes he gets will only deflate his conscience even more when he screws up the play. He needs to get better, to have more confidence. It's not simply for the other players to pass it to him. Thanks for your acknowledgements.



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