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Extra! Extra! (1.27)

We're almost done as a mass media conglomerate talking about 81... but not quite. And per usual, a few people still didn't dig it. Apparently, kids today so at risk that a guy putting up 81 will somehow  lead them down the wrong path. And folks jonsing for a team effort (or Kobe to just change his game) weren't amused. But ESPN's Greg Anthony thinks these people are missing the point.  And hell, you might as well hop on the 81 bandwagon, because the imagery ain't going nowhere.  Good thing it's all on tape, too, since Kobe's not dead set on trying to recreate the moment tonight against Golden State. FYI. Phil Jackson's just peachy with that.

Former Laker Update: Anyone hoping the team might bring back AK's man Isaiah Rider on the cheap as a second scorer, look elsewhere. He won't have nearly the same explosiveness dunking in leg irons.

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Man, that Altanta Journal article was almost creepy. Kobe's setting a bad example by scoring 81 points? What the hell has gone wrong with our country? The Red states are insane. If Shaq or Tracy McGrady scored that many points, some Red state newspaper would be writing an article about how these athletes are an inspiration to our troops and proof positive that Bush's plan in Iraq is moving forward.

I'm so tired of the insanity. (Let it go, Jon. Just let it go.)

Isiah Rider's been kidnapping people? Man, remember when Phil thought he could reform Isiah? This is why we need to take everything Phil said with a grain of salt. Okay, he was able to make things work out with Dennis Rodman, but that's been it. For every Dennis Rodman, there's been three Isiah Riders. Artest would never have worked out as a Laker. We are so lucky he's in Sacramento.

It's nice to see that Mihm is stepping up. That matters so much more than people are presently acknowledging.

I think those of us who appreciated Sunday should relax with the disdain for the negative reactions. After all, it's to be expected. Kobe is polarizing. I think the more interesting storyline is, wow isn't it fascinating to watch an athlete so maligned, who actually isn't a villain (see Mike Tyson, Randy Moss, T.O. etc). But instead he's maligned for unlikability when his biggest crime is being a social misfit and a recluse (see Kareem Abdul-Jabaar). Hardly a reason to clutch your purse when he walks by, don't you think?

But it's interesting how sports redefines itself. Something new is happening, and why does it have to look "Jordanesque" for us to appreciate it?

And by the way, did anyone notice how the team defense picked up in the middle of the third Sunday? Why? If you watch any of the replays (NBA TV at 5 pm EST today I think) you'll see the team D picks up because they got fired up... as a direct result of Kobe firing up the crowd. There is a specific moment in the third that I noticed that. Guys looks passionate all of a sudden, and that's when they shut down Toronto for good.... and it was a direct result of the energy that Kobe provided on the offensive end. Kobe certainly won't get credit for that by the masses, but that's what I clearly saw. (I was also at the game, by the way).

81 freakin points. For most people I would say WOW that probably the greatest game he'll ever play. I'm not sure if I can say it about Kobe. There is no question he will get better. He's the only player I can always expect more from. He a player who can be bigger than the game because he can push the boundaries of the game beyond what anybody can expect. We've seen he has already started the process.

What is the upper limit of his game? How far can he take this team? Do you think we have seen his best?

According to Daily News staff columnist, Bob Keisser, who wrote Kobe's image is still bad. Bob is really a jealous person. He is jealous because he can't play basketball and he cannot handle someone's happiness. Bob loves to live in past. Mr. Bob, that was then and this is now so deal with it. Basketball is a game to score and to win. Basketball is not a popularity contest game. If your want popularity contests, you should go to Vegas.

Read his article:

"The wallop of a recent Kevin McHale expletive-deleted tirade was reserved for Kevin Garnett, at least that's the feeling he got. According to a source who got it straight from a Minnesota player, the Celtics' Hall of Famer and T'wolves VP of basketball operations barged into rookie coach Dwane Casey's locker room and barbecued the whole bunch for Heimliching a 19-point, late-third-quarter lead on national TV to the 76ers." -- New York Post

I know you can't take anything the New York Post says seriously, but how many years does Garnett have on his contract.

Obviously we don't have the resources to trade for him.

Why is it that nobody every believes it when Kobe says he just wants to win?

Is it because the only condition he has is that he be the main guy on the team?

Maybe he should say "I just want to win, as long as I'm the main guy?" Is that so selfish? And why shouldn't he be? Don't you want to challenge yourself in life?

If you thought you could be the President of the company, would you be happy being Vice President for the rest of your life?

"Hate Me Now" - Nas

hahaha i take it this was posted before rider got arrested for kidnap


I don't recall Phil ever saying he wanted to reform Isiah. He was a part of the team at the time and obviously the team felt it was not going to work out. And they were right.

Well, tonight is possibly the most important game (from a public opinion standpoint) in the career of Kobe Bryant. Tonight the question will be answered....How will Kobe Bryant respond to scoring 81 points in a single game? Everyone has been thinking it, but yet, no one has publicly asked it until now. From a game standpoint, it is important that the Lakers win in order to continue their goal of having home dominance. Plus, the next 7 games after tonight will be on the road which makes ending a homestand that much more important.

