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Extra! Extra! (1.19)

Kobebryantshaquilleoneal_it7ylync_1 The feud lasted 10 seasons, so forgive the media if it takes longer than 4 days to stop analyzing it. For starters, who came out on top after the smoke cleared? Shaq, for finally swallowing his pride and being an adult? Or do you chalk up a "W" for Kobe. Then again, you could just look at this entire thing as a testament to the everlasting respect carried by Bill Russell.  In the end, maybe everybody won.

Ronny Turiaf passed his first test as an official Laker: Practice. They gave the kid a little taste on his first day as opposed to working him to death. But the urgency will likely heat up soon for Turiaf, mirroring the mind set shared by the team right now.

Tonight, So Cal battles Central Cali at Arco. Instead of being the blood n' guts rivalry of yore, it's now simply a game the Lakers should obviously win, even on the road. The skinny as hell Kevin Martin better eat an extra bowl of Wheaties, as he'll be chasing Kobe around all night. It's also safe to assume Suns coach Mike D'Antoni will be flipping the channel to TNT.

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I wouldn't say that Kobe "won" the feud, but in the end he'll gain deeper respect now that the feud is over. Shaq was the one who kept pushing the feud and he was the one who in the end had control of bringing it to its conclusion.

Can you imagine Kobe walking up to Shaq and saying, "Bro, I'm sorry. Let's work this out." The Big Fella would have growled, "Ain't nothing to work out," and walked away. Shaq's ego would be too great to let Kobe initiate the healing, he had to do it. I'm glad its over with. Kobe will be a better player for having that weight off his shoulders and the Haters will have less to bicker about. All the better.

(Personally, I think we should be talking about why the hell does Kobe own a pack of Pommerianians? Totally freaky.)

Man, its nice to have Turiaf back. As a Lakers' fan, I feel like I can relax. Its a weird feeling I haven't felt in years, but I honestly feel that the Lakers are on the right path right now. We're back at building the path of history, which, as Lakers, is what we should be doing.

Good times.

I remember last year when the Lakers first played Sacramento at Sac Town and I had my doubts that they were going to lose but in the second half the Lakers came out roaring shooting 3's left and right...AND MAKING THEM. That game was awesome, they blew them out =) Kobe will obviously get his 35 - 40 points tonight and I hope Lamar keeps playing like he did against Miami =)




Dangerous game against Sacto tonight. Anyone else get nervous when things are going this well?

I still hope they'll win, but the Lakers seem to play down to the level of their opponents.

Also, have you noticed the media tide is turning? I have seen a LOT of positive articles on Kobe and the Lakers lately, in the Sac Bee,, and the Chicago Sun-Times, to name a few.

KB8 Fan,
Yeah, its pretty amazing what a few wins will do . . . changes everyone's opinion. Now everyone is all over LeBron cause he can't finish in the clutch and the Cavs are starting to struggle without help from Larry Hughes. . . Tides turn quick around here. Hope the Lakers can get it done against the Sacto Queens!!!!

Go Lake Show!

I feel this game will not be as important as tomorrow's game for the Lakers. Hopefully the Lakers can blow out Sac tonight and have rest for the 4th. Every game is important, but Phoenix is a division rival and ahead of them in the standings. If I was a Laker, I would probably want to conserve my energy tonight for the big game tomorrow. We will see.

The current record of the Lakers is no better than it was a year ago at the same point in the season, yet the talk around the league concerning them is much different....why?

The upside and direction of this team is much different NOW, than it was a year ago. Last year, the only thing that was consistently expected during the Rudy T days was that the Lakers were going to shoot over 20 3-pointers while giving up at least the same. NOTHING else was predictable. When Frank H. took over, they became more confused because they were then trying to implement a complicated offense "on the fly". Even if Lamar and Kobe had been healthy, the Lakers would not have been an impressive team to watch last year.

