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Extra! Extra! (1.18)

Approximately 36 hours have passed, but the basketball world is still buzzing over the Southern Californian Peace Talks. The handshakes and hugs shared by Kobe and Shaq puts to bed one of the biggest personal feuds in recent sports history. The two were able to share their recent good fortunes (both are expecting new children) and can now just concentrate on leading their teams. Of course, it ain't all peaches and cream, as the NBA will now need new ways to pump up Christmas Day games (Ray Allen v. Keyon Dooling, anyone?).

Or maybe next year's game will still be Miami-L.A., just saturated with a whole buncha Bynum-Shaq hype. Bynum may not be ready for full time minutes against the Big Fence Mender, but he walked away from Monday's game with the respect of his teammates. And The Captain, too.

What a difference six months makes. In July, Ronny Turiaf was laying in a hospital bed post-heart surgery and frightened about the future. Now he's slipping on a Lakers jersey. Medicine's come a long way since leeches and bloodletting.

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Kobe is not the leading candidate right now, Steve Nash is.

Only one player in NBA history won the MVP without winning their division- Charles Barkley.

So if Kobe wants to win the MVP, his team better win the division!

if mitch picks up chucky for the 2nd half of the season i'm going to shoot myself! chucky sucks and we have no more room for someone who just shoots and misses 3s. hes like a poorman's version of damon jones where he thinks hes better than he actually is.


nope, you could say all this "shoulda-coulda-woulda" BS but the fact of the matter is that from 2000-2003, kobe also kinda improved year to year as well. you say its not just jkidd, but tmac and vince could have also replaced kobe? it was a close debate, but bottom line: kobe plays defense. tmac and vince do not. defense wins championships. throwing passes of the backboard to yourself and winning dunk contests at the allstar game do not. but you cant spedulate what shoulda coulda woulda happened if so and so replaced kobe. obviously kobe has more players of his caliber to be compared with, but none of them ever superseed him as the no.1 perimeter threat. shaq sat alone at the top of the center position. so given that small fact, i will go ahead and say that it was not 50/50, but more like 45/55 in shaq's favor during their championship run. is that better? i will NOT admit, however, that kobe could have been replaced with any of the guards out there at the time. dr. buss is a winner. he of all people knew of kobe and shaq's dislike for each other even after the 1st championship. so why didnt he trade kobe for a vince or tmac, even if shaq suggested it? because he, like everyone else not posting on lakers blog named kobe-shaq-lakers-fan, knows kobe was better than them in 2000-2003, and hes better than them in 2006.

now if shaq doesnt win with wade, the argument will not be because wade was not good enough. it will be because of shaq's decline in production. shaq will not win another championship and kobe still has his chances. add another all-star big on the lakers and we're set!

Jon K.

I am talking about Chucky for the same reason you are talking about....Shaq the Clippers, Davis, the stands, etc.

......cause the fifty or so guys above us brought it up.

Lakers are going to kick ass tonight. The team has come so far. I watched them play stagnet, and loose. But they were thinking, learning, no they are perfecting, executing, Kobe is having a career year, what could be better?

Poor Lakers and the ball-hawking monster they created. True, they are keeping up with some teams right now but what is to come when that selfishness starts throwing up brick after brick in regularity. They have no team harmony and their coach sure isn't willing to stop that one-man circus they have over there. How in the world do they expect to develop their promising talented players when the ball disappears from their hands all the time. I was under the assumption basketball was a team concept thing. The coach is making very good money and sure as hell he sure don't want to lose it by stepping on certain "player" toes and get back to playing good TEAM ball. Poor Odom.

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