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Extra! Extra! (1.17)

Kobebryantshaquilleoneal_it7ylync What a night! So much to talk about. Beyond all the drama, there actually was a game involved, one where the Lakers took down the Heat 100-92. And as far as the highlights, take your pick. You could talk about Kobe Bryant's 37 points, complete with the usual late minute heroics and buried jumpers. You could hit on Lamar Odom's near trip-dub. You could yap about Devean George's 17 bench points, which nicely complimented his D on Wade.  But the big story was Andrew Bynum, whose three first half minutes stole the entire show. Matched up for the first time ever against Shaq, the kid bounced back from a serious posterization to fake the Diesel with a spin of his own, then exchanged elbows as opposed to backing down. Whether jousting with Shaq means the same thing now as then is up for debate (an argument Phil won't touch). But either way, Staples hadn't been that loud since that third title was won.

The box score don't lie. The "Miami Monkey" is officially off L.A.'s back.


Of course, there was also a pretty big subplot, as the Big Fella and Kobe finally made peace.  Taking the advice of Bill Russell to heart, Shaq made the first move, extending his hand to Bryant during warmups. The two then hugged it out before the tip off, thrilling the fans in the process.  Both seemed relieved to put the past behind them, with Kobe noting after the game how significant the fence mending was when it came to L.A. and its young fans.

Ronny Turiaf is expected to sign his contract today. Whether or not his Laker uni comes with a ticket to Ft. Worth and the D-League is still up for debate.  But no matter how the scenario plays out, the kid's just stoked to be here.

(photo by Matt Sayles/AP)

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I wonder how long it'll take Bynum to make a bigger shot in his career then when he blew by Shaq for the dunk...

Good game overall by the Lakers. They shouldn't have given up that 19 point lead, but otherwise, good game...

What a game! We finally beat the Vin Diesel and his team with so called "Superstars" on it. I hope this game shows the critics that the Lakers are a team that can play in the playoffs. Otherwise, here's the things I wanted to say.

To All Laker and Kobe Haters: Shaq and Kobe are finally cool between each other! So ya can't anymore use the arguement against the Great Kobe by saying Shaq hates him! Try something more humorous this time though! I'll be laughing when I see your guys' next post! :P

To the Fake Shaq: YOU are the one who is Fat!

About Kobe's D: Even though it may seem like Kobe's "D" against Wade was not that great, you guys gotta remember that Wade is a great player himself, which is the reason why Miami is doing so good since without him, even Shaq can't win! There will be some players that even Kobe can't defend always and you gotta see that everyone has a particular player in the past that they couldn't defend against, particular around superstars such as Kobe or Wilt.

About Bynum: Tremendous dunk man! You showed heart and guts to dunk the ball on the big guy himself! Congrats to that major dunk and hope to have you around for a long time!

To the real Shaq: Get the @%^* of here! You wanted to get out so stay out! But I will congratulate and praise you for finally burying that grudge with Kobe!

To all the people who wanted to trade our current players: Screw your ideas! Unless we get Ron Artest via free agency, there is no way we are gonna listen to your ideas! We ain't gonna trade our valuable players (though Medvedenko gone with something good in return would be nice!) for people who still needs to prove they can win with our team! George had a spectacular night, Bynum with that major dunk, and we could use that Miami First Round pick to get another awesome player! So I hope you guys shut up now!

About Ronny Turiaf: Great thing he is signing today. Though I agree somewhat about Phil sending him down to the D-League (along with Devin Green or Von Wafer if McKie comes back to the lineup), I feel that Turiaf will surprise good old Phil and get some good playing time in the NBA. And here's one good thing that Turiaf brings us: He provides the same kind of game the Brian Grant would have brought us (had he not complained about being in L.A.) and at the same time coming at a low price.

And to Khan: What can I say, this game proved that you are an idiot for life! What is an idiot, well if you look up in the dictionary you would see your name on it! Trading Kobe for Nene and Watson? Get out of here! Look what happened to Lamar Odom now! Just because he only got 2 points against Golden State didn't mean he would do the same against Miami! 19 pts 10 rebounds 9 assits, nearly again a triple-double! And you want to trade him!? Screw you! I hope everyone here reads this post because this moron named Khan wants to trade one of our best players for his stupid ideas to get Ron Artest! Though I agree that Artest himself is very good, trading our facilitator would be a big mistake and as the season goes on, Lamar will continue to be a big asset to the Lakers. So Khan, shut up for the last time and I hope we trade you for a less talkative moron!