However, the moment PJ said yes to coming back, everything changed. That's not to say that PJ was the answer. He was AN answer, but not the only possible one. The Lakers needed a coach who would command the respect of its players, namely Kobe Bryant, while providing a workable system for the personnel they had. They also needed a coach that was patient and reserved enough to let the progression and improvement develop. Phil MAY be the only one capable of supplying all that, I can't say.

The point is, the Lakers, even at a similar record to last year, are a MUCH different team. Last year, they were a game to game unpredictable cast of individuals. This year they are a TEAM gradually getting better. The reason why some don't see it is because they aren't looking at it from the right vantage point. Phil basically had to teardown the whol ebuilding and start from scratch. What that meant is that he had to not only lay a new, fresh foundation, he had to first, prepare the ground before even building. The building last year was shabby and paper-thin, yet it was a building. This year year the building has a strong structure and a firm foundation. We are looking at an incomplete product right now, so it appears to look like the previous building, yet, this building has more to come and shall continue to be worked on by a Master Architect...Phil Jackson. He along with his crew are putting the right pieces together. I believe it to be a beautiful joy to watch. I expect no less than a championship by this team.....whether it's this season or 2 years from now.

What about tonight's game against the Kings? You think that Kobe will step up on TNT? I have the feeling that he'll do well in this game, and that the Kings won't be able to come back after that blowout over the Suns...

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I was pretty annoyed the days after the Miami game, that Shaq was the "bigger man" and initiated the peace between him and kobe. Kobe tried to make peace over a year ago, and has been the mature one this whole time. It was to a point where Kobe didnt even really care, while Shaq said it was history, yet obviously held a grudge all this time. Shaq made peace for only one person Shaq. I can't believe any real Laker fan still likes Shaq.

I like/dislike the fact that tonight's game is on TNT. I have grown tired of hearing Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith poke fun at the Lakers (namely Kobe Bryant) after the Lakers WIN games. It would be one thing, if they criticized them after losses. However, how can you follow-up a win with negative comments only?

I appreciate the national exposure, but would prefer ESPN instead of TNT.....I can't believe I just said that! I guess I will get both this week since Friday's game is on ESPN.

I know guys are probably really mad over the amount of national coverage LA is getting.

I believe that lakers will come out very hot, but will become lax in the second quarter resulting in a minimal halftime lead. Phil will say a few words at halftime and the Lakers will respond with a strong second half to take away a solid victory. Kobe will about 45 tonight, as Sacramento will most likely not double and triple him that much, resorting to letting their guys matchup in single coverage. He will get about 20 in the first half and 25 in the second.

Laker fans and media - Let's get the buzz started - Phil Jackson for Coach of the Year! Can't believe he hasn't ever won one.

This year should prove without a doubt he is a great coach, regardless of team circumstances and rosters. The guy won a title in the CBA, man. He just gets it done.

PJ and Kobe are just silencing their detractors and all their lame criticsms from the past ("had Scottie and MJ, had Kobe and Shaq", "just a good individual player, not a team player", "Only a good coach for teams on the cusp"). Wherever people try to poke holes, they're plugging them up!

I agree about the Shaq comment. I said it that can he be praised NOW for doing something which Kobe requested a year ago???

Shaq is all about Shaq where basketball is concerned. He is probably a very nice guy in non-basketball related situations. However, when it comes to basketball, his ego is his biggest detriment.

I liked the way Kobe responded without pointing out the lateness of the gesture. He is more mature than he gets credit for.

The Laker's record this year is more impressive than last year's because last year our hardest stretch of the season was in April, while our schedule this year has been harder early.

I expect the upcoming 7 game road stretch to warrant another challenge from Jackson, and hopefully another response from the team. If we can get through that we should be able to make a push to end the season, since we'll only have 12 more road games after that.

If the 6th seed this year has a better record than the 3rd seed (winner of the weak NW division), does the 6th seed get home court advantage? (Not that I think we can put the Lakers there yet. Let's see if we take Sacto too lightly tonight first. Then check the standings after the road trip...)

