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Extra! Extra! (1.26)

Wiltchamberlain_fjioatgy There's less stuff these days about 81... but there's still stuff. Who do you like more, Wilt or Kobe? Still the argument about whether it's good basketball (this cat obviously wasn't entertained). Others say you can score 81 without having character. Of course, you may get called a hater even if you don't. Vince Carter insists his previous comments were being blown up of context, and he's got nothing but love for the 81 (For what it's worth, AK was at the Nets-Clips game last night and heard Carter addressing this. He sounded sincere. It doesn't remove the undeniable irony of Vinsanity even fretting team play's future, considering how he admittedly often dogged it during his Toronto dog days. He'd have been smarter not to even go there, but likely was never trying to diss Kobe.) And with that in mind, read Jalen Rose's comments carefully before crying "Kobe-basher!"

Meanwhile, Chris Mihm probably will never score 81 (not unless the refs allow him about 30 fouls), but that doesn't mean he's not making his mark. In fact, PJ really likes what he sees when the righty goes lefty with the hookie. He'd like to see himself become a double-double machine, the key word being "machine," meaning "on a regular, consistent basis."

(photo by Wen Roberts/AFP)

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Wow. Wilt picked up 55 rebounds in a game, PLAYING AGAINST BILL RUSSELL. Man, that's hard to beat.

That would be like Kobe scoring 60 points, against Michael Jordan. Wow.

Wilt was the man.

That much said, I really hate Kobe-haters. They're like little Pommerianians yapping at your heals. Completely annoying.

Maybe that's why Kobe owns a pack of Pommerianians, to numb him of the constant yapping of insane haters.

Did I miss it? How could something so big slip by me? I’m on the internet daily, trying to current with my NBA news. As a Lakers’ fan living in the Midwest, I do my best to remain up-to-date on all of the hot Laker stories. Yet it would seem as though the hottest of stories has slipped by me without a trace. The strangest thing is that even now, I can’t seem to find the article or late breaking news to confirm the story. You would think that LA Times, LA Daily News or Orange County Register would have the story, but I can’t even find it there. How could I have missed it? I mean, this is retirement! This is not say, Chris Dudley. A retirement by him is news, but yet it pales in comparison to this. It would seem by the stories I have read the past few days that this is even bigger than just 1 player, it also involves a coach. How could a story so big coming from the biggest NBA market center, not be the hottest topic out there? I mean a recent NBA accomplishment has been the hottest topic in the media since it happened Sunday. Yet this story isn’t mentioned? I’m confused.

I would imagine that by now, so are you, so allow me to clarify my confusion. It would appear that based on some recent articles that I have read the past couple of days, that Kobe Bryant has announced his immediate retirement in light of his recent 81 point total in a single game. I know you probably have several questions right now, as do I, but wait there is more. Apparently, Phil Jackson has decided to forgone the remainder of his 3-Year contract and retire once again effective immediately. I know what you are thinking, “Where did I find a story like this?” I have been searching and searching and I can’t find anything to substantiate this story. However, it must be true, or else it would mean that the articles I have found and the comments I have heard post-81 are totally inaccurate and idiotic (in my professional opinion).

I mean, I continue to read articles and hear comments stating that reaching 81 with a potential to reach 101 is about all Kobe Bryant has in his unforeseeable NBA future. Apparently, winning any more championships, which according to these same NBA-commentators is the only way to ever reach consideration for Best Ever, is never going to happen. Either someone has purchased an infallible crystal ball on EBay, or this must be Kobe Bryant’s last year in the league. Do you see my dilemma? I, by no means, profess to have the ability to see the future and determine the extent of possibilities that exist for anyone including myself, however, someone sure appears to have that ability.

By now you should be able to tell that I am simply using this elaborate discourse to hopefully make a point concerning the recent articles (mostly critical ones) concerning Kobe Bryant. Whether it is an editorial about “The Dangers and Results of Selfishness” or an impromptu self-help manual on “The Art of Restoring a Shattered Image” everyone, and I mean, EVERYONE appears to have their “5 cents” (inflation rates) to include. Obviously, I even have mine, which as you can see, I have no problem sharing (sorry for the lengthiness, I’m almost finished). However, this process of reaching a conclusion when only a few facts have been received has got to stop. It’s not just something I see as it relates to this situation, it happens all over. People are always quick to not only pass judgment, but to tally right off, someone at the first sign of confusion.

John Elway was criticized for the majority of his career enduring comments and even some harsh jokes involving his inability to win a Super bowl. Then, he won 2 and retired. Suddenly, the man that couldn’t do “anything right,” did the biggest thing right, twice. Today, he is only praised because of what he accomplished the LAST 2 years of his NFL career. Anything mentioned about the previous years is shaded by the 2 Super Bowls.

Right now, it would appear that the only thing that would change the public perception of Kobe Bryant indefinitely would be a string (approximately 4) championship rings before he retires. Apparently, every argument against him seems to some how gravitate and revolve around that 1 item on his resume. Sure he has 3, but with the huge asterisk of Shaquille O’Neal next to them, it really lessons their significance. However, 4, therefore meaning a total of 7, would place him in a league by himself…..or at least leave him out there with Bill Russell….Mr. Championship. That seems almost insurmountable, however, unless he has decided to retire, there is still time. My contention is that, we should give him the benefit of the doubt until otherwise proven. To do otherwise, only demonstrates the biased opinion of the critic himself, while only offering more ammunition for both Kobe and his supporters in his accomplishing it. As for the current roster not having what it takes…..that may be true but not for certain. The Chicago Bulls lost to the Pistons a few years with Michael, Scottie, and Horace, before they won the championship. They never changed those 3 individuals, they simply just got better. To subscribe to the belief that players can’t get better, totally attempts to degrade the significance of the off-season (and Kobe Bryant himself).

Well, that is my 5 cents. BK & AK, sorry for using up so much space, but it takes me a while to address a topic. I really should work on having my own blog (Oh-Oh, that sounds like a Kobe Bryant comment, lol!!!).

K Brothers,

It's obvious that the Lakers would like to pick up someone special to compliment Kobe (and hopefully Lamar) in the next two seasons.

Honestly, who do you think are the most likely candidates that the Lakers COULD pick up?

Hello, It’s me again. I promise to make this post much shorter than my previous one. I have been reading some recent reports concerning the Artest situation in relation to the Lakers, coupled with comments about their potential (lack there of) in reaching a championship (or maybe even the playoffs) this year. First, let me state that Ron Artest is the kind of player (personality and past history accounted) that, as a fan, you never really should want before you have him, but should be glad you have him when you do. What do I mean? Ron is an unusually complicated player, he offers so much, however, he risk just as much or greater. Phil Jackson seemed to be willing to take that risk which isn’t really surprising. A commanding coach, with a commending presence, believes that he/she can mold a player into their system, or adjust their system to fit a player. They are willing to take a risk on a player when the potential calculated success is high enough. That is why Chuck Daly and Phil Jackson were successful with Dennis Rodman, but why Del Harris wasn’t. Larry Brown and Greg P. could have been successful with Dennis, but they may not have thought it to be the right direction for the team in San Antonio. Anopther thing to remember is that Chuck Daly had Dennis when he was just the “Worm”. He was very coachable back then. Phil Jackson got him when he was perceived to be highly uncoachable. However, he was championship hungry, which gave them (Phil, MJ, Scottie & Rodman) common ground.

Artest, may or may not, be championship hungry. That would be my first question when determining if he is worth pursuing. My second question would be, what will it cost the team. Rodman didn’t cost the Bulls much if anything since he was a free agent. A free agent Artest would be a great deal for the Lakers but that wasn’t a possibility of the situation. Henceforth, I agree with the Lakers not getting him (whether it was by chose or as a result of uncontrollable factors).

As for the roster and the potential for future championship glory, I believe that the Lakers are closer than many think. One player change or move could vault them into championship contention. What many are not seeing is the unforeseeable future. That sounds crazy to say, but it is true. As Kobe Bryant has improved with each passing year, I believe that several of the others can and will as well. Three things must happen for the Lakers to reach championship glory. First, since Kobe has a sizable headstart in the knowledge of both the Triangle Offense and the art of always getting better, the others around him must catch up (in time). Second, sometimes, in order to win a championship, you have to give up the wrong players to get to the right conclusion. For instance, I considered lettering go of both Eddie Jones and Elden Campbell for Glen Rice and JR Reid to be a bad move at the time, yet the FOLLOWING year, the team won a championship… it resulted in positive things. Further progression opf that move led to JR being let go, and Rice being shipped to Seattle for Horace Grant the following year. This resulted in a second title. The following year, Horace left, but the Lakers won anyway. In essence, the Lakers were left with no parts of that situation, yet they had 3 titles. Strange, but that is sometimes how it works. I said that to say that worrying about retaining any parts of the Shaquille situation should not be the main objective when looking to a championship. I’m not saying that they should get rid of Lamar, but I am saying that worrying about the trade off of Shaq can’t be a factor in the decision. Thirdly, with Kobe doing the things he is currently, he just may attract the right guy to come in a work with this team and help to get them to a championship. Some (most) believe that Kobe detracts players from coming; however, I believe that any player detracted by Kobe, isn’t the right player to fit the future plans. Not just anybody could have played with Michael. He demanded too much, and most would have had a problem with being the second guy on the team. Sure looking at it now, it would appear to be ideal. However, how many times would it take to get into a fist fight with him, before getting tired and leaving? The same is true with Kobe. Only the right guys will work. Devean George appears to be one of the right guys seeing as how he is still there and still happy.

5 more cents from JJ.

OK so Kobe's image has a ways to go, and that "ways" is to the finals. The one subject Simers knows intimately is being disliked. He'd feel lonely if Kobe crosses back into the universally loved category. I bet Kobe's numbers [like vs dislike] weren't much better than 50% when he was on TV every other commercial. Let's get back to winnning basketball games... remember that?

TJ SIMMERS - Kobe Bryant, the role model? No thanks. Just play basketball. Score a ton of points, aggravate Phil Jackson, score some more, and give the granddaughter a break, and just shut up.