However, from a public opinion standpoint, the scoffers over the last few days have all been trying to say it, without saying the words.....The barn door has just been destroyed and any harnessing of Kobe's scoring desires are long gone. I disagree with that thought, because I believe that his ultimate goal is to win a championship. I believe that that single goal is enough reason for him to corral his game when necessary to accomplish that goal. I will agree with those that say he is a selfish player and person. He has proven to be that. However, he selfishly wants to win a championship for himself. He wants to win a championship to prove others wrong. He selfishly wants a championship to authenticate his career in history. He's selfish, but his selfishness is what makes his chances of winning a title again that much more believable. Do you think Michael Jordan came out of retirement with the Bulls in order to help the organization out? He did it for himself, because he had some selfish goals to reach. Is that wrong? It's what makes great players greater. Do you think Clyde Drexler went to Houston to help Hakeem out? He went there because he wanted a championship....selfish reasons. My point has been made.

Another point I would like to address is in reference to the mid-season awards I have seen on here and other places. MVP - As much as I think Kobe should be in serious contention, it won't happen. His team is not doing well enough this season. Despite his play of late, I doubt he will win it. ROY - Chris Paul - Any Questions? COY - Phil Jackson....if the Lakers make the playoffs. Hubie Brown won this award because he got Memphis into the playoffs. What Phil has done with the Lakers should be rewarded, considering they continue to be thought of as a possible "slip any day now", type of team.

As for the Lakers Grades.

Kobe Bryant - A No explanation needed.

Lamar Odom - B+ As Magic said, 15/10/5 is all we are asking for. However, if he replaces the lapses with consistency, he will raise to an A.

Smush Parker - B- A pearl in the making. His lack of emotion is a great asset but makes it hard to read his intensity level. Confidence must remain strong, heistance is not warranted with his shooting ability and court awareness. Lapses must be minimized.

Chris Mihm - B I liked him last year, feel the same this year. Loses the ball too much in traffic. Plays small in the paint like a small forward. Shot blocking, passing ability, and mid-range jumper are his strong on that!

Kwame Brown B- Not as bad as people are saying....I have League Pass, I see the games. Needs to slow down with his post moves. Very strong on defense in the paint. Lost when brought out away from the different than Shaq is on the pick-in-roll. Overall improvement seen and growing.

Brian Cook C+ A hard "Cook-ie" to crumble. He is inconsistent at times but it is either his playing or his lack of playing time. His game would be greatly improved if he was able to show it. The offense is not built for him. His hustle gets him a C+ though.

Devean George C+ Had a hard time determining this one. He is the only other mainstay on this roster from the old days. Has so much talent and ability, but hasn't stepped up as a team leader. Must take his rightful place in order to get a better grade here.

Sahsa Vujacic C+ The new Tyronne Lue. Need I say more?

Andrew Bynum C The Big Easy is young, athletic, big, and talented. I'm still waiting on a skyhook in the middle of a game. Gets a C only because it is just too early to give him more.

Luke Walton D+ I am a member of his fan club, yet I can't find enough positives to move him up. When I think I have found one, it turns out that it's from 2 years ago, and not currently. He must find his niche in the new system (new team) in order to survive.

Devean Green Incomplete

Von Wafer Incomplete

Profit B/Incomplete

Turiaf Incomplete

Slava F Could get an incomplete, but after all these years, he simply should be counted on for something more.

"Last night at the AmericanAirlines Arena, RAW (pro wrestling) Superstar Carlito verbally abused Jason Williams after the Miami Heat suffered a disappointing 107-98 loss to the Phoenix Suns. While the cocky Superstar was berating Williams, Shaquille O'Neal walked up behind Carlito and smashed him with a chair."

anybody know if this was staged?

I forgot that Profit is now gone.

McKie D/Incomplete

He could be a very important part to this team especially with Profit out, but who knows. His defense would be a VERY big element come playoff time.

Who ever on here is Jonathan Thorn.....STOP SENDING ME EMAIL!!!!


I'm sure he was being sacastic.

Former Laker Update: Anyone hoping the team might bring back AK's man Isaiah Rider on the cheap as a second scorer, LOOK ELSEWHERE. He won't have nearly the same explosiveness dunking in leg irons.

Your a Hater just like the rest. Heres your quote.

"I will agree with those that say he is a selfish player and person. He has proven to be that. However, he selfishly wants to win a championship for himself. He wants to win a championship to prove others wrong. He selfishly wants a championship to authenticate his career in history. He's selfish, but his selfishness is what makes his chances of winning a title again that much more believable."

How has Kobe been Proven to be selfish? Name 1 game, 1 year, 1 title? Anything yet? Its idiots like you That dont know what the hell thier talking about that make this Blog Intolerable at times. Kobes not and has never been selfish. Kobe is Driven and People like you cant handle that. Kobe will win another title But he'll do it for the City and for the Laker Organization. He will do it because Hes Driven to do it. He wants to win. If thats selfish then I guess Every Professional Sports Organization on the Planet is selfish too.