In the beginning of the year, Barkley called the Lakers a "bad team". He has not said that in the last few weeks. Also, Kenny went on air stating the Lakers will make the playoffs. Even after Barkley said they stunk up the gym. Barkley is not calling them bad anymore and Kenny has said some good things about the Lakers. Kenny is looking like a genius now.


To answer your question: Yes.

JJ pretty much hit it on the mark comparing this year and last year although he layed it on pretty thick with the Master Architect comment. I really beleive that in the next few weeks we will really see what this team is made of. As most of you know, the Lakers have a tough seven game road trip coming up at the end of this month, the longest road trip of the season. After that trip, we will really be able to tell where this team is headed. If they finish 5-2 or 6-1 on the trip, I honestly believe they have an excellent shot at a 6 seed, which would almost guarantee a trip to the 2nd round based on the play in the Northwest Division. I'm not betting on anything more just yet, but I do expect a trip to the 2nd round this year, and nothing less. Any comments?

Go Lake Show!

Heres some fun from a Sacramento Kings Blog. Check this out The L.A. Lakers All-Evil Team.
I love hating Sac. Lakers will Kick thier tails tonight.

What's the perfect scenario for the Lakers? I say, finish 6th in the West, play Utah the 1st round, then play phoenix the next round and pull of the upset, then lose in the conference finals to San Antonio (didnt Greg Anthony boldy predict this)...

I think all of the above is within the realm of possibility. All it takes is Lakers winning and Clippers losing.

Hey, that sounds familiar!

Shaq is the bigger man in this debacle. Kobe jockers fail to see why Shaq wanted nothing to do with Kobe Bryant. Can you Kobe worshippers not see this? It had NOTHING to do with basketball. It was Shaq that had to forgive Bryant, so of course Shaq is the bigger man. Shaq didn't do Kobe wrong OFF THE COURT.

The reason why Shaq wanted nothing to do with Kobe Bryant is because of Bryant's snitching of O'Neal in Colorado. Plain and simple. That's a line you do not cross. Athlete or not. Seems that most of the posters here are too young to realize what that means to be ratted out by another man. Or if you have a wife and family, to be ratted out like that; tsk tsk tsk.

I now like to coin a new phrase for Kobe worshippers. I will now call you "Kobe Kiddie Klan".

Rules of being a member of the Kobe Kiddie Klan:

You shall defend Kobe in all things right and wrong. It doesn't matter what the issue is.

Doesn't matter if Lebron, Wade, or any other NBA is being praised. You must take it as a slight against Kobe, even though Kobe isn't even discussed. You must interject Kobe into the discussion and turn, twist, manipulate everything so Kobe comes out on top.

Kobe cannot, I mean cannot be criticized in any way. If somebody is criticizing Kobe's game, there are easy ways to deflect and diffuse:

a) quickly point out Kobe's 34 pt. game avg
b) point out Kobe's crappy teammates
c) just say Kobe is better than Wade
d) Kobe is God

Finally, to be part of the Kobe Kiddie Klan, you must, I mean MUST, get a faux tatoo of Kobe's face on your right forearm. Remember to kiss the tatoo 3 times a day. Once in the morning, once after lunch, and once before you go to bed at night. It ensures lifetime membership to the most prestigious, ignorant, dweeb-gathering Klan in the world. Welcome to the KKK.


Like Laker Fan, I echo your comments. Unlike last year, the Lakers have direction now. Even when they take a step backwards at times, their goal still seems the same. There's reason for hope. Not to mention the fact that we have Bynum, Turiaf, and Kwame now (more reasons to look forward to the future) and Kobe is playing utterly phenomenal basketball (more reasons to enjoy the present).


I just checked out that Sacramento blog. Boy, they really suck.

Remember when they were a threat? Now they're just a joke who have returned to their inherent Sac town ways.

I hope the Lakers gut them tonight.



Even in jest that's a little much man. Calm down, take deep breaths.

Please, use better comedy in the future.

I get your point though, people dont need to act like Kobe is perfect. He does have flaws as any player does. But his will to win, determination, and competitiveness is something that a lot of people can agree with.