Go Lakers!!

I've seen Ben WaWaWallace shove shaq way harder than
Bynum did, and Shaq never answers back the way he did to Bynum. How intresting...

Charles Barkley last night, post game:

If you really want to be realistic about it, Kobe should really be apologizing to Shaq

(Kenny: The bigger man stepped up tonight)

The bigger man really did.

... What does Chuck have against Kobe? Kobe tried to give Shaq a fist pound the first game, but Shaq ignored him! The ball was in Shaq's court - what, should Kobe keep trying to reach out to him, just to get shot down?

MAYBE Kobe should apologize for the stuff he said to the cops when he was under duress, but I just don't see what else Chuck thinks Kobe needs to apologize to Shaq for! Shaq has much more to apologize for.

The Lakers finally put together 2 good halves of basketball. Kobe took 24 shots in the frame work of the offense and flow of the game and it was hardly even noticed because the guys finally stepped up from start to finish. I'm glad to see that shaq finally buried the hatchet with Kobe because he looked so immature holding a grudge over something that was his own fault. Shaq made demands on Jerry Buss for more money and asked for a trade out of LA., Kobe had nothing to do with it. Its sad that it took Bill Russell to tell him to make peace with Kobe but its good that its over. It was a good win for Lakers'. The big men Kuame, Mihm, and Bynum stood up to Shaq , Lamar and George looked for thier shots instead of looking for Kobe on every play. The Lakers had great ball rotation and played solid defense. If the guys decide to do this on a more consistent basis, the league better look out.


Bynum for president!

Now, here's a totally unrelated to basketball Lakers concern I have.

I just read an article on Yahoo about how Jeannie Buss owns a psychotic Maltese dog and how Kobe has several Pommerianians.

What the hell?

Kobe, get yourself a real dog! Pommerianians and Maltese are ananthema to all that is good in dogness. Why the hell is Kobe and Jeannie owning rat dogs? I hate rat dogs. They're not real dogs. They're twisted, mutated insults to real dogs. Real dogs are Rottweillers or Labs or Siberian Huskies or Akitas... not some quivering, snivelling, yipping, snapping little mutant creature constantly attacking anything larger than it (and only able to survive because its owner keeps other dogs away from it that would snap it in two with a single bite.)

Kobe, pal, do yourself a favor. Get yourself a real dog! Phil! Kick the crap out of that yipping Maltese! Go out and buy Jeannie a real dog! She'll thank you for it later!

Its impossible to have a true relationship with one of these mutuant dogs. Real dogs will die for you. Not Pommerianians! They suck!

Kobe, you've got a huge property in Orange County. You've got room for a real dog that will defend your family and home! Buy one! Not tommorow! Not the next day! Now!

And if your new Akita rips those little Pommerianians apart, well, sometimes you've got to break some eggs to make an omlete, if you know what I mean. Just explain thing to your wife and it'll blow over.

But, bro, I will not be able to truly respect you if I know that when you go home after a hard game you are first greeted by a herd of yipping, whining little rat dogs. What the hell are you thinking?

Only creepy people like rat dogs, man. Get yourself a real dog! Be a man!

A great win for the Lakers against the Heat. Everyone contributed defensively and offensively, particularly Lamar, who missed a triple-double by one assist.

If Lamar could come correct with that type of stat on a nightly basis, I think the offense will be more diversified than its current state, as well as alleviating some of the scoring responsibility on Kobe.

Special mention: How about that dunk against Shaq by the youngster Drew Bynum. In a word: Spectacular.

Wow! What a game! The game was great in the first half; they played the triangle to perfection. All the supporting cast showed up, maybe not scoring but all the other things that make the triangle work. Kobe stayed within the offense. The second half they lost focus, but I will put a little blame on Phil for that. Phil has to realize he doesn’t have the type of team and or players that can play through it; he has to call more timeouts and get them back into the offense. Kobe took over again and the same outcome again a “W” and that’s all that matters.

The real game was elsewhere. I have not seen the Staples Center erupt in a roar like that since the championship days. When Bynum spinned on Shaq and two hands dunked the ball, brought down the house! Please get this kid more experience. He did the right thing after he was dunked on by Shaq (he showed some heart), he got up and ran down the floor to get a pass from Kobe. By the way Shaq also rode his shoulders so he couldn’t jump and knocked him down. The only thing he has to learn is do his retaliation on the down low, under the basket or learn from Shaq and use those elbows. It was nice to see Shaq and Kobe make amends. That’s my two cents!