I guess your the only one that understood my post last night. Miller would be a great addition to this club. Kobe is a Professional and I have never heard him say anything negitive about Miller at all. In fact I think there would be some mutual respect between the two.
Anyways It was just a little reminder of who is running that Memphis team.
Damn Clovers! I hated them then and I still cant stand them now. Bird never wanted to trade to us. So he trades to our hated Rivals. The more I think about it the more pissed I get.

One of the most frequent comments made by Kobe-haters is that Kobe is not great player because he does not make players around him better (besides Lamar, Lakers are full of bench players). Is it Kobe fault that his teammates are not making open shots when Kobe dishes out? Should Kobe do more of rebounding and getting assists when his teammates cannot score? Did Marion get better because of Nash or was he always that good? Did Duncan make his teammates better? Shaq? Garnett? LeBron? Mcgrady? Iverson? You guys worship these guys, often writing nothing but compliments about them. So you tell me if they improved their teammates more than Kobe has. Now go chew on them as well.


He didn't say it, but he implied it. By "reform" I mean turn a lunatic/criminal/dysfunctional person into a lunatic/criminal/dysfunctional person who can remain focused enough to play consistent, dedicated, quality basketball without their non-basketball life creeping in to make a big mess of things.

Worked for Rodman.
Didn't work for Rider.
Wouldn't have worked for Artest.

Just watch things unfold in Sacramento, Zen, and get back to me in a couple of months.

I hear from sports ill. that Garnett got into an argument with kevin macale... after kevin blamed the team for playing scared. KG said i never play scared, and always play hard, and if you think other wise then trade me. that's the giz of it... just throw in a few cuss words.

anyone know how this will work financially? my guess is it's gotta include odom. but if we can trade bynum, george, mihn and some draft pics for KG... just image a lineup with...

Those of you haters who are trying to bring down Kobe's glorifying career by mentioning his low shooting percentages need to realize that Kobe is Laker's #1 option and usually only option in most games. He's literally playing 5-1 basketball. And in many occasions, he is forced to shoot with 1 or 2 seconds left because his teammates been holding the ball for 20 seconds and decide to pass to Kobe at last second.

You haters can't even perform with one wife or girlfriend in your face. So stop hating and if you want to criticize, at least be constructive and be fair.

My report:

Since the Lakers is mostly Kobe: I like the fact that Kobe praises their team defense as the main key of their success.


I demand Kobe to better a one-on-one defensder in the 2nd half of the season. If Kobe doesn't trust his teammates offensively, why trust them defensively? Maybe Mihm will have less fouls, if he doesn't have to pick up Kobe's man whne gets beaten badly in the middle of the baseline. Kobe has to remember that Mihm is no Shaq.
In the recent loses, the Blazers and Kings guards lit it up against them. On the Sac game, How come Kobe didn't guard Bibby towards the end of the game? On the Portland game, Juan Dixon had a career night against Kobe.

Maybe Kobe needs to go back to basics.
Always respect every player your playing against.

All I know is that Artest will eventually leave Sac. He'll realize that his Rap album will sell a lot better if he is in a bigger market. L.A in 2 or 3 years.

Hi Everyone,

This is Michael. I know that there has been some speculation over my silence of Kobe's 81. There are so many critics, too.

I have not spoken, because I am at a loss for words. I had assumed someone like Kobe might just be myself reborn. I now realize that I was simply a precursor to greatness. A rod to use in judging true greatness. Only those who would measure up to me could ever be considered great. But it was written in the Basketball Bible that there would not be a second coming, but simply the First. The One and Only Star of Naismith.

I just want everyone to know that I am humbled. Not only does Kobe play better than me, he has a prettier wife. And I'll bet that Colorado chick is cuter than my own mistresses. Kobe. I weep for my inadequacies. You are my hero.


My Prediction on Tonight's Full Coverage of the NBA

1.Phoenix @Atlanta --> Phoenix
2.Cleveland @Indy--> Cleveland
3.Sacramento @Boston--> Sacramento
4.Orlando @New York--> Orlando
5.Miami @Charlotte--> Miami
6.Memphis @Detroit--> Detroit
7.Washington @Chicago--> Chicago
8.Toronto @Milwaukee--> Milwaukee
9.Minnesota @Houston--> Minnesota
10.Los Angeles Clippers @Denver--> Denver
11.New Jersey Nets @Portland--> New Jersey
12.Golden State @Los Angeles Lakers--> Los Angeles

The Lamar Show,

Kevin McCale told KG he was playing scared? Wow. KG is going to want to get the hell out of there.

KG, Kobe, Smush, Lamar, Mihm/Bynum. Wow. I'm almost dizzy thinking about it.