No everyone cant jump that high, or shoot with that much accuracy, or be that athletic. But people can be determined to complete something and try to come out on top to the best of their ability. I think that's the Kobe draw more than anything and yes he is starting to get some of his public aura back although he did commit the just ridiculous sin of talking about what another man does.

But regardless, let's keep your comedy in he correct box, msb212. No one wants to hear about the KKK or any play on words.

Our Kobe who art in Heaven
Hallowed be thy name.

The road trip is key like many of you have already said. There are really no EASY games on this trip. The Lakers start with Detroit on that trip. It will be crucial how they look at that game. I recommend that they don't put all their focus on the first game. Otherwise, if they lose, it could trigger a losing streak. Instead, I would take it as just another game. If they win, it will breed confidence, if they lose, they can shrug it off.

5 of the games should be won...with 2 possible surprise games. I don't know how many times they can beat Dallas in a season. We will find out. If they hustle, they can win the other 5 (New York, Indiana, Charlotte, New Orleans, and Houston).

Give kenny some credit, when tnt did thier bold predictions of the year kenny did say the lakers in the western conference finals and everyone on the set laughed.

"I get your point though, people dont need to act like Kobe is perfect. He does have flaws as any player does. But his will to win, determination, and competitiveness is something that a lot of people can agree with."

Why do you need to add a "but"??? That was the whole point of my post. If Kobe is being criticized for a certain aspect, note it, move on. WHY SHOULD THERE BE A "BUT"????

It's just plain retarded. For instance, if Kobe plays terrible D on a given play; why is there a need to point out his positives in order to conceal the negative? Why????

Just note it and move on. Don't need to point out his courage, will, determination, etc etc etc.

As for the Kobe Kiddie Klan, given the sensitive nature of the subject, it has been renamed to the "Kobe Kiddie Brigade".

You are the first member Korey. Welcome to the Kobe Kiddie Brigade.

Let's not forget the game against Portland...The defense against Portland and Golden State was too loose. They've given up 100+ points 5 out of their past 7 games. I see the last year's Lakers when they give up that many points. I see them losing tonight and beating the Suns on Friday. I want them to past the Clippers already. Clips don't desrve to be seeded above the Lakers.

With duncan having the foot injury, i think the mavericks win the west. Phoenix wins the pacific with the return of Amare and denver/minny wins the payless division. San Antonio gets the fourth seed by virtue of second best record in the west and memphis gets the fifth seed. Honestly, I am a die hard laker fan and being totally unbiased I beleive that the lakers are not worst than the sixth seed (meaning there are not more that five better teams in the west than L.A) taking in account KOBE's brilliance (and i believe after that miami heat game, if u know KOBE the baller , then u know he is going to resort to his defensive first team mindset, coupled with the fact that now the refs have more micheal like respect, its going to be lock down city). Having said all this, remember in the second round the seeding resorts back to the records of the teams not the division winners, hence the mavericks will be playing L.A. and I will bet anything that L.A wins that series CONVINCINGLY (due to L.A's defense and Dirk pulling a peja, LOL). Phoenix plays San Antonio and anything goes there. Now that Kenny is not that rediculous and voila the lakers are in the Western conference finals and I haven't even typed anything absurd.

NOTE: I am a laker fan from the island of Dominica, in the West Indies, just an idea of how far and wide the effect of the lakers are and in case anyone was wondering about the global poularity of KOBE BEAN BRYANT well here it is.


Don't make References to stuff like the KKK, or this forum will take another direction.

HAHA! that sac blog was hilarious!
First bet that Kobe tops the list

Hey according to the blogger, Peja's a not far removed King headed for L.A. I like the sound of that.

M-S-B in the house and we feelin' really hot!

Shaq is not the bigger man. Kobe has been slighted by Shaq far before the Colorado incident ever began.

He's the one who told teammates not to play with him. Remember when Kobe had anonymous teammates talking trash about him in the paper? Imagine how that would feel and how comfortable you would be with your team after that.