TJ Haters a role model - no thanks. Not with all that BS that he constantly publishes. Of course Kobe is going to say things that he feels people would want him to say. He will never win with you!

He says things that are aimed at helping youths; you bash him!

He says something that you feel is wrong; you bash him.

TJ - stop writing garbage and come up with some new stuff. Your bitching is getting old!

Kobe as Vader . . . ?

Kobe just can't get any love, despite his 81 points. Here's an excerpt from a post comparing him to Darth Vader:

"I'm not suggesting that Darth Vader is a good moral role model, of course. But I found the parallel intriguing: whatever private redemption Kobe might undertake, his only plausible public role, at least on the court, is to become a single-minded dominator of his opponents. He'll never get credit for being a nice guy anyway."

Here's the full post and ensuing comments:

Here's Slate Magazine ripping Kobe:

The kid just can't get any love.

He might as well just accept the fact that he's become the Barry Bonds of hoops -- loved by the home crowd, hated everywhere else. And like Bonds he should act as if he doesn't give a damn.

It's sad that we can't enjoy an amazing accomplishment like 81 without somehow thinking that it must be mutually exclusive with Wilt's 100. Kobe's greatness somehow must be mutually exclusive with Jordan's.

Isn't it possible to enjoy BOTH feats (Kobe's and Wilt's) and to believe BOTH are great players (Kobe and Jordan) without having to denounce one or the other? There are obvious differences that make any comparison apples to oranges. Can't we just enjoy it for pete's sake?!?!

But I understand that most people aren't open minded and clear thinking enough to do that sort of thing.

I think we're missing something VERY important here. If there was any doubt before, clearly Kobe has propelled himself right into the Jordan conversation. He's made it into legitimate consideration, finally. But does everyone forget, Kobe is a kid who at age 17 was promising but extremely erratic, and has the uncanny ability to improve his game year after year. Last year is the ONLY year his game didn't seem to improve, but we allow that because of the huge personal and personnel changes he and the Lakers underwent.

So, Jordan won his 6th ring at age 35, which was probably around the time he was his best ever, right? Can you imagine what Kobe, whose learning curve has not stopped rising, will become in the next EIGHT YEARS that it will take him to reach 35? If Kobe is in the Jordan conversation today, what will we be saying after EIGHT MORE YEARS of growth as a player? That's scary. Why do you think Olympic records continue to be broken, decade after decade? Jordan cannot forever remain the GOAT. Athletes continue to improve over time. Kobe is on his way to somewhere scary, don't you think?

I have liked Chris Mihm from Day 1. Sure, he’s frustrating at times, but he works hard on the floor and that goes a long way with me. I could easily see him averaging a double-double. His well documented foul problems would have to be remedied, but I’ve seen improvement lately, at least with his propensity for loose ball fouls and over the back calls on rebounds. He still needs to move his feet a bit more when switching on the guard in the pick and roll, but that’s easier said than done.

So, a common debate here is the need for a #2 guy to put alongside Kobe. We have thrown out everyone from KG to Pierce to J. O’Neal and of course Artest, but I think the person who makes the most sense for us is Luol Deng from Chicago. I’ve watched the guy play a few games this year and he has incredible offensive abilities. Right now he’s not a 20 point a night guy, although he could very well be if given more playing time, but he will be very soon. The great thing is he is still on a rookie contract that pays about $2.5 this year and maxes out around $3.5 in the next two. There is so much talk of what the Bulls are hoping to do in the offseason with free agents (Peja and Al Harrington keep coming up) since they have so much cap space, but what they desperately lack is size. Their starting center is Mike Sweetney and he’s 6’5”!! Now, I’m sure the first thing you think is that they would want Bynum, and that may be true, but I think that team is sick and tired of young kids after the Chandler-Curry thing, so they might want to take a shot at Mihm or Kwame. I don’t think we should make a trade for him before the deadline unless Bynum was the big we would send if only for the fact that Mihm and Kwame are coming along and I’m not willing to bail on the prospects of this season for the future, I think we can make the playoffs and be dangerous. In the long run you have a 6’8” small forward who can post up, create off the dribble, and who has range to 20 feet. He has extremely long arms which is great on defense, and something Phil covets in a defender. I believe a core of Kobe-LO-Deng and substantial cap space in 2007 is definitely a recipe for success. I’m not sure how ready Chicago would be to deal Deng, but I hear his name come up quite often. They have a desperate need for size/interior defense and we have three guys, who I feel are all tradeable, that fit that bill.


Very intelligent!


Jalen is right, and a lot of it has to do with Kobe's past. Unlike Jordan, Kobe isn't loved by many fans. On a GQ issue for January/February, Kobe's on the top ten most hated athlete's list at #5.

But regardless of how critics may bash him in a moments notice, Kobe should still be respected for his accomplishments as a ball player. Kobe scoring 81 points against Toronto or 63 points against Dallas in three quarters is a feat that most basketball athletes today can't even dream to accomplish. Kobe has!

Jalen understands that Kobe's going to have his career nights. And Kobe understands that no matter what he does, critics will turn a positive into a negative. But life goes on for Kobe and regardless of his past allegations in Colorado to being blamed for running Shaquille O'Neal out of town, Kobe still brings it to the court night in and night out. From that, he gets his respect from those who truly love and respect him and that's family and fans.

Expected wins vs. actual . . .

One encouraging article was John Hollinger's recent piece for ESPN-Insider on the subject of expected wins/losses.

Hollinger makes the point that some teams are exceedingly lucky, winning far more games than their points scored vs. points allowed would indicate.

Case in point: The Milwaukee Bucks. Using Hollinger's formula for expected wins, the Bucks expected win total is just 15, as opposed to the 21 wins they've actually posted.

Using this same formula -- and I assume I've applied it correctly -- the Lakers' expected win total is 24 wins, better than the 21 wins they've actually posted.

Bottom line, the Lakers are a better team than their record indicates. Hollinger's formula suggests that with a little luck the Lakers record could be 24-17 instead of 22-19.

Also not to be overlooked is the fact that the Lakers have played alot more road games than most teams -- which further suggests that the Lakers are alot better than their record indicates.

Barring injury, it seems clear that the Lakers should win 45-50 games this year. Count on it.

Here's the link to Hollinger's article (subscription required):

We might be 81'd out, but its Thursday. It's not over till the fat man sings. Let's watch and hear what Charles have to say tonight on TNT. (hehe, sounds like an advertisement)

Who cares about the all about the game. the only image i care to see, as a Lakers fan, is Kobe holding up another trophy. Then life goes on....

Anyone know a good website that uses bit torrent to search for movies or basketball games files to download?

Why don't any of those "ball hogs" critics get it?


It just so happens that most of the time, sharing the ball gives you the best chance to put the ball in the basket.


They also imply that well, Kobe always plays that way, but I can easily show you a bunch of games where he did not, e.g. the first time they played Toronto this season.

Ugh. Morons.

Simers' opinion on Kobe is sad.

Bashing Kobe for embracing his being a role model? Give me a break! There's gonna be a whole new generation of Kobe fans coming that will not have any memories of the adversity Kobe went through. These little kids don't care about Colorado, or snitchin' on Shaq, or any of that stuff.

Let Kobe be a role model. He speaks more eloquently than 95% of the league. And he embodies a positive message that all youth should be a part of; hard work. The American dream is based upon hard work, and Kobe is living it to the fullest. Kobe is not negatively influencing the youth of America. Kobe is a positive role model in a world where positive role models come few and far between.

Regarding Chris Mihm: Chris Mihm is really stepping up. He looks so much more fluid and confident than he did at the beginning of the year. His floating hook shot looks real nice.

Reagrding Kobe-Haters & Those Trying to Diminish Kobe's Accomplishment(s): I think its healthy to think of them like San Franciscans. San Francisco hates us. They have their rationalizations, but primarily its just because they are arrogant (which means insecure) and feel threatened by Los Angeles's power and cultural influence. San Francisco is great, but you'll never be able to convince a San Franciscan that anything in Los Angeles is worth a damn. They're so blind. So, too, are Kobe-Haters. Best to smile and nod when they go off about how Los Angeles is the worth place in the Universe. Whatever. They're blinded by their hate.

Kobe is not only a phenomenal, historic player, but he's a cool guy. I like Kobe. I didn't like the drama of the Shaq-Kobe Era, but that's over. I'd love to sit down and play a game of Monopoly with Kobe. I bet it would be fun.

Screw the Haters. They're lame. No need figuring them out. Let 'em be.

Regarding a Different Subject to Talk About: Realistically, guys. Who do you think the Lakers could pick up by 2007? Do you think there's any way in hell that we could get Kevin Garnett? Is that an even moderately realistic asperation?

oh, I forgot



Flea's Blog Entry Is Absolutely Correct.

Flea is a real fan. God bless him.