There's no way McCale would ever trade him to the Lakers though. He's an ex-Celtic. He hates the Lakers. He'd probably try to trade him the East so he wouldn't have to deal with him as much, but, man, that would be a team.

I just looked up KG’s contract and he’s signed through the 2008/2009 season where he will make a whopping $24 million dollars. For all of you out there who think we can trade for KG, there are only two ways this could happen financially. First, Kobe would have to be included in a deal to get the salaries to match since we are over the cap (nahgunnadoit). Second, we would have to wait until after next season when we had some cap space to take on his contract, but if we didn’t include LO we would be over the cap with just three guys (KG, LO, Kobe). Probably not going to happen. We also don’t have any young talent or expiring contracts, and no way Minnesota loses him without getting at least, AT LEAST one All-Star in return (we only have one) so the possibilities are becoming even more remote as we analyze this thing. Needless to say KG will probably not be a Laker anytime soon. I love the guy (stupid commercial aside) and would run through the streets screaming with joy if he wore the purple and gold, but it doesn’t seem likely.

I would have to say the plan the Lakers have is to hope the team we currently have develops and can be supplemented by some good, not great, players after next season.

I have two words for those of you looking for that savior free agent in 2007…Darko…Milicic.


Yeah, I got what you were saying. And I agree, Miller would be a great fit in triangle. And yes, Kobe is a pro, and I doubt he and Miller would pull gats on each other or anything. I was just trying to have a little fun. But still, there's gotta be a chance the two in the same lockeroom so soon after that incident would be a little awkward, dontcha think? Or maybe it's just me.

In terms of Bird getting revenge on the Lakers by trading Artest to Sacto, I'm of the opinion that you'll be thanking Larry Legend by 2008, if not sooner. I just don't see it working out.


Did anybody catch the Heat vs Suns game last nite? Would anybody agree that the Heat are better served by bringing Shaq off the bench, at least for now? They are a more intimidating team, especially defensively, when Zo is out there!

i expect the Lakers to make a strong finish after the all star break


Artest will be unhireable in two or three years. He'll never go that long without screwing something up in a newsworthy fashion.

Andrew Z,


Darko Milicic? Uh... yeah... right...

I liked Isaiah Rider, but he's in Jail now.


well forget about kg then. but I still think we should try to sign Big Ben. this is the last year of his contract. smush, kobe, odom, kwame, ben looks pretty decent.

doubt he'll want to bolt if they win a ring tho... so everyone start cheering for spurs!!

Peja would do nicely too. as for this year... I really like flip murray and seattle wants to trade him. he can score and he'd be great off the bench to give kobe a rest.

p.s. am i the only 1 who miss caron butler?

sorry. it wasnt sports ill.. it was

The Laker COULD trade for KG right now and make it work. Goes something like this:

KG -> Lakers

George, Slava, Kwame, Mckie, Walton -> Timberwolves

I know I'm dreaaming, but it could work if LA wouldnt mind playing with an 11-man squad.

"If Kobe doesn't trust his teammates offensively, why trust them defensively?"
If you haven't noticed before, those require two completely different skill sets.

No way Lamar deserves a B+. B- at best. He disappears for extended periods of time far too often to rate him that high.


He SHOULD be some kind of a play-maker and a scorer at the same time for the 2nd half of the season. A-la B-Diddy.

I hope he raises his APG to at least 6 or 7 a game.

I would love to see Kobe average about 30-6-6 a game.

His goal MUST be making his team better, not making himself better.

AND! One more thing, he SHOULD not demand the ball TOO MUCH! I have watched the Lakers-Raptors game, in which he scored 81 points, and in that game, and HE WAS DEMANDING THE BALL EVERYTIME LA HAS THE POSSESSION! Basketball is a team sport, not an individual sport.

I hope and pray that these expectations of mine be met by our beloved Los Angeles Lakers.



The Lamar Show,

I miss Caron.

But not Jumaine Jones or Chucy Atkins. Glad to see them go.

McCale seems to be screwing up things up North. Remember when we survived Minnesota in the playoffs only because Sam Cassell got hurt? How the mighty have fallen.

Yeah, Minnesota's not making the playoffs and KG's out of there within a year. I wonder where he could end up since the Lakers can't afford him.

Damn. I would love to see KG in purple and gold. Kobe and KG on one team. It would be so good for the entire sport of basketball (and so bad for every team that was not the Lakers.)


That was beautiful. I'm glad you've cleared everything up.

the Lamar Show,

I miss Caron Butler! I think we should have kept him. We aren't getting much of Kwame as of now, and I think we never will. CARON POSTERIZED LEBRON REMEMBER?!?! THAT WAS SICK!



KG & Kobe will be the Ultimate Teammates. Too bad we can only see them play together on the All-Star Game. Kevin McHale is a lifetime Laker-Hater and he will never trade his superstar to the Lakers. See, if Phil can establish Andrew Bynum to a good player, he will attract a lot of rebuilding teams.


