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Extra! Extra! (1.28)

Kobe didn't follow up the 81 with another 81 against Golden State. He actually spent the first three quarters looking like he'd struggle to hit double figures (5 points? Kobe?). But then came the fourth and OT, and Kobe's 25 points were the difference maker in a 106-105 victory. Failing to capitalize on the injuries of Jason Richardson and Mike Dunleavy, the squad flirted with a harsh kickoff to a seven game roadie.  But as #8 has shown a zillion times, it's not a matter of "if" his points are coming, just "when." Kobe's explosion, along with large contributions from Smush Parker and Devean George, kept the team on a roll as they get their motor running. 

The last local box score until 2/11.

Those bitching that Turiaf still hasn't played: Don't blame PJ. Don't blame Kupchak. Blame the United States government. The French citizen still doesn't have a U.S. work visa, and can't get step on the court until the matter is settled. Once Turiaf does sign the necessary papers, however, he need not buy a ticket to Ft. Worth. The organization doesn't plan on sending any of the rooks or second years guys to the D-League during this road trip.

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Kobe was much too passive in the first half. He should always start out aggressive, and make the defense adjust. He should only change when the defense forces him to change.

But he made his point, which real fans already knew - he doesn't care about the scoring in and of itself, he cares about the "W".

Smush's been getting destroyed by opposing PG's .Mitch find someone who can defend.
billups will abuse smush .Book it.

I actually liked the game Kobe played today, he started off the game passing the ball, getting other players involved. I mean, luke walton and smush parker had a great 1st and 2nd quarter because of ball rotation and getting open shots. The problem I see with this team is that we always play at the level of our opponent, so we either play like Pistons if were playing the pistons, or we'll play like raptors, if we playing the raptors. If we can somehow find an identity between "Great" and "good", and never fall down to "alright", i like are chances in the playoffs.

Side note: anyone notice that sasha vujacic id playing great defense on point gaurds, i still like smush way better, but sasha is doing his thing right now on both sides of the ball.

Kobe can't start out aggressive all the time. He knows that he can always score even if they start to adjust and send a second defender. He laughs at that (Ha Ha Ha Haaaa!!!). The only way he gets people involved is if he starts out that way, otherwise the other guys settle in for a long night of spectating.

But I tell you this. Kobe will learn how to do this, to balance it, by March. Just recall, in November Kobe didn't know how to succeed when the other guys were flat (remember all those 12-for-40 nights?). Now, just two months later, he's learned how to score the necessary 40 when the other guys don't come to play. His learning curve is rising faster than most people are aware.

This game had me really upset, not just because they almost lost the game, but because I thought the Lakers did not make the job any easier.
First of all, I like Smush I think he is an OK player who gives a lot of effort when he wants to. But saying that, I thought he had his own agenda in coming out the way he did. After all the game was going to be watched by millions. He wanted to show off, period. (if I am wrong, lets see him play this aggressive every game). I was so mad at him when he did not pass the ball when he was trapped, he wanted to create his own shot and it cost him a few turnovers at the end. Just to remind him and I’m sorry but he is no Kobe.
Maybe I am out of line with this comment, after all they need more contributions from other players, but I had that feeling, that he was caught up in all the hype.

Phil sometimes wants to prove his point and like I said before, I do think sometimes he loses games to prove a point. Kobe’s 81 was a distraction and the media was going to follow the Lakers to see what Kobe did, and that is a distraction for the team. So Phil wanted to have this kind of game ‘ugly’ to stop all the media talk. See in the second quarter the unit that he had on the floor was doing a great job. They were executing the offense very well, players like Cook, Sasha, Luke, Devean and Kobe were playing in sync, that’s why they opened a 7 point lead, but after half time he put his original starting five and it did not help at all.
Why not call time out after watching that horrible first 6 min?
Why not put the players that were playing in sync together again?
Why let them lose their momentum?
His apparent coaching decision during that horrible third quarter was thinking if he should leave the game or not?….OK. He is suppose to be thinking of ways to help the team.
But like he said the TEAM found their OWN way to win, but some how I don’t think this method will work for Detroit or on this road trip.

What’s wrong with the refs? …. I’m sorry but they made really really bad calls, is not an excuse, but they ultimately dictate the tempo of the game. If I get frustrated by them, I can only imagine how bad calls can take a toll on the players.

In the end they won, but I only hope this is not the way they are going to play on this road trip, because Kobe cannot carry the load by himself, other players need to step up and the coaches need to sometimes coach.

P.S. Maybe I’m being to dramatic, maybe it was just one bad game, maybe I read things that are not really there. I have to wait and see.

why is smush benched after another huge first quarter?
i don't get it... why does phil cancel smush at times?

appreciated the big offensive rebound from devean late in the game... i still love me some sasha ... but as far as our interior D and third-quarter collapse, how do we just allow golden state to get back in it with little resistance? hope that sleepwalking ends soon

but as always, GO LAKE SHOW!