Flea's Blog Entry:

The Basketball Freak
Kobe: That is what he was born to do
listened to the 2nd quarter in a hotel in sydney
was waiting for the laker's d to kick in but had to go out
then, my god, heavens to betsy, heavens to murgatroid
i get a page from anthony saying
kobe scored 81
this is stunning
ya just gotta enjoy it
ya just gotta bask in the glory of it
take a bath in it

after pondering this unbelievable achievement for a couple of days...
it really does take a little time for something like this to settle in
kobe bryant has transcended what human beings are normally capable of
i don't care if another good player in the nba jacked up 44 shots
they still couldn't do it
not when the other teams entire defense is geared towards stopping him
what he has done is extra ordinary
even by the very high standards we judge him by

i believe that this has happened because of a very unique life led by
the reason that kobe has so many detractors, haters if you will is
not because he is arrogant
not because of the criminal charges against him
not because of his selfish play on the court
not because he won so much and people are jealous, sour grapes
not because he young, rich, good looking, pompous, etc..........

the reason people judge kobe so harshly and are put off by him is the
reason he scored 81 points the other night and is the greatest
basketball player in the world
kobe bryant is a basketball freak
i use the word freak without judgement and, truthfully, as a compliment
to him for his dedication and commitment to fullfilling his destiny
like the greatest artists and athletes and writers and scientists of
all time kobe has worked so diligently in his life to perfect his game
and bring it to the highest level that he has neglected other parts of
his life
kobe is not good at being a warm public figure and he comes off as
aloof, arrogant, calculated......
it is not because he is not a caring good person
he is a great person
it is because he just did not learn those skills of expression
he was too busy becoming a basketball genius
this is a sacrifice that kobe made
it is harder for him to have a different balance in his life than it is
for all his detractors
this is the same for any great artist or philosopher that has ever lived
most of whom were judged harshly
this is a position that god put him in
he has a gift and he has not wasted it
his gift to the world is not to be a feel good public personality
his gift to the world is to express himself on the basketball court
and this is a beautiful thing and he should be applauded for it
not just for his accomplishments but for the the enormous sacrifices he
has made to make this major contribution to our culture
that is why he is so great

part of the reason kobe has turned in the 2nd (1st? 3rd?) greatest
offensive display in basketball history (dont forget cheryl miller
either not just wilt)
is because of the his fall from grace in the public eye
kobe, like every human being on earth has one number one desire in his
to give and receive love
it undoubtedly hurt kobe to be talked about negatively so incessantly
he wanted and wants to explain himself, to let everyone know that
everyone makes mistakes but that he is a loving person and that he has
learned from his mistakes and he loves humanity, loves god, wants to
live for the purpose of putting good energy in the world
his way to do that is not to come on tv with some perfectly composed
feel good tearjerker speech or even a great speech as if he would write
as good as the likes of bob dylan or martin luther king junior
his way to do that is to work even harder, to reach an even higher
level at his craft
that is his way to let us know he loves us
that is his gift to us
that is his way of humbling himself to us
that is what he was born to do

Flea rocks!

On stage, and on the bloge msg-board!

It's amazing what columnist (or spin doctors,) will do to atract attention! I read the acticle on Jalen Rose, by Mike Mcgraw. The head line reads " Rose: Bryant not quite yet in Jordan's class." Not only was that not what Jalen Rose said, he actually said the opposite, at least that's what was written! Jalen actually put Kobe in the same class with MJ! What is it about this generation of columnist, that they feel responsible to MJ for protecting his lordship by blasting anyone who smells like they may get close to his throne! Especially Kobe! This is Salem Massachusetts witch slayings all over again! " you are after the throne, arent you, Kobe? All he want's to do is win, have fun and play basketball! Why, must hundreds of men get paid big money to be like little boys on the playground talking about " my daddy can beat your daddy, cause my daddy can lift 4 million pounds." My hat goes off to Steve Kerr, if anyone should be bias it should be him, and he covered Kobe's latest events with journalistic integrity!

“I just try to be an inspiration to our youth. Not to be perfect or to do everything by the book or try to please everybody, just to be yourself. You go through life's trials and tribulations and just try to grow as a person and you just try to learn from them. You just try to be who you are and try to be better than the person that you were yesterday.

”That's what I stand for and that's what I try to do and that's how I try to inspire youth.
- Kobe Bryant (as told to Roggin in interview in 1520)

Thanks for sharing Simers. BTW, I did not include your comments after the above. They were stupid. You're a moron.

Very well said, Kobe! More power to you, man! We love you!

Getting a coach fired, Getting players traded or atleast not fighting to keep them, Not offering to take a pay cut to bring in more players, Barking at players during timeouts when they have meesed up, Brawling with players during and after practices, Being caught in an extra-marital affair which was made public......I could go on, but I will stop there.

If you saw that on a resume, whose name would you expect to find at the top???? Kobe Bryant? Guess again.


After failing to make it out of the East and into the Finals, MJ is the one that is believed to have given the orders to fire Doug Collins for Phil Jackson. MJ is the one that didn't fight to keep Horace Grant, not offering to take a pay cut to help offset the lack of salary the Bulls were willing to give Mr. Grant. MJ is the one that can be seen on Classic Sports games barking out orders to the guys during timeouts of the most crucial games. MJ is the one that has been spoken of by Steve Kerr most recently for their brawls during practice. MJ is the one that was on the verge of divorse because a long time affair was brought to the light during his stint in DC with the Wizards. MJ is the one that chose to retire because he wanted to....then chose to return because HE wanted to....then chose to retire because HE wanted to....then chose to return because he wanted to....then chose to retire again because HE couldn't compete on a level he felt he had to in order to stay any longer.

My question to all of you is simple....How can one man be praised for doing the same, if not worse than that of another man? I do not intend to degrade MJ, however, either Kobe should be raised some, or MJ should be lowered. Is it not vain and selfish to retire 3 times from the NBA? You can't tell me that the reason why Kobe is treated so bad is because he mentioned Shaq's name to the police. He was disliked long before that ever happened. Plus, that information was not made public until the summer after that season......he was booed and criticized that whole season prior.

Just something to think about it.

T J Simmers is a Troll. He makes his comments against Kobe just to get his name out there. He is 100x more selfish than Kobe.

Kobe is a role model! Kids can see that people aren't perfect, and need to try harder when they fail. Please! I would much rather have my kid look up to Kobe than Shaq.

Nice article TJ, we should ship your sorry !@#$!@ up to sac town.

I heard this topic discussed briefly on the radio yesterday and wanted to hear your thoughts.

If Kobe Bryant was not on this Laker team, how many games would they win this season and would they threaten the all time low for wins (9)?

With Kobe's high offensive cappabilities, I hope Mitch concentrates on drafting defensive minded players.

How come the Sixers always pick-up good shot blockers?
Theo Ratliff
Now, Dalembert.

But, Chris Mihm is not bad either.

Here’s an excerpt from Chad Ford’s chat today on ESPN Insider. I thought it was an interesting comment, and as much as I wouldn’t like to think it’s true or someone being a Kobe-hater, I feel there is some truth to it. Although, as I discussed with a buddy last night. A bunch of those 46 shots came in the last 3 minutes or so when the game was decided and they new he was chasing a record. Before that we were getting rocked and the team needed him. Also, was it just me or did it seem like a “quiet” 81? Here’s the comment:

Bill Simmons recently opined that Kobe's teammates seem joyless and unexcxited by Kobe's ball-hogging ways. What do you think?

Chad Ford: Let's just put it this way. I was talking to a former NBA player who now works for an NBA team and here's what he said his reaction would've been had he been Kobe's teammate on the night he scored 81 points and took 46 shots. "I would've told all the reporters in the locker room that it was an amazing performance and that I was proud of him. Then, once they all left, I would've punched him in the face. Basketball is a team game. I'm not just running up and down the floor to get a better view of Kobe shooting it." So ... yes, I'm sure guys like Lamar Odom aren't thrilled.

My thoughts:

1. All this Kobe-bashing is good - cuz, in Kobe's words, he's going to use this as "fuel" to get even better. As he's already said, the only way to shut the h@ters up is with his play on the court. In a nutshell, the chances of Kobe relaxing after dropping his career high [though I hope not] are getting slimmer with every negative post.

2. Jalen was right. But so is the fact that Kobe is only entering the prime of his career. So, let's give him time. By the time he's done - and I hope that's not for another 8 years atleast - all this colorado/shaq stuff will be so old that people won't be able to remember anything.

3. Luol Deng - I agree that he's the right sort of guy in Phil's system, but I don't think he *and* LO need to be on the same team.

4. We need a power player. a PF to guard the bigs in the league, and LO's not good enough.

5. Please don't trade Mihm. Mihm + Bynum => we don't have to worry about the Center position for another, oh, 15 years.

6. Colorado - KB8 is not the only one who has ever committed the sin of adultery, especially not in the NBA. By no means am I absolving him of anything, but when people bring up Colorado it's almost like he killed someone. It was his tough luck that the woman in question was a nut job - that's my opinion and I'm entitled to it. As a matter of further proof look at Isiah and his present dilemna. But people talk about Kobe as if he's a convicted r@pist

7. Shaq - He gets all the praise for patching up things with Kobe. It's like he initiated things. Sure - more than a year after Kobe tried it and was rebuffed. I would commend Kobe on being a bigger man for: 1. trying to patch things up 2. Not getting worked up when they didn't 3. Forgetting everything when sense/Bill Russel finally dawned on Big Baby.

8. Shaq II - What a phony. First he says all is good between him and Kobe, and then talks about demanding 50 shots to one-up Kobe. Competitive spirit? Sure. But atleast congratulate the kid on what he did. And have the b@lls to say it out aloud!

9. Shaq III - Isn't what he's doing with Wade [deferring to the younger guard] exactly what Kobe wanted him to do? Isn't this what Laker management wanted him to do? Age gracefully, let the younger player run the team, and then take over when the playoffs are here?

10. Shaq/Kobe/Phil - Much has been said about KB8 dismantling the dynasty. So you're Kobe, you know how good you are [and the events of the last couple of months are proof enough] - good enough to carry an entire team on your shoulders. Not that you want to, but that's how good you are. You are being asked to subjugate your talent and game to fit in with an aging, injury-prone center who wants the game to run through him all the time. Wouldn't *you* want to get out and see just what you're capable of? With a crew of young, hungry players who will run with you all day and play D [which is what he thought he would get with the Clippers] ?

Our public's absolute slavish love affair with Michael Jordan shows what a bunch of puppets most people are.

Jordan was a phenomenal player (who if I remember correctly was also accused of being with underage women/statutory rape after his latest retirement), but he was no saint.

He was MADE a saint by Nike, Gatorade, and that lousy Bugs Bunny movie he was in.

He starred in a lot of great commercials, which for most Americans is enough to assume that he is also a quality human being.

Americans hate to have their saints humanized. We are, in the end, idolators. It's quite repulsive.

Kobe is human. I appreciate him for that.

Michael Jordan is not human and I despise him for that, but not as much as I despise those who slavishly worship him.

Nice post, JJ.

