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Extra! Extra! (1.19)

January 19, 2006 |  8:43 am

Kobebryantshaquilleoneal_it7ylync_1 The feud lasted 10 seasons, so forgive the media if it takes longer than 4 days to stop analyzing it. For starters, who came out on top after the smoke cleared? Shaq, for finally swallowing his pride and being an adult? Or do you chalk up a "W" for Kobe. Then again, you could just look at this entire thing as a testament to the everlasting respect carried by Bill Russell.  In the end, maybe everybody won.

Ronny Turiaf passed his first test as an official Laker: Practice. They gave the kid a little taste on his first day as opposed to working him to death. But the urgency will likely heat up soon for Turiaf, mirroring the mind set shared by the team right now.

Tonight, So Cal battles Central Cali at Arco. Instead of being the blood n' guts rivalry of yore, it's now simply a game the Lakers should obviously win, even on the road. The skinny as hell Kevin Martin better eat an extra bowl of Wheaties, as he'll be chasing Kobe around all night. It's also safe to assume Suns coach Mike D'Antoni will be flipping the channel to TNT.