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Extra! Extra! (1.18)

January 18, 2006 |  8:24 am

Approximately 36 hours have passed, but the basketball world is still buzzing over the Southern Californian Peace Talks. The handshakes and hugs shared by Kobe and Shaq puts to bed one of the biggest personal feuds in recent sports history. The two were able to share their recent good fortunes (both are expecting new children) and can now just concentrate on leading their teams. Of course, it ain't all peaches and cream, as the NBA will now need new ways to pump up Christmas Day games (Ray Allen v. Keyon Dooling, anyone?).

Or maybe next year's game will still be Miami-L.A., just saturated with a whole buncha Bynum-Shaq hype. Bynum may not be ready for full time minutes against the Big Fence Mender, but he walked away from Monday's game with the respect of his teammates. And The Captain, too.

What a difference six months makes. In July, Ronny Turiaf was laying in a hospital bed post-heart surgery and frightened about the future. Now he's slipping on a Lakers jersey. Medicine's come a long way since leeches and bloodletting.