One more thing -
On Kobe ratting out Shaq to the cops:

Yes he did, and shouldn't have. But *he didn't know* that he was being secretly taped. He thought that the cops were there to help him. It's like you are talking to a friend and don't have to be politically correct all the time. How many of us have said the stupidest things in private assuming that they would never make it to the outside?

And btw, what does it say about Shaq? Yep, none of my business. But if we can denigrate Kobe for being an adulterer, we can do it to Shaq too :)

Food For Thought~

Out of curiousity I decided to do a little research on MJ to see how his shot selection changed when the team started winning titles. What I found was a little interesting. MJ shot roughly the same number of shots during the championship years as he did during the other years. What changed was the number of free throws and the number of 3-pointers.

Some would have us believe that he shot less, but that's not true.

The truth is that it wasn't really MJ that controlled to offense, it was Pippen. If he had not been there to distribute the ball around, the team would not have looked half as cohesive and Jordan would have still be firing those shots. IF Lamar ever gets to the point where he consistently distributes the ball as he is expected to do, the Lakers will look fluid and Kobe won't be considered a ball hog.

Hey, the other 11 had into the third quarter to take the game by the throat and were just letting the Raptors kick their rear ends. What I saw was a disgusted Kobe saying through his shots and body language that he was going to take ownership of the game for better or worse. There have been many games like it over the years where it has been for worse, but I always appreciate Kobe's willingness to take that responsibility.
After the debacle in Sacto and a brutal 7 game trip coming up, I don't think it's a stretch to say this was one of the most important moments of the season. The other 11 should have carried him to the locker room, not punch him.
Bottom line is that what Kobe is doing is almost impossible: He is outperforming a max contract.

Kobe to Chad Ford:

Even before you can think of coming up to me and punching me, I would have thrashed the living daylights out of you for shooting something like 4-18. If your sorry @rse could put the ball in the bucket, I wouldn't *have* to haul my @rse up and down trying to do your scoring for you. How can you even *look* at my face, let alone think about punching it.

Reading through the many "comments" posted, this one (by Ron, 1/26/06)caught my attention and I think, summarized the whole KOBE issue:

"...Kobe still brings it to the court night in and night out. From that, he gets his respect from those who truly love and respect him and that's family and fans."

Right on Ron! KOBE does brings it on night in and night out. And I'm one of many who appreciate and respect him for that.

To those who keep saying that basketball is a "team" sport and not "individual" competition, in their effort to belittle Kobe's "81" game, they're absolutely correct! It is a team game. And when a team is down, one (or more) member of the team should rise up and carry the load! That's what a team is all about.

Jon Kavulic,

I read your post...I agree. I would like to add one more thing about MJ. He is a compulsive gambler that has repeatedly gambled away more than is reasonable even for someone of his financial stature.

How can someone with all of that be praised while Kobe is criticize?

Another you notice that during all of this talk, MJ has not come forward to make a public statement about his feelings? I think it's because he knows that Kobe has exceeded him as a player already. For those basing success simply on championships, Robert Horry would be considered equal to Jordan and ahead of Magic and Bird since he has 6 championships.

How about putting Kobe on a different team, maybe some of the bad teams? Will he make the team better?

Portland - few big men defensively in the roster.
Kings - Along Artest ,Bibby & Miller. Forget the Suns.
My dream Team: KB & KG and the three other guys. Two athletic and hardworking players on both ends of the court.

Teams that can't use him.
Detroit - too balance
Spurs - won 3 rings w/o him
Heat - Nah! Too much drama. But, Wade and Kobe in the same team, that will be Entertainment.

The others - They already have the Same type player like Kobe. But, not killers.

Im not sure if anyone caught this link a yesterday.

This is a new ROLAND LAZENBY Article.

Check out what TEX Says about MJ.

" Winter has long observed that both Jordan and Bryant, because of their incredible ability and ruthless competitive natures, were not entirely popular with teammates.

“Michael, though, was a lot harder on his teammates than Kobe,” Winter offered. “Michael could come down really hard on them at times.”

Jordan once explained to me that he had to be hard on his teammates, to find out which ones could step up when the pressure hit the high side.

The basketball public seemed to love Jordan’s competitiveness, while that same public seems to begrudge a similar trait in Bryant.

Bryant’s answer to that conundrum is that he doesn’t care. “I’m going to let my play do the talking,” he told me.

I remember all the crap articles written about kobe and how he treats his teammates. After reading this my respect for Kobe has increased 100 fold.


Kobe is not hated for being an adulterer. In fact, no one but a few women and sponsors really care about that. What he is hated for is 'ratting' on Shaq, and his perceived break up of the Lakers.

Everyone knows that most of the NBA players see girls on the side, that's why Doug Christie and the few religious players stick out so. They are the exception, not the rule.

But it's guy code to not tell on another guy, and that's what Kobe did. I think Kobe's a great player, I love watching him play, I think he will, with the help of management and Phil Jackson, win more championships.

Regardless of how many championships he wins, he won't erase those thoughts from people's minds. And really, should it?

I mean, why should being able to put a ball through a hoop mean one is a nice guy, or even a role model?

One can be the greatest business man in the world, and still be an ass, and people don't blink. But if you're a basketball player, you're expected to be the perfect human being.

I think people should realize that Kobe is history in the making, and they should sit back and enjoy. I think the Laker management should be disappointed that they put together a team with so little talent as to need for one player to score 81 to win a game against a bad team. I think we should all realize that a person's personal life is just that personal, and bears little on one's professional work.

The point is Championships when you are the MAIN GUY!


Yeah, that's right. Jordan was by multiple accounts a gambling addict who often fell into the wrong crowd. Does anyone remember when Jordan's Dad was kipnapped and killed? Isn't it a bit of an odd coincidence that this guy who's a gambling addict for big stakes with non-legal gambling (he wasn't gambling at Vegas or Atlantic City, he was gambling with bookies and whatnot) and has a huge hard-headed ego, suddenly has his Dad kidnapped and killed?

Doesn't that sound a little out of the ordinary? A little too coincidental?

At the same time, isn't the mob known for kidnapping people when people don't pay their debts?


This is something I've thought a lot about with Saint Jordan.

I can't believe our society idolizes this guy as more than a basketball player. He was a phenomenal player, one of the best, but I don't want to be like Mike.

I either read it on ESPN, LA Times or LA daily news, that Phil Jackson said Kobe wasn't the reason he didn't come back, he said Dr. Buss told them that they wanted Kobe but not Shaq and Phil said he couldn't agree with that so he left.

The one thing I will continue to say is the truth is the truth regardless of people's perception about the truth:

1. Kobe Bryant scored 81 points. Points that were scoring within the flow of the game and the Lakers won the game.

2. Without Kobe's scoring, defense, energy, the Lakers would have lost to the Raptors easily.

3. Kobe Bryant is being crucified by some sports writers, sports commentators, judgemental people and just negative individuals for the troubles in his personal life and not his skills as a professional basketball player, because if he was simply judged on his basketball skills, dedication to the game and dedication to improving his skills, there could be no true argument against his greatness as a basketball player.

4. There are very few if any players in the NBA who possess the physical stamina to do what Kobe Bryant did when he scored 81 points. His physical conditioning is excellent and he still has minor injuries.

5. Kobe Bryant is the best player (we are not talking about best team) in the NBA today bar none.

6. Kobe Bryant will win at least 2 more championships post Shaq because he's driven, skilled enough and hungry enough to do so and the Laker Organization is dedicated to winning therefore they will make the moves necessary to make the next championship run possible.

7. When Kobe Bryant retires he will be considered one of the greatest to ever play the game.

A true statement does not require agreement to be true. These statements are true whether anyone or everyone agrees with them or not.

Is this the Wilt Chamberlian blog? I'm a Wilt fan, I got to see or listen to that 33 game winning streak. I love Kobe but Wilt is the measuring stick and always will be.
I agree with some of the comments from some of the coaches that Kobe's 81 pointer is greater that Chamberlians 100 pointer because the way it happened.


Kobe missed the point in Vince's comment which is not that surprising given how he's unfairly demonized by the media and fans. I wouldn't mind if Kobe apologized to Vince for misunderstanding him. These things happen. And yes, apologize despite Vince being absolutely the wrong person to have any credibility talking about the word team (though I do forgive him some for trying to force a trade off the Raptors). Vince is only human.

I don't see why Kobe can't be a role model for some things and not for others. His work ethic is tremendous--how can you not respect that? His focus and execution are similarly impressive. He's like a model for how to become great.

He says many of the right things and backs up a lot of it with action. It's true he wants to become the best player in the NBA ever, but he really does understand the need for a team and the importance of a W above all else.

Guy makes a mistake, mans up and admits it publicly when he has other ways that he can deal with the problem. Admittedly, it is hard to tell how much legal strategy motivated his actions. His image may be marred, but he was found innocent and it all looked extremely ambiguous at best as far as any guilt.

I hope he does apologize to Shaq for blurting out his name, but it was seriously unethical, not to mention (four letter word, rhymes with click) for the cops to let out what he told them.

Full picture? Guy that works his ass off to be the best, which sometimes goes against rock star culture of NBA and NBA comraderie, says the right things, does most of the right things even off the court, is improving on court in decision-making, and has such skills there's a different set of rules for evaluating his play.

Kobe Bryant just can not win with the sports world right now. That's fine. But I expect more from LA Times writers. TJ Simmers's latest article asking Kobe Bryant to stay quiet and just play basketball is absolutely ridiculous. He criticizes Bryant's comments as insincere, leaving Kobe with two options: Kobe can either 1) come out and say he plays basketball for selfish reasons or 2) stay silent and not speak to reporters. If both options lead to criticism, what's a basketball player to do? It's one thing to not like Kobe. It's another to back him into a corner and get angry at him for being there.