Yes Kobe snitching on shaq wasn't very excusable, BUT (yes, ass..there's a BUT) it wasn't malicious. He was trying to explain his way out of a federal framing. If you were Kobe and knew it was consensual, wouldn't you make a case. All of shaq's moves have been malicious, not to mention childish.

So...mark me for your Kobe Klan..meanwhile, I thought you were a Laker fan, but you don't seem to have anything good to say about the team..soooo..I don't care. Kobe is a saint. When I have a baby, I will have Kobe bless it. When I need legal advice, I will seek his knowledge. When people go to will be the only one there. And you will realize that God is Kobe and vice versa. Do not blaspheme thy lord!

... thy "Ring"dom come,
Thy shots be made,
On Earth, as they are in Staples Center . . .

First off, Kobe is or should I say will be the leauge's MVP when the season is over. And because the Lakers make the Playoffs PJ will be named Coach of the Year. But watch out for this Kid Bynum, this kid is going to be something special (THE NEXT SHAQ). Lakers will make the second round bet on that>

I thought we traded msb212 to the "D" league a couple of days ago!
If I recall properly it was him and charley rosen for a 7th rounder and we even threw in Slava for good measure, didn't we?


...And now he's blaspheming!

Shouldn't people that talk bad about Kobe on this blog receive the same suspension as Ron Artest for going into the stands??


Kobe is the evil one for dropping Shaq's name to some cop in Colorado while being interrogated for a MAJOR felony in a lily white Colorado town?

He was only 24, had never been on the wrong side of the law and he was talking in an interrogation room. That is information that should have NEVER, NEVER, NEVER been leaked before the trial. NEVER. That cop is the real culprit, and his actions only reinforce the hatred and distrust of the Police by Black males in this country.

The leaks from that Police department and that District Atty's office is part of the reason the case fell apart, anyway. They were all wrong.

The Asst District Atty almost lost his job, and that officer should have at least been suspended (he may have, we don't know). That was unethical from someone who we PAY to be ethical. We do not pay Kobe or Shaq to be ethical. We shouldn't expect anything other than Basketball from either.

For some reason, that officer got a free pass. He is the unethical person in the whole thing. Admitting his lack of ethics also calls into question whether or not Kobe actually said what is claimed. There has never been any corroboration at all.

Kobe gave an olive branch to Shaq last year. Twice. Shaq answered a year later. Long enough ago that somehow Chuck on TNT thinks Shaq was the initiator.

Let us put the blame where it belongs. If you have a job that requires you to be ethical, BE ETHICAL. If you have a job that requires you to shoot, rebound and run. SHOOT, REBOUND, and RUN.

My $.02



My brother-in-law is from Colorado (he now lives elsewhere) and when this whole thing happened, he said to me, "Jon, Kobe is SCREWED! Do you have any idea how much they hate Californians in Colorado, especially people from Los Angeles?"

I think some of it may have to do with Kobe being black, but as Californians, especially Southern Californians, we're not always aware of how much people from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, all HATE us.

We're the evil empire as far as they're concerned. We sell our $750,000 shacks out here, move out to Colorado, buy a mansion and then proceed to make the area a little more "Californiaized" and they're powerless to stop the process because of all the money we have.

They hate and fear us for that reason. So, when Kobe got in trouble, I bet at least one little town cop thought, "I'm gonna teach that black Los Angeles boy a lesson."

It was totally unethical and not cool, and Kobe is still being blamed for something that everyone should be pissed at the police for.

It sucks.

Sometimes I think that Southern California should just declare war on the rest on the United States and take over, because we know (and they know) that they'd be powerless to stop us.

LakerNation Unite!


Kobe is good basketball player. Just note it, and move on.

1. Kobe wasn't in an interrogation room when he dimed-out Big. He was in the hotel parking lot being secretly recorded by an officer with a tape recorder in his pocket. Kobe thought he was speaking off the record and that it wouldn't come back up. Naive? Yes. Malicious? No. All that said, he should've kept his mouth shut. All that suburban and Italian living didn't teach him the first law of the hood...say nothing to the police except "I want a lawyer" or "am I under arrest? If not, I have to leave."