I have a question; does anyone still think Mitch did a bad job?

Go Lakers!

This is what I'm talking about. What the hell?

'Dog Whisperer' calms pets of US rich and famous By Alexandria Sage
Mon Jan 16, 8:19 AM ET

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - If you think Hollywood celebrities and sports superstars are a neurotic and difficult bunch, try treating the personality disorders of their pets.


Meet Princess Cujo, an cute Maltese owned by high-ranking Los Angeles Lakers executive Jeanie Buss and given to fits of ankle-biting, eye-rolling fury.

Exasperated, Buss -- the daughter of Lakers owner Jerry Buss -- has turned to "dog whisperer" Cesar Millan, who offers cryptic wisdom as the cameras roll for his TV show.

"A dog is a window to see the person from the inside out," says Millan, who has become canine psychologist to the stars and a celebrity himself. "The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan" began its second season on the National Geographic Network this month.

Millan, who grew up surrounded by animals on a farm in Mexico, tells his human clients it's essential to project a calm and assertive energy while setting rules and boundaries for their wayward dogs. As he puts it: "I rehabilitate dogs; I train people."

It seems a lot of celebrities need training. Millan has a track record for tackling the canine woes of the rich and famous, including Will Smith, Michael Eisner and Oprah Winfrey. Winfrey, according to Millan, owned an "unbalanced" dog unsettled by her coddling, but Sophie is now rehabilitated.

Buss' problem, says Millan, is that she is too much of a dog lover and not enough of a pack leader. At a recent taping of his television show, he watches, slightly amused, as Buss vainly tries to stop Princess Cujo as she barks, growls and eyes the ankles of the dog whisperer himself.

Lakers head coach Phil Jackson, Buss' boyfriend and sometimes victim of her malevolent Maltese, agrees that Buss needs to stand her ground. "That's basically a lot of the belief I have," Jackson says. "Establishing dominance and taking responsibility for it."

Jackson, famed for handling the outsized egos of the NBA, began calling the dog Cujo after the Saint Bernard who goes on a killing spree in the Stephen King novel of the same name.

"She comes to attack you every time you come through the door," Jackson said of the diminutive Maltese.


The fascination with pets and their celebrity owners has reached dizzying heights in America, where Paris Hilton and her chihuahua Tinkerbell grace magazine covers and the latest issue of celebrity pet magazine Animal Fair features Jennifer Aniston posing with her terrier.

But whether their owners are famous or not, pooches become problems usually because of the quirks of their humans, who don't understand the workings of the canine mind, Millan claims. Buss, for example, is hung up over an episode when Cujo was a puppy. At the time, two larger dogs attacked the Maltese and the dog ran away, terrified.

Now, Millan says, Buss is projecting nervousness around her dog instead of trust and respect. Buss, who says she is fascinated by leadership and wants to take charge of her dog, admits it's hard to make Princess Cujo obey her when the dog looks so cute in that little purple-and-gold Laker jersey.

It doesn't help that Princess Cujo doesn't like the sound of bouncing basketballs -- not a great trait for a dog on a team that has won eight NBA championships. Buss likes to bring her dog to the office but worries about the potential liability in letting an ankle-biter loose at work.

There are a quite few dog lovers on the Lakers team -- Kobe Bryant and wife Vanessa have Pomeranians, while forward Brian Cook recently adopted a dog named "Brick" rescued from Hurricane Katrina.

For the Lakers 2006 calendar, the players posed with dogs needing homes from The Amanda Foundation, a Los Angeles-based dog rescue that helps place abandoned animals. Jackson posed with Princess Cujo.

After a day spent with Millan, the Maltese's future as a Laker mascot seems more possible. Princess Cujo is calmer and quieter and even able to socialize with other dogs, her owner says.

Anyone see the Phil on the post-game press conference? I guess he forgot it was live because he dropped an F-bomb like it was nothing. GOLD!

On TNT last night, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith both referred to Shaq as the "bigger man" for extending a hand to Kobe. I did one of those cartoonish double-takes followed by the requisite, whaaaa? Do neither of these guys know the history between these two? Blame Kobe or not for "running Shaq out of town" (it was Shaq who forced the trade by demanding his $30 mil and then gave Laker fans the finger by taking only $20 mil once he got to Miami), it's Shaq who's been exacerbating the situation. Shaq wasn't the bigger man last night. But maybe he didn't finally grow up a little.