Besides, when was the last time TJ Simmers wrote anything substantive. He barely manages semi-quippy one-liners.

why hasn't anyone worried?

this could really help or damage their record tremendously!

its sad the way kobe gets a bad rap for everything he does. its true that if someone other than kobe hit for 81, they would be praised. i watched the game. i saw kobe pass to teammates in the first half. they missed their shots. kobe was hitting his. isnt there a saying where if a guy gets hot, you milk him until he's dry? i honestly dont understand where everyone is getting the ammunition to continue to dog on kobe for his offensive outburst against toronto. they were down by 18. kobe single-handedly brought them back. how many times has michael taken it upon himself to take every shot possible to bring the bulls back from a deficit? how many times has he been praised for that? it makes me sick when people call kobe a ballhog or a selfish player who is only looking out for his own interests. i honestly believe that kobe would do anything to WIN. if everyone else were able to hit their jumpshots or finish layups, or if kwame learned how to dunk, kobe would gladly average 20 pts and take less shots. kobe's a winner and he only cares about the W at the end of the night. thats not to say he's a gary payton or a michael finley where they just jump onto a title contender.

the debates about whos night was greater when compared to wilt, and who was better at which age compared to mj will go on and on. why not just appreciate what kobe did and move on. im wondering why nobody is criticizing wilt's 100 when it was obvious the team sabotaged the game just to get wilt as many touches as possible. im wondering why nobody is criticizing everyone else's 60-70pt games when they were towards the end of their respective seasons and they were shooting for scoring titles. if thats not selfish, i dont know what is.

If you focus on the negative, then that is all you will see.

Within a 2 year span -

The Lakers disbanded - Kobe's fault per LA media, and AP

Shaq got traded - Kobe fault per Shaq, LA media and AP

Malone quit the Lakers - Kobe's fault per Malone, LA media and Malone's agent.

Phil "the con" Jackson Labelled him uncoachable - Kobe's fault per Phil

Laker miss the play-offs - Kobe's fault per La media and AP.

Fishy lady with Fishy history makes Fishy claim supported by Fishy sherrif and in Fishy twist refuses to testify - Kobe's fault per fresh water and salt water fish currently resident in God knows where.


So you see the only thing that has not gone wrong for Kobe in the past two years was "A bloody knife and white bronco chase".

God help this country - If we are not the most Hypocritical Bastrads on the face of the earth...

Oh well Ocho plays tommorow, all is well again.

The Fear.

Isn't funny, all these people coming out of the wood works to accuse Kobe of breaking up the Laker's Dynasty. My question is since when did Columnist in Fort worth TX start to care about the Laker's?

The Fear.

yea i agree with both jj and jon. when you are the main guy, your legacy will be how many championships youve won. which is why jordan is considered as the best player of all time. however, why isnt bill russell considered better than mj? doesnt bill russell have a ring on every finger +1? he should be considered the all-time greatest. russell has 5 more championships than mj. bigshot rob has 6 championships but hes not even mentioned in the same breath as mj because hes a role player. how many rings does steve kerr have? they wont make the hall of fame.

the thing with michael was that everyone loved him. everyone worshiped him. he was and in my opinion, will always be the best player in the nba. nobody is touching michael jordan because the nba has already annointed him as the all-time greatest player ever. everyone knows that even if kobe, somehow manages to win 3 more titles on his own, critics will point to the fact that kobe won the first 3 with shaq and only 3 more as the no.1 option. jordan won 6 as the no.1 option.

im not bashing kobe and praising jordan, but i do realize the facts--and that is kobe will never get the recognition for his acomplishments because the rest of the world outside of LA do not recognize him as the great player he truly is.

Michael, no kidding.

And didn't not talking with sports reporter fuel much of the hatred they have toward him anyway? Not enough public exposure ala Shaq to please them?

Isn't playing basketball what Kobe was always into and appears to still be into anyway?

Kobe doesn't make lame movies. Kobe doesn't go out of his way to make outrageous statements to the public for attention.

Maybe it's all part of Kobe's master plan to keep himself motivated?

Everyone seems to forget that Wilt wasn't exactly loved in his day by all. He was continously brow-beaten by the press who said he had an unfair advantage with his size, etc. The press didn't warm to Wilt until later in his career.

Of course Wilt didn't help later with his statement of 20,000 women and all that...but you know what, with all his bombast Wilt had a far more likeable then Kobe and he scored his 100 without media attention and seemed to do so within the flow of the game. I mean he was the man! I believe he average 50 pts. per game for one season, plus 25+ boards a game. 50 pts a game average? Think about that. jordan couldn't even touch that.

The thing about Wilt was even with his ego he had a sense of humor, was ecentric and a little loopy. He wasn't a cookie cutter PR managed player like today. Frankly some of the criticism of Kobe has merit, although you can't take away the 81 and lets face it's a different era with the non-stop hype and media coverage. Kobe is a great player but he should try not taking himself so serious and a sense of humor.

No disrespect to Kobe but 100 pts is still the record as is 50 pts. a game average for a season.

Jon K and others..

i think the greatest player we cud get to put on the lakers is Garnett. Is that a realistic possibility? i dont know... but then again fisher 0.4 shot wasnt either.... and the lakers have worked miracles in the past.
if we just ignore it and say it will never happen, then it will never happen.. but i think if people keep talking about it, then eventualy, it will be heard in the lakers organization, and we as fans supporters and followers have to make that happen. we are just as much a part of the team as the players/staff/sponsers and owners are.

think about it... KG and KB. both bloodthirsty, strong minded, leaders, competitive in nature, both have a similar game, though one is much taller, theyre both beasts that would rip up the floor and demolish any opponent without mercy.

my second thought is nash, because he would make everyone on any team better, and he would facilitate the offense, and everyone would be getting open looks cuz hed get the ball to the open man while kobe is being double and tripple teamed. but they have a different nature, attitude, and style of play. i think KG is more hungry for the ring.

so dont give up on KG, keep making a push. and in the meantime, dont bash or lose hope in this young, inconsistent team. make it happen.

Some of you don't to like compare Kobe and MJ on the court. But, compare them on off the court stuff. Let's be consistent. Everybody is different. Let's enjoy their success one player at a time.
I, myself, love to compare current (no ifs) match ups.
Let's look forward to: (Not Kobe vs MJ)
Kobe vs Wade
Kobe vs Lebron
Kobe vs Carmelo

Let's keep rooting for Kobe as long as he's a Laker.

Everyone seems to forget that Wilt wasn't exactly loved in his day by all. He was continuously brow-beaten by the press who said he had an unfair advantage with his size, etc. The press didn't warm to Wilt until later in his career.

Of course Wilt didn't help later with his statement of 20,000 women and all that...but you know what, with all his bombast Wilt had a far more likeable then Kobe and he scored his 100 without media attention and seemed to do so within the flow of the game. I mean he was the man! I believe he average 50 pts. per game for that season. 50 pts a game average? Think about that. Jordan couldn't even touch that.

The thing about Wilt was even with his ego he had a sense of humor, was eccentric and a little loopy. He wasn't a cookie cutter PR managed player like today.

No disrespect to Kobe but 100 pts is still the record as is 50 pts. a game average for a season.

Ok I know dream trade scenarios can get boring to hear, but is this possible? I think it's worth asking......

Trade 1: Lakers send Bynum, Odom, George and Our first round pick next year to the Timberwolves For Garnett, Sczerbiack and a bench warmer.

Trade 2: Then immediately after that Lakers send Walton, Sczerbiack, and Miami's first round pick next year to Boston for Paul Pierce.

Sign free agent for vets min. : sign Latrell Srewell for the the sole purpose of being our lock down defender and vetran presance, if it works great if not move on.

Then lineup would look something like this:

G Smoosh Parker
G Kobe Bryant
F Paul Pierce
F Kevin Garnett
C Chris Mihm

R Latrell Srewell
R Kwame Brown
R Sasha Vuyacik?
R Ronny Turiaf
R Arron Mckie
R Brian Cook
Coach: Phil Jackson

The next season we would keep this team basically intact if it worked well, and the younger guys would have experience. We would have no first round pick, but would come up with something nice in the second possibly, if not, no big deal with what we got in return. We would likely have to release Slava and Wafer. Or quite possibly entice someone to take them for a high second rounder or possibly late first rounder and get back in the first round as well.

We would be able to add quality help also over the next couple seasons to that lineup. I think all 3 parties would be somewhat happy. The T-Wolves would get great young talent and a home grown talent in George, and very good young player in Odom, and A first round pick, talk about a very quick rebuild.

Boston would also be getting someone who could be a local fan favorite in Boston as he was here, Walton. While Sczerbiack would fill a nice hole and fit a role Celtic fans are used to. They would also bennefit in a quick rebuild with a first pick and young talent.

Whats everyone think?

a true fan of cheese,

man, obviously you dont know much about logic. a true statement can't be a prediction or something that has not happened yet. factor in probability into a prediction then you've got something... but predictions cant be truths.

Man, silly so called "laker fans" who @#!&% about Kobe are really starting to get to me.

Look at is this way. We are like 1 or 2 people away from a ring. But there are other team who are 1 person away. Imagine if Kobe listened to all these silly fans who whine about him constantly. He could demand to be traded and go to another team. Heck, he had his chance to jump ship already. Yet he remains a loyal Laker. We should be more appriciative for that and just enjoy watching him play for US!

If we take him for granted, we could be watching Kobe in a timberwolves uniform burying us alongside KG.

The Lakers are blessed to have this guy on our side. Lets make sure he knows it. Idiot writers for the La Times don't understand that. I think they are all 12 years old. Wait until they B$*$& this guy right out of LA. Be careful what you wish for.

SpokaneLaker, e-mail Kupcake, lets make that happen!


After we get KG, the price of bacon and porkchops will sky-rockey because flying pigs will be alot harder to catch/butcher.