2. I'm now convinced Phil has come back solely to claim his Coach of the Year Award. The O'Brien trophy is just gravy, and I see him on pace to get that before his contract ends.

It's not even half of the season and you Lakers fans are already calling out Kobe the MVP. You guys are pathetic. I guess antyhing is better than last losing season. You guys me sick. Sure you handed the Heat's 15th lost, so what! The Lakers is just a mediocre team. They can't even beat the Blazers and Jazz. Kobe for MVP..hahahahaha. a 7th seed team....dream on Fakers.....Steve Nash and Suns are in 1st place in your division, he deserves the MVP. Duncan and Spurs 1st in the West and he deserves it too. I can pick about 5-6 players ahead of guys are dreaming. Learning lesson for you guys...Be a little hard on your Lakers so they can be more motivated to be al least on the 4 th seed. Kobe may be great but the Lakers still suck.....

I have to chime in just once.

I have a younger brother who used to truly piss me off when he would rat me out to our parents for inconsepquential stuff just to ingratiate himself. I cannot imagine Shaq's position concerning Kobe's word vomit in Colorado - which the Colorado cops informed Shaq of the ratpiss in their request for a deposition in October just prior to the commencemnt of training camp that year.

Let me get this straight - I've just won 3 consecutive Finals MVP trophies while playing with, albeit a brilliant basketball player, a selfish, egomaniacal, spoiled punk who just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, tarnishing his well coifed-though ultimately vapid - image by commiting adultery if nothing more... and he drops my name in a hotel room (not in the parking lot) interrogation and they subponea me?

I've just carried the kid through 8 years of his professional life while being told to await the annoitment of the next MJ by watching him jack up shots and go through amnesia-like fits of non-passing and pouting. Magic waited to take over until Riley told him to and Cap needed him to... 4 championships later. We'd be staring at #6 in the rearview if Kobe had that kind of poise and maturity.

I love Kobe's basketball genius. But I never once caught a glimpse of him in Compton nor Watts nor Torrance nor East LA handing out toys from an 18 wheeler at Christmas. Still haven't.

Would I forgive his butt, because he asked me to after forcing a trade under the guise of, and here we go again "HIS" contract status. Did he apologize to my wife? Or my children? Or the fans for bringing me into his mudhole? To me (Shaq)? To Karl or Gary? To the city of Los Angeles for embarrassing the proud Laker franchise? (Worthy did in 1989). I don't seem to remember Kobe offering up anything but self-defense (AGAIN).

Of course, that would convince me that he's one hell of a teamate and truly has my back like I got his... Remember when I offered my wing for mentoring and Kobe told the press he didn't need a big brother... that was his rookie year. And we were all just getting started.

Shaq can do whatever he wants. And if he has decided to forgive Kobe... then so can I. Phil's back. Lamar's playing well as of late... we'll let bygones be bygones.

Right on Big Fella.

AK or BK,

Do you have any explanations why shaq wasn't suspended for elbowing Bynum...look what happened to Davis:
" Golden State Warriors guard Baron Davis was suspended for one game without pay by the NBA on Thursday for hitting Seattle's Luke Ridnour in the chest."

What's up with that?

Webster's Dictionary
but: conjunction; used to introduce something contrasting with what has already been mentioned.

So, on a blog, were there are lots and lots of things already mentioned, "but" seems to be a useful word in the English language to contribute to the discussion. Since you clearly don't understand the word, I will also use it for you in a sentance.

"We, who read this blog, would like to read msb212's posts with an open mind, BUT they seem to lack any coherent argument to make that possible."

See, a statement was made, and "but" was used to contradict aforementioned statement. Therefore, when trying to discuss Kobe, and different aspects of his game, BUT is useful in conveying differences of opinion. I would think that this would be a very useful word for you, seeing your disposition against Kobe


I guess that is something you don't understand, along with the English language.