I DONT THINK there was a THOUGHER team to beat for the LAKERS than the HEAT. Ya DETROIT and SAN ANTONIO are great, but i think if we play our game, it tough to beat us. WHY? REBOUNDS REBOUNDS REBOUNDS an then KOBE KOBE KOBE

Jeez my house was louder last night than Staples. First all my friends started laughing when Bynum fell then instantly everyone was on their feet screaming when he dunked on Shaq. Anyone got a picture of that? I'd love a copy to post on Myspace :-P

Like it or not, besides winning the game, KO8E's career and fame around the league just rose 100x times after making peace with the Bigger Man. As a result, KO8E will get the love from Shaq's fan and more respect from the players that sided with Shaq (like Wade).
The real rivalry should be none other than
KO8E vs WADE. & maybe, Bynum vs Shaq. WOW!!!I hope someday (soon) the Lakers and the Heat will meet in the Finals. I can't wait to see that.

GO BYNUM! Yeah he was trampled, but he gives shaq an elbow! BYNUMS GOT SOME HUEVOS!!
Lets see how long we can make this win streak.
Man, Bynum beat Shaq so bad! (to the basket). it was amazing. wow.

*Standing Ovation*

I went to sleep thankful for being a Lakers fan! it felt that good.

It's just too bad TNT never replayed the Shaq-Kobe handshake. I seemed to have missed it, especially since ESPN said *nothing* about it...wink, wink

To be honest, my first reax to Shaq's gesture was that he was posturing and trying to seem like the "good guy" on national TV. really fake and pathetic. but after watching the 1000th replay before halftime and hearing shaq's postgame comments, i actually appreciate and respect his gesture.

Say what you want about shaq (and i can say a lot) but he has this military, respect-your-elders attitude. he respected bill russell enough, to swallow his pride, listen to the man and follow his "orders." do you guys realize how hard it is to humble yourself? shaq could've easily gave the cold shoulder, like an immature fool. kobe would've responded in kind, b/c he's an emotional follower.

but it took maturity and responsibility for shaq to step up and FIX what he started. that smile kobe had plastered all over his face was evident. he loved the gesture. so on this night, good on shaq. that was mighty big of him.

and good on the lakers fans for booing him! ha ha ha. that was a little payback for the Big guy, now let's move on. Shaq gave us the prime of his career, now we see that he's on the decline. from now on, as long as he doesn't do something stupid, let's respect him as the opponent. i'll give him his flowers after he retires.

And as my respect meter goes up for Shaq, it continues to drop on one of my favorite players of all time. Charles Barkley: "To be honest, Kobe should be the one apologizing to Shaq." !!!

when you say the first thing on your mind, that doesn't make you controversial and that doesn't mean you're "keeping it real." charles looks like a jackass the more he opens his mouth, but the only difference between barkley and a donkey... the donkey can't speak english.

Since Kobe received a 2 game suspension for throwing an elbow to Miller, shouldn't Shaq get the same suspensiopn for throwing an elbow into Bynum? I can't wait until Bynum bulks up and matches up with Shaq again!

I think we are starting to take KOBE for granted!
I mean I don't want to sound like a homer but did you see what he did in the 4th!!! Kobe is reminding more and more of Mariano Rivera!! simply magnifiscent.
Have you noticed how the haters are simply out of words! Even Steve Kerr AKA "Lebron personal B@#$h" senses that Kobe is truly on another level. He's no longer compare to MJ...slowly but surely HE IS BECOMING THE MEASURING STICK!! What a turn around. I mean earlier in his carrier it was :" Wow, this kid is just like MJ"...Now it has become: "Kobe is simply on another level, arguably one of the best ever"...
Has anyone else noticed the change? I mean there is something "different" about him.
All I have to say is that the Kid is simply magnifiscent right now!

Ha... over on the Miami Heat blog at, they're saying that Bynum's dunk over Shaq was an offensive foul (they claim "hooking"). They're also thrilled because they think Kobe can't guard Wade at all - and I have to admit that Kobe just looked like he was taking the night off on defense, he did that in Golden State too, not sure what's going on there but maybe it has to do with conserving energy or something? Or maybe it's the tendinitis in his knee that makes him pick his spots for one-on-one defense. He's definitely played Wade much harder in the past though, so there had to be some reason - I guess it doesn't matter because it resulted in a 'W' so whatever the game plan was it worked.

Just another Kobe hater at ESPN. He thinks Kobe's killer instict is a bad thing and Labrons lack there of is a good thing. Here is the link.

