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Extra! Extra! (1.26)

January 26, 2006 |  8:02 am

Wiltchamberlain_fjioatgy There's less stuff these days about 81... but there's still stuff. Who do you like more, Wilt or Kobe? Still the argument about whether it's good basketball (this cat obviously wasn't entertained). Others say you can score 81 without having character. Of course, you may get called a hater even if you don't. Vince Carter insists his previous comments were being blown up of context, and he's got nothing but love for the 81 (For what it's worth, AK was at the Nets-Clips game last night and heard Carter addressing this. He sounded sincere. It doesn't remove the undeniable irony of Vinsanity even fretting team play's future, considering how he admittedly often dogged it during his Toronto dog days. He'd have been smarter not to even go there, but likely was never trying to diss Kobe.) And with that in mind, read Jalen Rose's comments carefully before crying "Kobe-basher!"

Meanwhile, Chris Mihm probably will never score 81 (not unless the refs allow him about 30 fouls), but that doesn't mean he's not making his mark. In fact, PJ really likes what he sees when the righty goes lefty with the hookie. He'd like to see himself become a double-double machine, the key word being "machine," meaning "on a regular, consistent basis."

(photo by Wen Roberts/AFP)