Too bad Sac are not as goods as they use to be (so are the Lakers)....Daymmm C-Webb for breaking up the team....Not really looking forward to watching this game...I hope Kobe plays a well rounded game tonight, to shut up Fat Albert..oops i meant Barkley. I'm not mad at him though...But when that time comes...KO8E will be on top...

How bout this: Since Jordan and Barkley are really close friends.....maybe Jordan is the one who is hating or jealous, and he's feeding off the negative vibe to Barkley.?????

Lakers still suck?

At least have the balls to state your favorite team... lol noob.

Lakers are one of the best franchises in the sport. How many titles does your team have??? lol

That's the thing about being on top for so many years, when you have to rebuild for a few years, all the other wanta-bee teams wet themselves and think we won't be on top again soon enough. Are we the best... no, but you tell me another team tht has the same history of winning (and as many current titles) that we do.

Looks like your "Lakers suck" statement was pretty ignorant, and laced w/ jealousy.

I think it's hilarious that Shaq gets a free pass about the whole cheating thing. Everyone knocks Kobe for bringing up Shaqs name to the police. But NO ONE EVER says that Shaq's paying off women to keep secrets was UNTRUE. Not even Shaq. The media has been so taken over by the Shaq propaganda machine that they just sweep it under the carpet. Even after the book came out from the NBA / celeb groupie basically confirming it was true.


I was making the same argument to a friend of mine who was saying that Kobe is as big a cancer for the league as Ron Artest (yes they really said that, their words not mine). The only reason it got was, Fearless nailed it, the DA tried to use it as evidence for the trial and because it was done without Kobe's consent it was considered inadmissable in court. Kobe shouldn't have said what he said about Shaq (true or not), but as mentioned before he didn't he was being recorded. And yes, he broke the hood code, which is why no one in the hip-hop community will hardly even speak to Kobe (huge Laker fan Ice Cube barely speaks to Kobe on the strength of that. In the words of Cube on ESPN "Oh hell naw, that's foul")
And just curious, I wonder how the league or media would have reacted if Kobe did an Antonio Davis last night if he thought someone was trying to lay hands on his wife?

Shaq in purple and gold in 1 to 2 years,retires 2008/9

why does devean george always cancel out brian cook and vice versa?

brian cook got 2 fouls already, george has basically already scored our all our bench points... why can't these two guys play well together?


I think it's because the situations were pretty different. From my understanding (I didn't actually see it), the whistle had already blown, Ridenour and Davis started jawing, and then Davis threw the elbow. That's very different than Shaq and Bynum, where the action was still happening, Bynum threw the first elbow (don't forget), then Shaq threw a bigger one. Then the two were separated, no harm done.

If I had to guess, the league took a look at the tape (which I believe they do in situations like this), saw elbows on both sides while the guys were banging in the paint, and thought a tech was plenty. Which I actually agree with. If the whistle had been blown, and then Shaq threw it, things change. But I think they got it right. Shaq's been suspended PLENTY over the course of this career, so they're definitely not afraid to do it.


Elyse, I guess logic is something you rather not use.

"Apples taste great, but oranges smell nice."

Logic. Here's another example.

"Kobe hasn't played well on defense, but his will and determination are unquestionable."

As you can see again, it doesn't really make sense, does it? I guess it would since you questioned my post in the first place. I would like to ask you, in the first instance, what does oranges have to do with apples? And in the second, what does Kobe's will and determination have to do with his poor play on defense?

Logic. Use it.


Halftime of the Sac game and the Lakers are down. Kobe is scoring most of the points and their defense is loose again. Their defense plays down to the level of competition. It would really suck if they lose this game. Like I said, the Lakers will lose this game and domnate the Suns tomorrow. I hope Kobe will prove me wrong and Fat Barkley. That fat fool is still hating kobe. Someday....he will eat hiw words just like everything else in the kitchen.

man, aren't moving screens still against the rules?
I think I've seen like 4 or 5 by Brad Mr Moving Screen Miller tonight.
And that foul after the time out call was ridiculous.
But after what they did to Phoenix this week, I've been a little worried about this sac game.
Lakers by 2 with Bibby going to the line and about a minute and half in the game.... let's see what happens

About the Shaq Bynum thing, the way I saw it, Bynum's elbow looked like fairly standard fighting for position in the transition, whereas Shaq grabbed at his arm with one hand to hold him while swinging the other elbow. If I was the league, I would have given Shaq a game suspension.