There is a saying which says that you never know how stupid a person is until he opens his mouth. You have proven that statement to be true today. You took one post that I made and without trying to get the full understanding of what i was saying, you responded in such a way that gives Kobe haters the credence to comment the way that they do concerning Kobe fans. I am one of the greatest supporters of Kobe Bryant. I was the one, back when him and Shaq were winning titles, saying that IF the offense was setup for Kobe, like it was for MJ, he'd produce the same or better. I was right, as we see right now, and it is stil early. Just wait until the team has more time to develop.

I don't have to defend my statements to you....obviously, you won't understand anyway. However, for the others on here I will give it some attention. What I was saying was that, the most successful people, by human standards, are the ones that are highly driven. It is an internal driving that is only satisfied when their goals are met. For Kobe to be the player he is, it takes this personal drive. In a sense, it could be considered a selfish desire....because it is rooted in accomplishments he deems most important. I in no way am saying that this is wrong. All I'm saying is that when ever a goal starts with I.......there is a level of self involved. Any rational minded personal would understand that.

Furthermore, my point with Kobe is that although he has this quality within his personality and life, it is harnessed by a thing called self-control. He has learned and continues to learn year after year how to accomplish his goals the BEST way possible.

During the 3-peat, the best way was to defer to Shaq as the primary option while taking up the strong secondary status. However, when he saw that Shaq was no longer able to handle the responsibilities as the primary option, he no longer was willing to remain as the secondary option. Makes sense to me. Plus, the fact that Shaq has decreased in production the past 2 seasons shows that he needs someone to handle the load during the season. He may still rise in the post season, however, he certainly is able to do it for 70-80 games anymore.

Does anybody else not understand me?

i do not think you got the right message from jj's post, i think he was saying if Kobe is selfish so is every other great player because they have similar motivating factors, they all do things for themselves, for example jordan coming out of retirement was for his sake and not for the nba or the bulls, or even GP signing with the heat this year it was a selfish desire to win a championship for himself. its not a knock on kobe he is proving a point.

kenny smith said kobe is the modern day wilt, then he goes on to say that kobe is no where close to jordan, just a better scorer than jordan. let me get this straight, you can compare kobe to wilt but not jordan, therefore wilt is no where close to jordan,right? wow! that to me is an oxymoron. this is thesame wilt that averaged over 50 points in a season, over 20 rebounds in a season, and to prove the naysayers wrong, he averaged about 8 assist in a season. can jordan do that. not even kobe can do that. yet kobe is a wilt, and would never be close to a jordan. somebody tell me i'm not crazy.


These Grades that seem to be differing for the Lakers squad, what are you basing them on? Are they based on how players are performing, or are they based on how you think they should be performing?

Magic said it best when he said that he would take 15/10/5 from Lamar anyday. On a solid shooting night, that could mean only 10 shots with a couple freethrows. Ten Rebounds and 5 assist. Based on that measurement, he is already giving that, which means that he is doing what he should be doing. I believe that the critics of Lamar are caught up with the idea that he SHOULD be doing more and that is wrong. IF his coach says he wants him to do EXACTLY what he is doing, and seems to be happy with his role in doing it, LEAVE IT ALONE. All of this talk about him doing more could lead to trouble if he ever started to get a big head about his position on the team. Right now there is no friction and everyone is happy in their roles. Let it go.

The same is true for Kwame. Phil said that he is a 2-year project...2 years and some are acting as if he should be a dominant power forward today (after 1/2 a season). Give the guy a break. This is the FIRST year that he has had a coach actually give him the attention he needs. This is the first year that he has been given the instruction from a true center. I heard Mihm say in preseason, that he learned more in camp this year than he had ever before COMBINED. Give these guys a break and let them play. They have enough pressure on them to succeed as it is just being in LA. PLace with that the exposure they get because they play with the BEST player in the league, and it's a lot of pressure. Most young teams, don't have many nationally televised games. That's not true for the Lakers.

The bottom line is simple, I give all of them a little bump just for being able to play above .500 ball at the midpoint of the season.


Thanks for the post....That's ALL I was saying. I should of let you say it because you don't use as many words as I do. Thanks.

"KOBE is a BAD example for KIDS."?????????? Because he works so hard? or because he's fun to watch? Is it because makes the KIDS think more sports and less drugs? or Is it because the nice memory that they'll always have? When MJ averaged 37 a game, was MJ a bad example for KIDS? ONE thing that's pretty interesting about all the HATERS is that they go out of their way, undermind their own philosophy to bash KOBE.

Thanks you for settling that one, MJ!

I do got to agree with GMAC that you are coming off like a closet hater. You would give Phil COY honors if they make it to the playoffs but wouldn't give it (MVP) to Kobe if they make the playoffs? Last I checked it was the coaches job to make the players on the team better and frankly without Kobe this team would probably have 10-12 wins(generous) right now. You are right in saying it's too early to give these awards away just yet but I don't understand your reasoning.