It's about time! I mean who isn't Shaq-vs-Kobe'd out by now? (only the media, of course). Enough is enough. It was good for Kobe, good for LA, and good for Shaq. A shrewd timing by Shaq to be so chilly in the nationally televised Xmas game, but then come to LA to extend a hand, thus winning back the crowd of LA (to a degree). Shaq probably also realized that with Kobe's image making a comeback everyday, if the ignoring continued, HE would become the bad guy. Shrewed timing indeed.


I apologize, I was wrong! The haters have now found another way to bash Kobe. Let's just spin what he said, let's ignore what all players seem to agree upon, let's just make up something and bash'em...because our existence wouldn't be justified if we didn't!!!

Here's an article posted on ESPN page 2...just for your pleasure:

"By Bomani Jones
Special to Page 2

LeBron James confessed to ESPN The Magazine that he doesn't think he's as good as Kobe Bryant. In fact, he said no one is as good as Kobe Bean because "The Mamba" has a killer instinct no one else has. When comparing himself with Bryant, LeBron said he doesn't have the desire to "just kill everybody."

Too bad LeBron -- and a handful of pundits -- don't realize that's a good thing.

After Cleveland's two-point loss to Portland Sunday, ESPN's B.J. Armstrong went so far as to say that LeBron might become a star, but not a superstar, based upon this revelation.

You know that Kobe is always putting it up with the game on the line.

Anyone who doesn't think LeBron James is already a superstar doesn't have NBA League Pass. The opportunity to watch him play on a nightly basis is easily worth 200 bucks. There has never been anyone as good at his age and experience level. The nearest combination of youth, talent and performance to LeBron's in any sport is Doc Gooden from 1984 to '86, and LeBron does it all without a drippy, messy Jheri curl.

But there are people, including King James himself, who want him to be like Kobe. At this point, why in Hades would he want to be like that? Is he looking for tense relations with his teammates? Would he like to play on a team with talent comparable to the Cavaliers' but with a worse record, even though Cleveland has been without Larry Hughes for 20 percent of its games? Really, is the killer instinct that important?

For Kobe, it is. His killer instinct comes from his unshakable confidence. Few players have believed in their talent as much as Bryant, and he felt that way as a teenage rookie. He's as close as anyone could imagine to being unguardable, largely because he believes that to be the case. And considering how often he insists upon shooting through people instead of going around them -- and how effective he is when doing so -- he'd better walk around with brass in his tights.

But Kobe's problem is just what LeBron loves so much about Kobe -- the need to kill everybody. There's no one that wants the last shot of a game as much as Bryant, and there might not be anyone more likely to scare the bejeezus out of the opposition with the clock winding down.

Unfortunately, he wants the first shot as much as he wants the last. He's pretty enamored with the 28th shot, too, whether he's all alone or with a hand, or seven, in his face. But when you want to kill everybody, it's going to be that way.

And look what that way has gotten Kobe Bean. Remember that Shaq, not his attitude, got him those rings.

Talking about the killer instinct LeBron does or does not have obscures what makes him so great -- his understanding of the game. There's no question LeBron wants the last shot in games, and there's no question he is the man the Cavs look to for that shot. But the reason LeBron is who he is, a star so big I can hardly recall anyone referring to him by his last name, is that he's more concerned with the Cavs' taking the best shot, even if it doesn't roll off his fingers.

Just look at the game against the Trail Blazers. Down 88-87, LeBron drove to the right, drew a crowd and found Donyell Marshall wide open in the corner for a 3-pointer. That he saw the open man on the opposite side of the court was amazing, and no one would want to leave Marshall open in that situation. At this point, Marshall is in the league for no other reason than to make shots like those.

Passing to Marshall didn't show a lack of killer instinct. It made sense.

The idea of a killer instinct is tough to embrace because that quality is so hard to identify, and it is most frequently discussed by people who don't have it. We think Kobe has it. We know Chris Webber does not. Many said Karl Malone didn't have it, but the huge scar over one of Isiah Thomas' eyes says otherwise.

Where does that killer instinct come from? Malone's came from a dark place, one that made him the dirtiest player in the game this side of Ric Flair. Michael Jordan and Jerry West got theirs from an unhealthy hate for losing. Kobe's seems to originate from a palpable self-absorption, a trait that also happens to be the root of many of his professional and personal problems.

LeBron will dish it to the open man if that's the best play.
So where does -- or will -- LeBron's killer instinct come from? The man said it himself in ESPN The Mag.

