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Extra! Extra! (1.25)

January 25, 2006 |  8:37 am

Getting a little 81-ed out? We certainly are (you try linking all these articles). Our media colleagues, however, are still getting their rocks off. Thus, our work here isn't done. For starters, there are some who feel that Kobe's not getting enough love for his trouble. Or at the very least, a thumbs sideways. Some say it's ball hoggy. Others would look for idols elsewhere, especially since the performance is indicative of what's wrong with today's NBA. One guy even made a rather forced attempt at being profound. All in all, though, the press has been overwhelmingly positive, with the yay's trumping the nay's.

There is some truth, though, when folks claim the 81 was awesome, but won't bring home the bacon come June. Heck, Phil Jackson would be the first to say it, even though he and #8 are more than simpatico in '06. Records are great, but in the end, the Lakers must win in more practical ways in order to find regular success. Either way, three things are certain. The NBA loves this (particular) game. The hype's not dying down anytime soon. And David Thompson is seriously bitter.

This guy scored 86 points in the Italian league. Kobe speaks Italian. Coincidence? Totally.