Any comments on Shaq? I saw Shaq try to take a charge against Phoenix's Kurt Thomas that looked just pathetic. He flopped worse than Vlade Divac used to, and it looked like a joke. Shaq is terribly slow these days and just seems out of place. I have a feeling his fall from grace is going to be along the same lines as Mike Tyson's (sans legal troubles). I think he just looked pathetic out there.



Some probably think I'm on some "serious stuff" to have the 1-8 predictions that I do at this point in the season. Let me see if I can bring a little clarification.

1) Dallas - At first glance this position perfectly fitted for one team, the Spurs. However, with their re-occuring injuries to key players and their easy flowing mindset, right now, I believe that they are sinking into a rut that will leave them settling for the fourth seed by the end of the year. At the same time, Dallas seems to be inspired and healthy (never seen both for them at the same time) to win every game. I believe that this will give them the edge.

2) Phoenix - If I had shown my predicted records, you would see that the Suns Spurs and Mavs are pretty close in my opinion. It could swap itself out, however, I believe that Dallas will get the edge with the Spurs being the second best and the Suns being third. Since division winners get the three slots, the Spurs will have to be fourth. Amare could alter my plans, however, sometimes it throws a team off when a guy comes in and by the time they have adjusted, they've lost a few games. A few is all that will separate these 3 teams.

3) Denver - Not because they will have the third best record....because they most likely won't. Only because they are the best of the weakest West dvision. Nothing more to say.

4) San Antonio - See 1 and 2 for explanation.

5) LA Clippers - This one had me tossing and turning for a minute. Part of me wants to say Memphis, but the other part says the Clippers. I honestly don't care as long as the Lakers end up in 6th. It would be cool though to see the Clippers and Lakers be working on the other sides of the bracket. This would setup a potential (HIGHLY UNLIKELY) WCF meeting of the two similar to the Mets and Yankees in New York.

6) LA Lakers - I think they can, I think they can, I think they can!!!

7) Memphis - Process of up and one down.

8) Sacramento - Artest and the fact that everybody else seems to be fighting over who will be the closest without making it. It would be something if Byron Scott and Chris Paul were able to get NOK in here. Think what that would do for their fans.

I miss not seeing my Lamar on TV. I am so glad he is back tonight. for those who say lamar is overrated, you have no idea about basketball. I believe lamar is the best player in the team. yes you heard it right, better than kobe.

can kobe do the things lamar does? I don't think so. lamar is a multi dimensional player. I will give you tha´\€ß

Stupid article by Terence Moore. I think parents and coaches have much more influence on a kid's development than some highlight game by Kobe. If this is all it takes to negatively influence your kid than you are not doing your job. Brilliant game by the way(duh!). Any good coach will ride the hot hand until he cools off or the other team does something to stop him. Of course Kobe is selfish. All great athletes are selfish to some extent. If you ask any great athlete their motivation, who they are doing all of this for, they will say for themselves. People who do things for other people first simply do not have the extra something it takes to become great. Does anyone else here get irritated at Charles Barkley and Kenny Anderson when they pontificate about the teams that Kobe scores a lot of points on? I mean they speak as if THEY were on the Raptors there's no way Kobe would have scored 81. I suppose they would do something punkish like throw their elbow in Kobe's face when he tried to drive to the basket. God I hope that the Laker's do not get KG because I am not a Laker's fan. I do recognize greatness though and Kobe is great, warts and all.


MJ NEVER got the MVP when the Bulls were not one of the top teams in the league. However, when a team that was barely expected to make the playoffs if at all makes it at a position higher than 8th, they seem to give the nod to that coach. IF I had it my way.....Kobe would be MVP, Phil would be COY, and Mihm would be most improved.

However, I don't make the rules. If you read my posts close enough you would have seen that I wasn't saying that I don't think he dserves the honors. I was saying I don't think he will get the honors. There is a HUGE difference between the two.

If Shaq can demand that he be traded to Miami, then I believe KG can demand that he be traded to LA.
And I can continue dreaming :)

And btw, if we ever want to trade for KG, we would have to include LO in the package. Also, I'm reasonably sure that KG renegotiated his humongous contract so that he could entice more people to come play for the Wolves. I think it's something flat like 16mil per year for the rest of his contract.

I can't understand how trading for Ricky D is considered an upgrade over Wally World. Wally was playing pretty well recently. Ricky D is pretty inconsistent and sooner or later will start to wear out KG. I really think that the key to the whole trade is Marcus B. I know Kupchak was high on him a couple of years ago. He really might hold the key to the whole trade.

And I'm not sure McHale is going to be present for long in Minnesota. Either him or KG will be gone before the end of the year. I think Sota will trade him to the Knicks in exchange for Frye, Lee and one of those sorry @ss contracts.


The sad thing is that people outside of the home do have a greater impact on children these days than their parents and guardians. A greater emphasis is placed on family today than it was 20 years ago.

Plus, when parents allow outside people to come into the home, they have given up their influence.