"It's all about competing, about trying to be the best," he told Chris Broussard. "It's also important to me to make the team I'm on now the best."

Sometimes that means giving Donyell Marshall the chance to win the game with a 3, just like it meant Jordan had to give Bill Wennington the winning shot that night in 1995 when he dropped a double-nickel on the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. Or giving Steve Kerr the clinching shot in the '96 NBA Finals.

Those moves didn't make MJ a shrinking violet, nor could anyone say the same about Bron Bron. He's not running from the ball in the clutch, no matter what he plans to do with the orange. Although he has made some poor decisions in the clutch -- like passing to Eric Snow on the final possession of the Portland game -- he never looks afraid. LeBron seems perpetually concerned with giving Cleveland its best chance to win. It just so happens that the Cavs' best chance at victory doesn't always mean his taking a shot.

If the path to superstardom is so narrow no one else on the floor is worth considering, then LeBron is doomed. And superstardom ain't all it's cracked up to be.

When Jordan looked to do nothing but attack, he couldn't get past the conference finals. Using MJ's trials and errors -- and probably Kobe's -- as a reference, LeBron has been precocious in his ability to both score and help others score. Observers should be happy with that and watch as it translates into more victories.

And so should he.

Bomani Jones is a frequent contributor to Page 2. Tell him how you feel at

THIS IS SUCH A TOUCHING VIEW POINT! It reminds me of when my mom would always stick up for me in front of my friends and I was wishing I could just vanish...for ever!!

Shaq should be given at least a one-game suspension for his forearm smash to Andrew's neck. Granted, it wasn't to the head, but a smash to the adam's apple is no picnic.

Granted, Kobe's elbow to Mike Miller's neck was more vicious and premeditated, which is why I would call for just one game, not two. Andrew was merely establishing position--no more or no less than what every other center in the legaue does with Shaq. Shaq's overreaction, I think, was his message to Andrew that he's not ready to be shoved aside yet by a young 'n.

I, for one, loved the move by andrew and hope to see more of him in the future.

Is it possible that Mitch Kupchak got it right with Andrew, Smush and the trade for Kwame?

I'm sorry again, I'm just on a roll....
Do I dare say KOBE for MVP??? Well, it seems I'm not alone...check out this link before Foxsports yanks it because Kobe is winning:

Check out the lower right side of the page!

It was a nice win. Was it an exciting game? At moments. I have to say the play between Andrew and Shaq was exciting, but being ppl being a Laker fan, I know how exciting Andrew's dunk was, but you have to admit Shaq's dunk was pretty awesome, that I would have to say will be a highlight film.

Great Laker defense, and getter productions from Kobe and crew. Cook, my got way you should have rx'ed that second tech.

GOD! lil'(big) bynum is great! although PJ commented that bynum's not ready to face o'neal.... great job rook!

"He should just acknowledge Kobe.....I don't enjoy seeing that in his actions"

-Phil Jackson

Hey Pat, Phil is doing your job! It was Phil's words that made Shaq call that truce with Kobe! Phil is still in the Big Fella's ear! He is still his only coach!

I think we have all seen a future all-star..Bynum COULD NOT have dunked on Shaq unless he REALLY has something...ya know.

Also, I have to say that I thought Shaq was very classy (finally) towards Kobe, and I think that will help the NBA community accept Kobe again as something other than just Shaq's verbal whipping boy.

Great W for the Lakers last night too..We're getting there folks!

The Lakers looked good last night. I hate they gave up a 19 point lead and let the Heat make a game out of it. But they are comming around. I personally don't think they need to trade anyone unless they can steal a guy like KG, and that's not going to happen. They Lakers are building chemistry and they do not want to ruin that as they make their playoff push.

I hope the Kobe-Shaq embrace was for real. It's time to put the negative feelings in the past. After finally watching them 'patch it up' I could not help but wonder one thing: What would have happened if they could have done that while both were still wearing purple and gold? Those two cats could have owned the NBA had they stayed together. Anyway, good win for the Lakers. I was impressed by Lamar in the first half and his big shot in the forth. Man, Lamar needs to keep comming! Also, shout to Kwame and Chris. Somebody tell Phil to make it a point to play young Andrew at least 10 minutes a game. That kid is either crazy or fearless! Either way, we need what he brings.

Los Angeles Lakers for Life, Baby!!!