More that once a game(alot more that once), the shot clock gets to 6 and it's "Kobe, save us". Here's the point. He's gonna throw up more because he's got the best chance of making it. He attacks. He doen't hesitate (like some do and some should on this club). Down 18, he said we/I ain't losing this game. Most of the 81 were needed. People should get off his case.
As for Wilt's 100 or Elgin's 71, young people should know this. They got beat up. Every night. Kobe gets one in the mouth once in awhile, but every squad had a goon. His job was to give hard fouls. With the athleticism today, goons are ineffective. If Wilt and Elgin and Oscar were around today, they would rule the roost just like in their day. And Kobe,and before him, Michael, played back then, they'd think twice before looping (travelling) down the lane. Especially after they had done it once.

Didn't the fact that the Lakers couldn't win 2 years in a row after 3 consecutive championships have something to do with the breakup of Shakobe/Zen Master?

Maybe more than anything else, not winning was considered a significant failure, that the formula was no longer working.

Never mind that fact that Kobe (and the rest of the Lakers) weren't healthy in 2003. On a side not, wasn't that the year that Kobe was unhealthy and Shaq healthy, yet they still couldn't pull through?

Never mind that a huge front court offensive presence, Malone, was all messed up in the 2004 finals and his presence alone allowed them to get past the Spurs (.4 helped). Nevermind that Kobe was still recovering from 2 surgeries as well...

I think Laker management had a little bit of an itchy trigger finger and the Shakobe rivalry came to a head, that only championships could defer the hate.

I also think role players were underperforming and lost some of their hunger (never Kobe though--the guy has Galactus's appetite). Shaq lost some hunger.

Don't blame Kobe. The dynasty imploded and though he played his part, it looks like it would have without him.

I hate to dwell on it, but daym-daym Ron Artest would have been a perfect fit with the Lakers. If hope he gets frustrated with their soft defense.


What is Ron's contract with the Kings? Can he opt out after this season then go to the Lakers as unrestricted free agent?

But Bynum is the definitely the future of the Lakers. I believe he will carry on the Lakers to more rings when Kobe gets old.

Garnett would be perfect for the reasons stated.

You're playing against Kobe and Garnett. What kind of horrible bad dream is that for any team's defense?

I talk with my basketball fanatic and huge KG, KB8(1) fan roommate all the time about it. He doesn't think Garnett would leave Minn on his own, that he's committed to the Minn.

Well, here's to hoping something changes and Minn blows it (again--like when they let go of Saunders) and lets go of Garnett.

Garnett and Kobe are a perfect fit for each other.

can anyone tell me what kobe is shooting form 2 pt range? should be about 53% which is unbelieveable correct me if im wrong. we dont need ron artest even tough it might be easier, my ? is if he was not going to be a laker then why tease us with showing him at a game or telling us he's brought a house in la its just crazy. Here's what i think the lakers need to be a better team.When the second quarter starts and kobe is taking a rest,lamar,kwame,sasha,and smush need to be a lot more agressive and develop into a more potent scorers.Then when kobe comes back in they have to deter from him even if it pisses him off, that will utimately gain his respect and trust, but they have to hit the open j. Then at the end of the third the lakers need to be more tenacious for thet are 18-3 when they have a lead gong into the fourth. I really dont care what people say but i think another star would hurt the lakers instead of helping them. My reason being kobe doesn't need another star to help him he just needs his role players to be more consistant thats all,another star would only complicate an already sensetive and delicate situation in la. Kobe loves being the king of la and I think thats what drives him the most right now and he damn sure doesnt want to share that with anyone anymore! He doesnt have to. Lets give these role players some credit from learning from kobe.Lets take Smush Parker for example nobody in the hell knew who this guy was and the great Detroit pistons couldnt make him better. A few months with da ocho and he has his first guarunteed contract.Same said with chris and kwame. I foresee us making a run at 72 in two seasons watch out lets keep the same team and lets get behind our role-players and when they do win it all it will be much sweeter than bringing in some star and possibly sabotageing what we are building, are all of u blind and cant see the future we have its so bright its blinding!!!

Two points I would like to make:

1. Kobe had an extra-marital affair with a woman who just happened to be White. Is it at all possible that even in this day and age, decades since the passage of the Civil Rights Act, that White American still has a minor issue with Black men who are intimately involved with White women? During the Pre-Civil Rights era, a Black man could get lynched in some parts of this country for even talking to a White woman. These things don't just go away...America is still an extremely racist place and you better believe that 'White-America' has issues with what KB did, not becuase of the act itself, but becuase of who he 'committed' it with.

2. Kobe is a threat to MJ's greatness...not in my eyes but in many others. Part of idolizing someone is to believe that he or she was the best ever. It is not only important that they were the 'greatest', but that their greatness is untouchable. We as a society don't 'listen' to the stories about MJ's life that didn't work, becuase those stories are a threat to the idolization. In this respect, KB's entire existence threatens to dismantle the way we percieve MJ. There can only be one 'greatest ever'. And that we and the national sports media speak of Kobe in the same conversation with Mike scares the hell out of a lot of people.


sylvain peltzer,

Yeah, personally, I believe that Kevin Garnett and Kobe would be a match made in Heaven.

Can you imagine that? Kobe, KG, Bynum/Mihm, Lamar, and Smush? Wowsa.

Kobe and KG are both bloodthirsty players with something to prove. They would be unstoppable together and I think they would immediately develop a respect for one another that would create a formidable chemistry.

KG wants out of Minnesota, you know he does. (Can you blame him? The Lakers themselves wanted out of Minnesota.) A player like that shouldn't be on a team struggling to make the playoffs.

We'll see. I think most of us know that if the team is patient and manages its resources well, we should have another star on our team by 2007. Laker championships aren't that far off.

Even though Kobe has won 3 rings with the Lakers, the guy is playing like he doesn't have one on any of his fingers. Unlike some(overweight)players, he continues to show a strong hunger to win a title every year. I'm going to go out of the limb here, but I believe the Lakers can contend for the NBA title with the current roster.

Have you ever had a girlfriend? I'll assume you have.
Now lets say you cheated on her, and you are in some trouble if she finds out. The other girl then says you raped her, now its serious. The cops question you. They're acting cool with you too, they dont think you did anything but just want your side of the story, by the way they aren't questioning you at the Police Department, your at, lets say a Mcdonalds. So they're acting all cool, then they tell you "you know if your convicted you can go to jail" so you say "damn my friend (Shaq) gets away with this crap all the time". But little did you know they were secretly recording the entire coversation. Damn. That sucks right. Never trust a small town cop.

But the point is (which some one already posted) we've all said some dumbass things to our friends or someone we trusted then regreted saying it later.

Think hard about this Alex, and all the other haters too; Do you honestly think Kobe would have said Shaq's name had he known he was being recorded?

I don't, becasue your right there is "the man code", right, we all know it, but we have all broke it trying to save our own ass whether to the cops or to another girl or a judge or whatever.

Shaq on the other hand would not take pay cut to help our financial situation, he disrespected our owner, and then called us lakers fans "fake". the the organization still has enough respect for the guy to trade him were he wants to go, not our teams best option (does anyone disagree that we could have got maybe KG or a top tier player for Shaq).

If Shaq would've "cowboy'd up" I would have still liked him, but the facts are that he has done nothing but diss us and the organization and for that my friends I'll never like the "big outta shape".

Lakers For Life!!!!!!


You replace our facilatator and a guy that layeth the smacke down on Shaq's candy fat ass with a guys who, while being excellent players, has no experience in Phil's system and will be bickering alot with Kobe for not handling the ball because they want it so badly. I remember that happened in 2003 (Malone and Payton). While Malone I think, if he wasn't injured, would have won us the title, Payton was very unhappy with his role as the facilatator at the time and despite his skills did not win us the championship. I don't think that bringing star players that are accustomed to other coaching strategies for many years are willing to learn a whole new one. It's better to allow young players who can develop the talent and thrive in one system than force one into a person who is accustomed to something else. Look at the case with the Detriot Pistons. They had a bunch of raw talent such as Billups and the Wallaces and when Larry Brown took over, it took them a couple of years to thrive and win the championship. Even though Brown left, they still mainted the same kind of defensive system they had under Brown but with a little offensive punch of Saunders. So it's better to learn first the system of Phil Jackson witht the players we have now and soon we will win the championshp. The thing that is preventing us from getting a championship at all? People like you who thinks that a sudden shakup of the Laker roster will guarentee and championsip. It didn't work with us when we got Odom, Butler, Grant, and Rudy T. Miami was already playoff contenter with Wade. Shaq couldn't win anything without a little buddy. So people has to realize like the old saying goes "There are no quick solutions, only quick demise."

As for Kobe, the only people who truly hate him are the ones in Colorado. The use the excuse that one of their people got falsly raped so they can spread it to the media that Kobe did something wrong. It damaged him at the time, but that is almost forgotten now. In fact the only people who boo him truly are the Nuggets, the 76's which I don't know why he is booed there, even before all the things that Kobe suffered began, and a little from Miami because of Shaq's stupid personality. It's understandable that some players might be not to enthusistic about the 81 points since they all, even on the Lakers, want to be great and seeing someone actually do that might sometimes hurt their pride so don't think about their criticims too much. The only ones to be pissed off at are the news media. They still linger about that those incidents up to even today and they won't let go. The stupid news media talks about how Kobe isn't all that good because if they do, that slut from Colorado will make another charge about Kobe. Don't forget TNT, with the exception of Charles Barkeley, praised Kobe alot of times and showed some of those, funny yet disguting, pictures of him and Shaq. So the only people who really hate Kobe in the media? Charles Barkeley and people who like him. Otherwise, alot of National Media, even Steve Kerr, like Kobe. Only those few Charles Barkelies are the ones who are influencing us that people hate Kobe. Those polls are very unscientific and many of them have people voting over and over again using multiple e-mails. Kobe's jerseys are still very popular and no doubt they will rise again soon. Don't worry about the Michael Jordan comparisions. True that he was blessed with endorsments but that was when he was around 35. Kobe's only 27 right now so when he is around MJ's age, he will be the one who is appearing in Space Jam II. So just ignore them now and later laugh at the people who hate him when the Lakers are the ones wearing the championship ring.

Go Lakers!!!