Comment for Charles IF I ever meet him,

"If Kobe can never be considered on of the best ever, because he hasn't made his teammates better which you believe is determined by winning titles together......what about you?"

How many championships have the Round Mound of Rebound won?

you know who would be a good fit for this laker team and we could probably get it done with an even trade, Its Rashard Lewis in seattle for LO, Lewis does everthing that LO doesnt and I believe he comes at a cheaper price. Kupcake call seattle and make that trade.........

Lakers are 22-19. And that's what everybody expected them to be. Hmmmm...Really?
With that weak roster and learning process of the triangle offense...
Did you really expect them to beat a lot of winning teams (at least team above .500)? Almost of their Ws are against winning teams. Mavs, Nuggs, Clips, Griz, Cavs and so on... Let's not forget, they gave away at least 3 games.

Honestly, i thought the Lakers will be below .500. However, in the 2nd half..I now expect them to finish 32-10.

dude Khan, stop using my name. it was funny the first 5 times... but now its just getting annoying.

lamar is one of my fav players but that doesnt mean i think his perfect or think he's the best player. he needs to make a lot of improvments to help this team get to the top... but first and foremost... learn how to play along side kobe. I agree with JJ that lamar's doing what he's being asked... I personally wants to see him score more just like a lot of people because we know HE CAN if he wants to. it's really not hard for him to score down the post. it he takes 15 shots a nice, he can easily avg 20pts. but the fact that he doesnt want can get frustrating. but also phil's not running any plays for him to get him down there or run isolating plays for him. hopefully after he gets more comfortable, scoring will come naturally.

anyways... khan. stop using your daddy's name or imma have to whip you again.

Not to change the subject:

I hope they ban Isiah Thomas in the league or manily any basketball operations. He has been the biggest screw up on all managers.
From managing the Raptors, CBA then the Knicks..results = FAILURES after FAILURES.
I wish him the best of luck though.

Understood. I guess we'll have the annual argument of whether the MVP should be the best person on the best team or the best player in the league.

If Kobe arrived tonight at Staples Center with the cure for cancer, idiots like Terrance Moore would criticize him for not also curing AIDS.

It's "strange", but when Kobe was having great years and we were winning the NBA title, he never received serious condideration for MVP because Shaq was here and the Lakers had a great team. Now that he doesn't play on a great team, he can't win the MVP over Nash, because Nash is on a good team. Weird how that changed in the last few years.

The big chill

Now that is a good thought! Odom for Lewis. Hey, Lewis wants out of Seattle, why not get something of equal value in Lamar. The differnce being that Lewis is more aggressive about his scoring abilities. Mitch, (the GM) should really think about that idea.






You hit it right on the money....Aggression is the key to be a better teammate of Kobe Bryant. That's why Pippen was a perfect compliment to Jordan. Pippen was aggressive. But, I know LO can do it.

Rashard Lewis is a great player. I will trade LO for Rashard right now. He can defend Marion anyday.

will someone please explain why scoring 81 is bad for the game, children, etc, but MJ scoring 69 or David Robinson scoring 71 wasn't? 10-12 points makes the world tip on its axis and evil to prevail throughout the world? these insipid columnists always posit that kids are now going to gun for 81...that is stupid on many levels. first, kids who could shoot were gunning for the most points they could score irrespective of if they totaled 81, 61, or 11. kids are going to score as much as they can, not b/c of Kobe, but b/c they see that as the way to being, "the man".

secondly, would it have been more to the columnists liking for kobe to stop shooting and let the team lose (it's as though they pretend the lakers were up by 18 when Kobe went off), as long as they lost "as a team". of course then there would be the "kobe got rid of shaq and now they can't even beat the lowly raptors, he is getting what he asked for" articles. but the second he wills them to win, he is again selfish. it's as though they don't have to pick a side b/c they flip every act into a negative.

some columnists are just set on not giving this guy a break. to manufacture a "kids will be adversely affected" stance is really giving Kobe power he doesn't possess. it's funny how gatorade made a killing of a slogan getting kids to emulate michael's scoring prowess and he was revered for it. kobe goes for 81 and he is the scorge of society. it would be nice for these fence jumpers to pickone side of the fence and stay there.

Kev. baby.

you'll always have a place in kobe's heart.


seriously. if kobe had players like the suns...they'd watch him take shots. there's a reason people say nash is good and there's a reason he's one of the best point guards in the league.

don't call me a kobe hater for this!

AZ & BK,

Let's change the NBA ALL STAR Game:

Instead of West vs East:

How about?

High School All-Stars Vs College All-Stars

HS All Stars
G- Kobe Bryant (Of Course!)
G- Tracy McGrady
F- Kevin Garnett
F- Lebron James
C- Amare Stoudamire

College All Stars
G- Steve Nash/AI
G- Dwayne Wade
F- Tim Duncan
F- Ben Wallace
C- Shaq

Who will win that game????

Lamar Odom rocks I think we should trade Kobe instead of Lamar come on guys you gotta see what I'm seeing Lamar is better lamar is not selfish. Trade Kobe Please and get LeBron James then we can compete with the Clippers.