Bynum seems to be fearless when going up against the best centers in the league. He grabbed a rebound and blocked a shot from Tim Duncan against the Spurs. And now he has put a dunk on Shaq.

This kid definitely has heart, and definitely has no fear. The only thing he needs now is experience. And as long as he's going to school with Kareem, he's going to be good.

My man Lamar was fanfreakingtastic! great win.

What will it take for Bynum to get more minutes? I'm not just talking about his heart (which was shown against Shaq), but his play all year. If his minutes were pro-rated his production would be solid. And when you're not getting a great post pressence from your bigs, why not play the kid 10-12 minutes a game. I cant wait until Bynum and Turiaf get into the rotation.

Additionally, I hope Odom stays aggressive. His 20 point followed by a two point night stuff is horrible!!! Everyone talks about how he averages 14 a game, but its not a consistent 14 a game for one. And secondly, he has the ability (which has been shown when he's aggressive) to be a 18-20 point a game scorer. No one's asking him to score 25 a game, he should get 10 points from the line everynight. When he does that the Lakers win, Kobe shoots less and more efficiently, and the opponets defense cannot double and tripple team Kobe. Someone tell Odom to raise his game to this level consistently, and he'll be an all star.

Has everybody read the interview with PHIL&KO8E in the NOV05 edition of ESPN the MAGAZINE. There, KOBE compares his attack to a snake called 'THE MAMBA'. which, In KO8e's words, "can strike with 99% accuracy at maximum speed, in rapid succession."


I think Lakers should build upon this victory, probably their first this season against a division leader. As I mentioned earlier, they look so much better when everybody is involved in the game. Phil is doing a good job of resting Kobe for longer stretches so that he can regain his 4th qtr magic. At the same time, I am not sure if this victory can be considered great when it was 7th road game for Miami in a 2 week trip and everybody looked little tired. I agree with other guys on this board that Lakers must win at least 4 out of next 6 games and bring some consistency to their game. However, their scheduling is really screwed up this year. They will play high energy Phoenix team on back to back road game this week and then they have some 4 day break next week.

Another thing I want to point out is that Kwame should try to emulate Ben Wallace and this will be good for his confidence. He may not be a scrorer in this league (just like Big Ben) but if he continues working on his defensive skills, he will be a great asset to this team.

Is there any way that anyone knows of (a real way that might actualy be efective, not just trash talking) that could persuade TNT to lose Charles Barkley? Also does anyone know how I or anyone else could contact TNT to voice my concern over his employment there?

I have to say I've liked him, not liked him, and finally decided to be neutral on his opinions. Now, I just can't take it anymore. I really think TNT would have a better product if they let him go. I wonder if they are scared he might assault them if they let him go, or do they think he brings ratings now to the program? I would like to ask them and explain to them that if they juts hired another personality that is more professional, but still respected, they would greatly increase interest in there show, and they would definately put out a better product. I would like to hear Ernie and yes even Kenny be able to actualy speak on the show. They could easily ask Reggie Miller or someone like that to take Barkley's position. Or Scottie Pippen, or Clyde Drexler. There are so many stars that are retired that could provide good input and help generate an enjoyable program. Is anybody with me in trying to follow through with this and hopefully not have to watch Barkley or listen to him on there program next season at least? HELP!???!?

Lamar had good game last night against his old team who traded him even though he wanted to stay there. big deal.

one game doesnot makes anyone all star, untradeable! Lamar needs to bring it every night. he will choke again cuz he is jinxed. get rid of him along with the pot smoking buddies who believe he is untouchable.

the fact is lakers would have won this game by 20 points if artest was in lakers uni instead of Lamar I did not inhale.

go lakers, kobe rules, Lamar sucks!

nice gesture by Shaq last night in approaching Kobe. i'll give a little respect back to Shaq for that, however, i can't help but think there's something more to it than Bill Russell convincing him to bury the hatchet. less than a month ago they totally ignored each other. now shaq goes out of his way to make amends? maybe he's feeling his age and realizing that he may not win another championship. with that in mind, what team will retire his jersey? no rings with Orlando and no rings in view with Miami. Being the great business mind that Shaq thinks he is, i think last night's move was a step towards being welcomed back by the Lakers organization and fans in the hopes that we will be forgiving enough one day to retire his jersey.

Some people have posted comments on Kobe's lack of D on Wade last night. i think Shaq's gesture may have affected him more than we all think. you could obviously see that it meant a lot to Kobe that Shaq was acknowledging him again...and maybe that took a bit of the edge off Kobe. he played a great game but didn't seem to have that killer instinct he usually exhibits on Offense or Defense.