Lakers 106 Warriors 105

Where to begin?
The 1st half of the game was player exceptionally well. I listened to the game on the radio. I listen to all home games and KCAL 9’s taped delayed games on the radio; all other games on KCAL 9. So I rely on Spero Dedes and Mychal Thompson’s description of the game. Mychal brought up a point about Smush Parker’s 1st quarter scoring output. He wondered why PJ sat him for the 2nd quarter when everyone knows we, the Lakers, need for Smush to be able to gain the confidence he needs to do what he did on a consistent basis. What better way then to let him play when he’s showing such aggression? Well, it’s hard to question PJ’s logic in a game where the Lakers we up at the half by 8 points. Speaking of that 1st half, props to Smush, Luke, Cook, and Sasha for shooting the ball aggressively and not being discouraged by a few lousy misses.
2nd half, props to Lamar for being aggressive in critical moments, I liked his game in the 4th quarter and Devean had a great game! Luke had a nice stat line, now that’s what we expect from Walton. Kwame! One rebound? Come on, man.
What happened in the 3rd quarter? I don’t know! But I do know that it wasn’t one particular player, it was the whole team. It was ugly for sure. In the 2nd half the radio team made an observation, which I think was significant enough for me to blog about. They noticed that his man was burning Smush time and time again; then they gave the reason why. This is what they said: It seem when Smush plays head up defense, he has a habit of flicking at the ball with his “quick” hands, but in doing so, it seems that he leans forward a bit in order to do that. That’s when it happens! When Smush is leaning forward, his player makes his move; catching Smush in the forward motion when he needs to be ready for the dash. It makes sense, how else can we explain slow guys beating him? What to do? Smush needs to be more selective on when to flick at the ball with his hands. He can’t do it every time he’s in that position, which I think is exactly what he’s been doing. The players around the league have him pegged. When he leans forward to flick at the ball…zoom, to the basket, which leaves poor Chris Mihm and Kwame to pick up fouls when they try to cover for Smush. Smush needs to make the adjustment and keep his hand at bay and use his hands like a weapon, only when it’s the right time and not every time.
Now for Kobe, man, I remember watching Michael Jordan play because he was so good that I had to watch because I was curious to see how great he was. Was he really better than Chamberlain? I had to see that for myself. Dang, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! No matter where the game seemed to be, like the Bulls playing a tight game and it would look like they were going to lose and to compound the matter Jordan was having a bad shooting night. Then all of a sudden; somehow, someway the Bulls pulled it out and to my disbelief Jordan wound up with 30 to 35 points anyway, again, I say, on a bad-shooting night. I couldn’t believe it. I don’t know how many times I saw that happen, but I seen it so much that, in time, I had to admit that this guy, Michael Jordan, man, was it possible that he is as great as Chamberlain, I would think to myself. Me, a lifelong, biased, Lakers fan. I had to come to terms with it and I did. I, finally, openly admitted it to some friends, it was funny because out of the blue I said to them: Damn, I think Michael Jordan is as great as Wilt. They looked at me like where did that come from and then we just laughed. I remember watching those games and one thing stood out the most, which was: Jordan seemed to always be able to get himself to the foul line and somehow win the game for the Bulls and jack up his point total at the same time. After a while I would just thought to myself, man this guy is just unstoppable and to tell you the truth, Jordan was unstoppable.
What Kobe did last night, now that was truly Jordanesque. And to all those people who saw and studied Jordan’s game and have been Kobe hating, you know it’s true.


the reason this game upset me so much is b/c it looked as though Kobe began reading all those negative articles about his 81, and went in w/ a conscious effort to do the exact opposite. contrary to what people think, a "total" 180 is not to the benefit of this team. under almost NO circumstance is it beneficial to your team to have Kobe subordinate himself to the tune of 5 points in a half. Those people who hate kobe will not begin to like him if he loses to an undermanned Warriors team, but has 8 assists. (i'm sure there is some hack columnists last night who was tempted to print the "kobe sabotages the first 3 and a half quarters so he can put on cape and be superman" article). let your point guard worry about assists, get your 4 dimes and put this game away in the 3rd so you can get off the court, rest for your Detroit heroics and let the rest of your teammates get 4th quarter garbage points. I just hope the people who loved seeing him play this type of game are ready for the inevitable losses that come with flirting with disaster for those early periods instead of burying this team.

Hi lakers fans!!!!!
Can't believe Kobe shot almost 30% from the field. who cares we won anyway.

Re: taking advantage of the absence of Dunleavy. It's Golden State, who cares, but I just have to point out that Pietrus is actually much better than Dunleavy, and that Dunleavy is not getting his starting job back if Montgomery has any balls.

Tired of the term "Jordanesque". Prefer "Kobic"



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