SpokaneLaker ... ok can you explain how that will work financially and not just pull trade ideas out of no where? please enlighten us on how we're going to afford Kobe, KG and Pierce's salary? KG and wally for bynum and odom? that's a disgrace to KG. and sprewell as a "lockdown defender"? hm... interesting. I'm all ears.

Why don't you update Adande's blog since he never does!

By Roland Lazenby
Author of The Show

Oh, the humanity of it all. . .
It’s just too big of a story to even write.
Kobe Bryant scores 81 points, and the world goes nuts. Literally.
Former Chicago Bull and MJ sidekick Scottie Pippen gets a call with the news at 3 a.m. and spends the rest of the night sleepless.
And MJ himself? He must be speechless, because he has uttered nary a word about basketball’s big event.
He’s about the only one.
Everybody else in the world seems to have an opinion.
Some boob with the San Diego Union Tribune says Kobe scored his points in a “meaningless game.”
Somebody named Greg Couch with the Chicago Sun-Times says Kobe is a “zero as a hero.”
Vince Carter, that paragon of work ethic and team play, suggested Bryant’s performance sent a bad message to easily impressed kids.
In Miami, Shaq sneers when his teammates bring up the subject and says, Give me 50 shots and see how many I score.
"If somebody gets 81 on me, I'm going to clothesline him," Miami’s Antoine Walker told reporters. Doesn’t the league fine punks for making threats?
Then there are those who break it down statistically who try to figure if Kobe’s 81 was actually better than Wilt’s 100. Not unless you employ some sort of new math. Chamberlain’s scoring prowess speaks for itself. Even Jordan admitted that no matter what he did, he always bumped up against Wilt’s greatness.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar weighed in, implying that at least stylistically, Kobe’s game was better than Wilt’s. "Yes, it was," Kareem told L.A. reporters in the aftermath. "That's because of the wide variety of shots that he used, driving, pulling up, behind the three-point line, it was an incredible feat of versatility."
But style points only count in the slam dunk contest. And besides, Kareem is on the Laker payroll as a special assistant coach, whatever that means.
There was perhaps one truly newsworthy comment. Lakers coach Phil Jackson, who has spent much of his time in Los Angeles finding ways to trash Bryant, seemed appalled by all of the negative noise shoved Kobe’s way after the big game.
"I think people didn't see the game and just lost context of what the game is about," Jackson said of all the Kobe haters who emerged from the woodwork.
He’s probably right. Most of the people mouthing off about Kobe’s 81 don’t appear to have seen more than a few highlights on ESPN, if that.
But that won’t stop them from talking about it for a long, long time. In fact, that’s probably the best measure of the significance of an athletic feat. How much conversation and debate does it generate? Usually such topics are reserved for the baseball stats nerds, so in that since it’s nice to see hoops get some “historical” respect.
If nothing else, it made the rest of the world suddenly take notice of an NBA regular-season game. When’s the last time that happened? I’m not talking about regular NBA junkies or even sports fans. Kobe scores 81, and suddenly people who have no idea whether the Lakers are in Seattle or Los Angeles (yes, I’ve been asked that question by a media co-worker) are suddenly talking about THE GAME.
So, what does Kobe’s 81 really mean?
1) That people are going to be talking about him for a long time.
2) That it is what it is.
3) That the Lakers coaching staff will do yet more head-scratching trying to figure out how to merge Kobe’s exceptional skill and talent with a young, inconsistent roster that seems ready to soar some nights, ready to fold others.
It’s a problem that Jackson and Tex Winter, his longtime assistant and mentor, have tackled before, with Jordan in Chicago.
As broadcast analyst and former Jordan teammate Steve Kerr pointed out, the team around Jordan was much stronger than the team around Bryant.
But the order is taller for Jackson and Winter, now, at 83, the team’s critical consultant, because the Laker roster is so young and seemingly unsure.
One thing is clear, Winter told me yesterday: The problem is NOT Kobe.
“The problem here is that the other players have to learn to step up,” Winter said. “The problem is not Kobe.”
Much has been made of Jackson and Winter (who is also Bryant’s close advisor and mentor) getting Bryant to “trust” his teammates with the ball, just as the coaches spent much effort in getting Jordan to trust his teammates.
Lakers forward Brian Cook told me that the players began the year sensing that Bryant didn’t trust them. Ironically, the players began to get a sense of trust in their first game against Toronto in early December when Bryant scored little and seemed eager to get the ball to his teammates who were knocking down shots.
“I don’t think he shot but two or three shots in the first half,” Cook told me. “He just distributed the ball and had like nine assists. Now we’ve gotten the sense from him that he sees we’re gonna help him out. We know Kobe’s capable of doing anything. We just gotta help him out and be in the right spots and run our offense, and I think everything will be fine.”
Laker forward Devean George has played with Bryant for a half dozen seasons now, but this year he sees a change.
“I see him really, really focused,” George explained. “Really, really outspoken and getting his point across verbally now. He used to just lead by example. Now he’s doing a whole lot more talking, letting guys know. ‘Get here. Move there. Move the ball. Step up.’ Whatever. He’s trying to take younger guys under his wing and let them know. I think that’s the biggest difference. He’s definitely taking a different route in trying to pick everybody up, pick everybody’s game up, get everybody on the same page, get the team rolling. I think that’s the difference this year in what he’s doing.”
I asked Bryant recently if he had begun to trust his teammates like Jordan learned to trust John Paxson. “It’s a process,” he said, shaking his head no. “With us, it’s inconsistent. Some nights the trust is there. Some nights it’s not. It’s a process. Over the course of a year, when you find yourselves in big-time pressure situations, that’s when the trust becomes cemented. I’m sure with Paxson his play in big-time critical situations showed that he could step up. And that’s when the trust became cemented. And that’s how it works with us.”
Winter, who coached Jordan for better than a decade, said he had never seen MJ go off in such a fashion. “Kobe has an incredible sense of when to push for and look for his own shot.”
When he can push things and force things with his will. With his team down 18 points with about eight minutes left in the third quarter against Toronto, that seemed like an obvious time. Thus Kobe turned on the focus and the jets.
His critics return again and again to what they perceive as Bryant’s personal agenda.
And he does have one. “He’s told me he wants to be the best to ever play the game,” Winter said. “I hope that’s just out of his reach, yet not out of sight.”
Make no mistake, Winter said, above all else Kobe Bryant wants to win.
“He knows what it takes, and he wants it to be as a team,” explained Winter, who constantly pushes team concepts at Bryant. “But it’s really a matter of our other players learning how to step up.”
Winter said Bryant’s big night obviously pleased and disturbed Jackson, who also constantly preaches team play. Likewise, Bryant’s teammates seemed happy to celebrate Kobe’s big night but also bothered “that they were mostly spectators,” Winter said.
Winter has long observed that both Jordan and Bryant, because of their incredible ability and ruthless competitive natures, were not entirely popular with teammates.
“Michael, though, was a lot harder on his teammates than Kobe,” Winter offered. “Michael could come down really hard on them at times.”
Jordan once explained to me that he had to be hard on his teammates, to find out which ones could step up when the pressure hit the high side.
The basketball public seemed to love Jordan’s competitiveness, while that same public seems to begrudge a similar trait in Bryant.
Bryant’s answer to that conundrum is that he doesn’t care. “I’m going to let my play do the talking,” he told me.
For those who know basketball, the message is loud and clear. Even so, there’s another segment who just may never hear.

Roland Lazenby is the author of a new book, The Show, The Inside Story Of The Spectacular Los Angeles Lakers In The Words Of Those Who Lived It, recently released by McGraw-Hill.

I have a better idea. Why not trade all our bench players for superstars? i'm sure people are dumb enough to do that. trade smush and sasha for nash, odom and george for kg, kwame and tariff for duncan, and bynum and miami's pick for amare. and dont worry about how it'll work out financially.

A loyal Laker for 130 million bucks!

I love these guys saying, "Kobe will contaminate the youth who will stop playing team ball and try and score 82." what crap! It just shows most sportswriters are not and never were athletes. They were probobly president of the "Tidy Lawn Squad" in High School. As an ex-player, and an ex-league leading scorer, I know how huge 81 is. I couldn't score 81 playing alone on my drive-way. And you know what? BALLERS understand that, and understand how huge Kobe is. It will never be done again by anyone (other than 8) no matter how many shots they take! Give Shaq 70 shots, and he would start throwing up after the first 25, then start hitting the bottom of the rim on his 2 foot bank shots. (How does a guy who is 7' tall hit the side or bottom of the rim on a 2' bunny?)

i cant wait for the day when people stop hating on kobe. he has done a lot for the game of basketball and even more for the city of LA. he is one of the best ball players, yet he is criticized for everything he does. when is he going to get a break?? all those haters out there just have to shut up.
last year the lakers werent in the playoffs, but this year, we have the chance to get to the fifth spot in the west!!! times are changing and even though the supporting cast, is weak the lakers are getting better. there are upsides to everyones game. chris mihm is no longer getting in foul trouble, and he is getting more mins which is the key to him having a good game. kwame, even though he has small hands and cannot catch is good on defense, and is able to move his feet!! and his rebounding numbers are going up! smush parker, who up to this point is a surprise, is becoming more consistent and is a good scoring option. and although lamar has made some mistakes, he is the teams best passer, and puts up consistent rebounding numbers, night after night. i believe that in the near future, he will post double doubles every night.


As the trade deadline gets closer.

What are the options out there?

I just read that Veshon Lenard of the Nugs will be available. A strong reliable shooter and player.