7-3 Last 10 games is not bad at all. As good as the Spurs.

But, the Lakers must beat the Warriors tonight to compensate for the expected tough battle against the Pistons.

Go Lakers and Kobe for NBA Finals MVP 2007(haha)!!!

Kev, sure Kobe is a better player than Nash. The award is the MVP, not the best player award. Phoenix had a miserable 2003-2004 season. They go get Nash and suddenly get the best record in the West. Sure they lost in the WCF but it was an amazing turnaround and it would not have happened without Nash. The Laker's did not even make the playoffs. BTW, shouting in all caps impresses noone and does not make any of your points more valid.


I don't think Shaq will go for that, and knowing the kind of money Miami is paying for him, they won't allow that either. But yes, good point to put out.

I do believe that KG is on his way out but like someone else pointed out, Mchale will not deal with L.A. If he did...well, lets just say he won't.

Talks of LaBron James coming to L.A. to play along side Kobe is like hoping for Michael Jordan to play with Magic back in the 80's, early 90's. I, myself would love to see it, but it seems too unbelievable.

I can't listen to the hype of Kobe just coming in tonight to play team ball. I think he's going for 78 and since he doesn't have a reliable second option on the team, he has every right to do so.

Lamar Odom said "I hope he goes for 100 points tonight. Seriously"!

till yesterday i had Nash = 1 and Kobe = 2
Now its dwade = 1
Nash = 2
Kobe = 3

I mean without dwade....heat have 30 points at the half against a depleted bobcats
they scored 14 in the first quarter and 16 in the second ...against the bobcats !!!!

and to think that ppl have the heat as an eastern conference finalist.....all props to dwade....
mvp = dwade

but more props to the lakers management for dumping nuthin against the man...just that it was a brilliant trade...and yeah props to shaq too...he worked the one year he had to to get his contract...when you look at it...he is no different from jerome james ..kandi man....blount..or any of em big men who play extraordinarily well and do all the right things in the final year of a contract or before a contract externsion

i mean shaq single handedly made sure the heat never will be the franchise they culd be with a talent like wade

such a shame !!!

looking at the future for thought: lakers 2008-09 roster (for play)
coach k comes to coach a more coachable kobe and brings along some friends with him check it out
pg-jay williams
sf-corey magette
pf-elton brand
c-andrew bynum
does that sound too far fetch? does that not equal another championship i think kobe game is a better fit for coach k than phil what does everyone else think



What will the haters say now? And how will the media try to spin tonights game. Kobe came out just as I had hoped he would. He looked for his teamates all night and got easy shots for them which again resulted in misses. I'm glad he stayed the course and kept passing the ball. His numbers were still great although he should have had at the least 15 assist but only got 8 due to the inability of the rest of the guys to make shots. Getting the guys involved tonight will serve well for the team because he will need lots of help on this long road trip. With this next game against Detroit, Kobe is going to raise his level of play, I hope the rest of the guys are ready to do the same.

antoine walker sucks

Ive been a Lakers fan since the days of Magic, Kareem, Nixon, Rambis, Coop, Byron, Big Game, AC, Wilkes, etc... and quite possibly the greatest Laker of them all: CHICK HEARN baby (Rest in Peace Chicky).

Anyways, im working overseas and rarely get to see any Lakers games, except for the Lakers game highlights on But just yesterday i downloaded the 81 point game from Kobe and got to check out my beloved Lakers firsthand and here are my conclusions (for what its worth):

1. Kobe's game is sick, hes always been a prolific scorer, but wish hed take it to the rack and jam a few more (like MJ, Vince), instead of pulling up for 30 jumpers a game.

1(a). The Lakers have never really had a sick in your face dunker (except for Shaq). would like to see a stromile swift, or andre iguadala type role player on the squad.

2. Why the hell did we trade for Kwame "butterfingers" Brown. I mean really, that guys gotta be one of the most uncoordinated players of all time. How the hell is he even playing in the league? On defense, hes usually half-asleep or stumbling over his own feet. On offense, good god, the guy barrels down low into the post and gets good position, but he cant catch the damn ball.... its a joke really.. hahaha.

Anyways, Mitch, lets make a trade soon: get Kwame Devean and what about Cook (hes got some value) and trade for a sick in yo face dunker.

Kobe, you are a fake! Do you really expect us to believe the nonsense that comes out of your mouth. Last night, in an interview with Steven A. Hole, you said: "I'd much rather go out and score 25 points and get 10 assists and see everybody in a rhythm, everybody in a groove."

Oh, is that so? How many times this year have you jacked up 35-40 shots with one, maybe two assists?
We all know that you want to score 50 points every night. You are a fraud.
Oh, and I am sure that you were so embarassed to hoist to score 81 points. I could tell as you walked off the court with arms raised up, hugging all of the pawns (teamates who do not dare shoot in fear of being traded) and your coach. Give me a break, you fool.



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