ANOTHER moving screen - he shoved smush down like an NFL linesman - and the TNT announcers talk about it like it was a good play. They must have changed the rules about moving screens while i wasn't paying attention. Am I the only one seeing it this way?

Another bad loss...

Sac came back from 5pt down and forced OT
Odom fouled out, too late for Kobe to get hot

man what a terrible loss - they really blew it - after Lamar's 3 it should have been in the bag. why didn't they just foul at the end of regulation instead of giving up those 3's?
The haters are going to be partying tonight...

pathetic. pathetic. pathetic. pathetic.

you had the game won. absolutely inexcusable.

After the meltdown in Sucramento, there is no doubt: This Laker team has to be the most stupid basketball team I have ever seen. They have no basketball IQ.

Thanks Lamar! I hope you people understand after tonite why Lamar need to be traded for Artest. He cost us the game. How can you be more stupid? ball in your hand up by 4, 31 second at the end and 24 shot clock. and LO attacks the basket after 5 seconds? this means be completely stupid. I hope is gonna be traded immedeately. if we lost tonite it's only because of him. I cannot stand him anymore. NO iq basketball .pure stupidity!

They let another one go...How many more of this game are they going to give away? Honestly, the Lakers should be next to Phoenix right now. But, they keep giving it away. 51 for Kobe, and they fell one point short in regulation.

If Odom held the ball and let the shot clock expire, Laker's should've won...Dumb!!!

You are a wondeful player "BUT" in this Sacto game, you just suck.

You just wasted another brilliant performance by Kobe.

Kwame Brown,
Can you put some sand paper on those butter fingers? And can you not just settle for layups when you're wide open underneath? Throw it down, kid. Throw it down.

Unacceptable loss.
I just hope you could make it up in tommorow,s phx game.



It seems automatic that teams are going to shoot a high percentage of 3 points late in the 4th and end up winning the game. Remember Houston? Memphis? Minnisota? Kings? There's more, but I'm too sleepy right now to remember them. I failed to get any rest last night due to my aggitation with Lamar Odom, in one the stupidest play in NBA history, giving the game away to the hated Kings.

Anyone else sick of seeing that uglyazz-albino-mutant Bibby hotdog everytime he hits a show?

Wahts Pathetic lakers fans is LO I am on the LO must go campaign. We all agree that the kid has sick potential and skills, but I am tired of the inconsistancy and his poor IQ. I know most of you dont want to here this but LO gotta go. Get two smart skilled ball players and you make the trade. LO stock is high enough and his salary is high enough to get a two for one. For starters Artest, & foster in indaiana. you get your rebounder hustle guy in foster and you also get the scoring punch and a lift on the defensive end. We gotta do something because LO wont stop smokin them blunts and making poor basketball decisions....... Im out

I absolutely cannot believe how the Lakers lost that game last night. Doug Collins, no matter how much I hate him, was right. Lamar went too early on that possession when the lakers were up 4, and then number 1 pick himself, Kwame Brown, elected to not guard the three-pointer.

Crazy, ridiculous loss. And no, it was not Kobe's fault, AT ALL.


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Plain and simple!! Lamar cost us the game! URG!! I cannot find any nice words to say! *&#@^#&*

wait, why do you hate doug collins? besides the blond hair, i like him best with marv albert. he cool

back to the issues... what's up with these NYC bred ballers? smush's dunk against the clips and now lamar's charge with 31 seconds left.

i thought NYC-heads knew the game... but those are two of the most questionable plays i can remember this season. what a pathetic loss.

Why was the ball not in Kobe's hands for the final 30 seconds? What in the world was Lamar thinking? All he had to do was dribble the ball and let the shot clock expire and they would have won.



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