Anyone else?

basically, Kobe is like a child actor. does anyone give michael jackson smack for being weird? no. he's weird, oh yeah, but hell he grew up in the spotlight, so whatever. there are so many f'd up child actors out there and everyone seems to understand the implications of that industry. BASKETBALL IS NOW PART OF HOLLYWOOD. kobe has been training for the nba since he was what, 3? no different from kids doing cereal commercials. same spotlight, same press, same pressures. can drew barrymore carry a movie on her own? oh, she couldn't and became a drug addict? weird. can kobe bryant carry a team by himself? he can't? oh, he becomes a little cocky and hogs the ball a little? no surprise. we have to give these guys a little space, a little empathy, because after all, THEY ARE ONLY IMAGES OF OUR OWN DESIRE. we as market forces and the nba as a business model created and mothered this kid. he has no father he can look up to. they're all a mess. probably because kobe can't deal with the repressed pressures his father put on him as a child. now the nba, the press, mitch, phil, all the father figures that surround him will have the same fate as his own torn relationship with his own father, at least until some serious pscyhoanalysis takes place. and it will. eventually. it has to. if he's hollywood, so are the shrinks. yeah he'll laugh about it now, but he'll be crying on the couch twice a week in five years. anyways, i like and support kobe, and i have to empathize with him, for after all, anyone who has to deal with my desires is always a victim of my own inabilities.

p.s. lamar odom is turning into shaq. without all the weight. man is he sluggish. i don't have a problem with people smoking pot, but it ain't so good for playing basketball. listening to blue oyster cult with the headphones on, maybe. but not making plays in the spotlight.

I think you're are an IDIOT SpokaneLakers jsut for posting that. Shouldnt you be working instead of posting these ridiculous comments on this blog?


Yet another article in a mainstream publication seeing much not to like about Kobe's 81-point game.

Here's Sports Illustrated's senior b-ball writer Jack McCallum's good news/bad news take on Kobe's performance:

I'd say Kobe.

Why Kobe?

Because I dont like Wilt! YOU GUYS MAY CALL ME A JERK OR AN A$$#0L3 but seroiusly, have you guys seen him play and score "the" 100points? I haven't seen one of his games! I wasn't even born yet when he scored that many! For me, I JUST LIKE KOBE'S GAME! IT'S ENTERTAINING! AND THATS HOW BASKETBALL SHOULD BE! Fans watch games to be entertained.

Read FLEA'S blog.



I've been wondering when will Kobe ever be on the cover of an NBA LIVE VIDEO GAME!

Hey!!! Does anybody know the progress on Ronny T?

I havent seen him play at all. I hope he can at least catch the ball on the post or make a lay-up.

With pathetic players like Kwane on the starting line-up, I can't believe the Lakers are 3 games above .500. I can't complain.

The Lamar Show,

I think your plan is brilliant! It's bound to work out!


Great to have you back! Hey, who does Kobe get along with best on the team?

Re: TJ Simers comment above.

I moved to this city 7 years ago. Read 4 of his columns and decided he was vile, monotonous and void of creativity. A one trick hack who thrives on stirring people's emotions up. The Joe McDonald of print “journalists”. It's the easiest thing you can do to get yourself notice. And he isn't really that good at it. I've since periodically read the first paragraph of his columns in the slim hope that he'd come around, but he's still sitting at his laptop, probably smirking to himself in the illusion that he is both clever and funny.
I vowed I'd not subscribe to the Times as long as he was writing. And I won't. They guy is a waste of space on the planet, let alone on the pages of a newspaper.

I just can't wait until Kobe graps the Actual beauty of Team Concept.

After scoring 81 points, Kobe will attract more double ot triple team defense on him which will leave the one or two players open (hopefully they make their shots).

Like they said, "It's better to get 1 % from 100 people than 100% from yourself"


As much as I like your idea, I have a better chance of scoring 81 points in an NBA game than that happening. First off, our payroll would be about $200 million. Second, not one of those trades makes any sense to the other teams.

I really don’t see the need for the Lakers to make a move before the deadline. Lenard from Denver seems like a good pick-up because he can shoot, but the guys been sitting on the bench forever and is probably in horrible shape.

The only deal I can see out there that makes any kind of sense would be a deal with Seattle for Reggie Evans, Flip Murray or both. They both are free agents after the year, and Evans has demanded a trade. Seattle would probably like some more cap room since their team is a mess, and I don’t see either one of these guys as part of their long term plans. I would see if they would take Slava and out No.1 for both. Financially it works both ways and they get a first rounder and expiring contract and we get a scorer and an extremely efficient rebounder and banger inside. Why would Seattle take Slava you ask, well they have no chance at the playoffs, they have almost their whole team in free agency and need some more money for the offseason, and some of their youth (Wilkins, Collison, Petro, and Swift) would see more playing time. We desperately need a scorer off the bench and who doesn’t need a guy doing dirty work on the glass? Of course we would have to waive a player, but give Aaron McKie his cash and walking papers and thank him for his time. After the season they might be able to keep one or both of these guys based on how they want to use the mid-level they have. This works for me Mitch, make it happen.

Why people like Scottie Pippen get defensive when Kobe is compared to Michael. I read his article on NBA Blog, "Kobe is no near Michael" He went on about the defense was a lot tougher back then. Now, the NBA regulated fouls to play a softer defense. Anybody can easily get 40 points a game. Is it me, is he missing the main point.

I would never compare their achievements. Uncomparable, or at least too soon.

Jordansque game = Stepping up above the competition to win the game. in other words, having the Killer instinct.

Do I sense jealousy? After all, Pippen had a chance to win a title without MJ. But, Kobe got on his way.

Trade for Al Harrington. I don't care if we have to give up Kwame(and a draft pick) - which I think should be enough to entice Atlanta. Al and LO should be a good forward combo. Both are good on the boards, and while LO brings in the assists, Al can score and defend both PFs and SFs. He'd be the perfect addition to our young team - experienced [all those years under JO in Indiana] with playoff experience, yet tired of all the losing and negativity [Atlanta].

He's making something like 7-8 mill per year now, but we can trade for him right now, or make a sign and trade with Atlanta at the end of the year. Because of his relatively low profile in Atlanta, I think he can be had for 10 mil per year - not that far above what Kwame makes.

Here are his stats for this season:

19 ppg 7 rpg 3 apg 47.1% FG%, including 40% on 3 pointers - and before anyone brings it up, he has shot 78 3 pointers this year.

With Kobe, LO, Mihm/Bynum, Al and Smush, we have a good, young team which will only get better under Phil, and potentially even contend in a couple of years from now.


And BTW, I think Pietrus, who'll be on Kobe tomorrow, is a pretty good playa too. I'm interested to see how LA plays after these 4 days of rest.

A lot of the players, Al Harrington, play for teams that aren't doing that great and are needed to score. He wouldn't put up those numbers here in Los Angeles.
This brings me to Kwame. For Kwame to change, and live up to his potential, he has to abandon his "finesse" perspective of his game. Kwame needs to play with power. He needs to check out Shawn Marion. Shawn, as far as I've always seen, is always dunking the ball! Shawn Marion doesn't think about laying it up, I think, ever! We have a game coming up against the Pistons on Sunday. Kwame needs to realize that the Pistons, before anything, are a defensive team. That means Ben Wallace, Rasheed Wallace, and Tayshaun Prince are going to be blocking anything that goes up in a soft manner. What should Kwame do? He should slam the ball with 2 hands and with the full force of his body. It doesn't matter if he gets fouled, blocked, or if he commits an offensive foul. He has to put it into the Pistons defenders mind that to block his shot is to endure a level of punishment. He has to do this 3 or 4 time early in the game to make the Piston think twice about getting in the way of a monster dunk from Kwame. Kwame has the body to do it and, as I understand, the talent. It's time to do it. He needs to show some emotion. Can you imagine seeing Kwame going up for what seems like a lay-up/dunk, with his reputation around the league; surely the Pistons are going to challenge his efforts and rightly so. But can you imagine Kwame going up and seeing Ben Wallace's hand, or whoever's hand, and putting his full force and taking that hand to rim with the ball? Kwame has the power to do. Just do it. Every player in the league will think twice about challenging your dunk, Kwame, heck they'll think twice about getting in your way to the basket. Let the reputation begin. This is could be your reputation making game. Just don't let the ball slip from your hand and damn it, tie your shoes before you go in the way of Benoit Benjamin. Enough said, play ball!


does anyone remeber that the lakers were in the sixth spot last year before kobe got hurt then battled with the eigth spot till lamar,slava,and devin were out with injuries this is a good squad as long as we stay healthy and keep learning how to play with kobe we're alright cant wait until tommorrw last time kobe had this much rest he started his tear now the whole team has had rest look out 6-1 over next seven we even beat Detroit sunday by about 10-12 watch we match up with them very well lamar is a tough guard in this one smush has his hands full maybe kobe should guard chauncy didnt they come in the league together man what a draft class maybe best ever top to bottom,and let smush guard rip sheed and kwame great match up its going to be a good game stop sleepin on the lakers we do well versus the good teams and terrible against the horrible ones wtf! get it together and start acting like u belong!its time its really time for us to be stepping up and taking our place at the table Im starting to see some of that killer instinct filter through the team and that equals trouble with the rest of the league!!!!

kwame is the closest thing to amare he just needs to realize his power and potential

jordan drafted kwame so why give up on him if your heirness annoited him with the number one pick so lets see if jordan knows talent?

Amen to that Smooth D!

But seriously, if someone throws out a trade request like Spokanelaker did, why are their people throwing hate messages back at the guy. I mean yes, it may work on an NBA live 2006 game, but otherwise, he was just throwing out suggestions. Keep em' comin SpokaneLaker, maybe one day, you may come up with a great trade scenario!

Lakers 4-Life

Wilt Chamberlin is the man! In my opinion, he will always be the man. Scoring 100 in one regulation game is a feat in itself. Today's players have a much better chance of breaking Wilt's record due to the three point shot in todays basketball. During the 1962 season, when Wilt set the record, two points at a time was the way of scoring, except when fouled in the act of shooting and the bucket counted could provide for a three pointer, if you made the foul shot.
I'm sure some pro player will break Wilt's record, but they won't do it like Wilt did in 1962, two points at a time.

Can anyone please confirm if Jack Nicholson was at Kobe's 81 point game or not?

he wasn't, neither were most of Hollywood. Chris Rock, Andy Dick and someone else I forgot...that's about it

No, Jack Nicholson was not but he has season ticket so you probably has the stub for the game.


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