OK, they beat the Cavaliers and the Heat -- lucky streak. Does it stop here, or do they now have what it takes to win against the Suns?

khan, please remove your head out of artest's ass. take a deep breath. now doesnt fresh air smell better?

Hey shaq had to shake and give Kobe respect because Kobe demanded it through his play. If Kobe was't putting on the MVP type performances he's been giving, do you think Shaq would have given Kobe respect? I don't think he would.

I think you have to take the Kobe bashers with a grain of salt. People like "Bomani Jones" make these wild claims because they want attention. I can't take the article seriously because the article has no base in reality. I don't think she knows what killer instinct is. All the great teams have it. All the great players have it. They are the ones that win games and teammates look up to. James was saying that he wants to be able to have no fear when he takes the last shot. He wants teams to be scared of him when he takes that last shot. When Kobe makes a last second shot most people end up saying "you just can't guard that."

When it comes down to it, deep in his heart, Shaq would have rather retired a Laker. He knows that even if he'll never admit it.

Even if he requested the trade, deep down he wishes that the Lakers would have refused the trade. He knows it.

When he retires, his memories of playing at the Staples Center will be the memories he treasures the most.

Lamar show: let's see my screen name is not artest show. I guess you need to get your head out of Lamar ass and smell the air. then you can talk to me. are you just little upset that if lamar is traded you will be able to smoke the pots after getting you head out of his head. you are just and idiot.

I agree that LO should be a little more consistent on the scoring end..However, 15 ppg, 9rpg and 5apg are all-star type numbers. When I think about these #s only KG comes to mind. Anyone who knows b-ball will tell you that the pg (in this case its the point forward)is the most important piece of any team. I would never trade LO for Artest, if for no other reason Artest is a smoking gun.

Good job on that dunk AB!! Props for not backing down to the Diesel. LakerNation, be patient with the kid he has great potential, but don't be quick to put the pressure on him to be the savior.

i went back to watch the game on my TiVo - just couldn't get enough of a good thing. the three things i noticed rewatching the game was Shaq holding on to Bynum's left arm with his left while he used his right forearm to whack him. i hadn't noticed him hold on to Bynum the first time. the second was that Bynum did NOT hook Shaq after faking right. he did a clean spin, hooking no part of Shaq's waist to free him up.

the third thing i noticed was that DWade almost always carries over (palms) the ball when he dribbles. Kobe doesn't do it very often but has been consistently whistled for it (more than most other players) when he does. in fact, i noticed that Kobe lost the ball a lot when he came back from his two game suspension because he was being so wary of NOT carrying over the ball. Wade got ZERO whistles for consistently palming the ball. it makes it much easier to go into the heart of of the defense when you're ALLOWED to do that. but, kobe's defense was not as aggressive as usual - maybe premediated for team help? two cents - no change.

The whining in this blog should come with good cheese. People, you can't force everybody to love you, 2 years of negative press will not vanish overnight. Every Lakers win is a dagger in the hearts of all those Journalists or prognosticators, who are now scrambling to defend their previous statements. The Lakers are winning, Kobe is still the man and there is nothing any of them can do about it but point out the fact that even though Kobe can dance, sing and act, that he can't dance, sing, act and direct at the same time.

Listen, the same way you have a problem accepting Wade and Labron (questioning what they have achieved to be mentioned with Kobe), that same way, an older generation is down on Kobe judging him by different rules. He will never do enough, I remember in 2004-2005 he averaged a triple double over a 2 or 3 game span and Tim Legler could not take. He said Kobe was passing up shots to get more assists, said that even if Kobe averaged a Triple double for the whole season that the Lakers where not going anywhere that season.

D wade and Labron dominate the ball much more than Kobe but they are "The Good Son" and therefore can do no wrong until the honeymoon ends and it always does, Ask Tmac he will tell you.

It really is amazing the way the media is spinning this Shaq/Kobe hug BS. All over the radio today "I am glad that they", "It was so big of Shaq", Shaq was the bigger man". What a bunch of $%@&!. Kobe has never bad mouthed Shaq since he left. Kobe extended an ignored hand to Shaq in the first game they played as opponets. Shaq has insulted, bad mouthed and slandered the entire Laker organization at almost every opportunity. He walks into a nationally televised game and provides three photo ops for the camaras which he knows will be all over him. This was not Shaq the bigger man;it was Shaq maturing from 2 to 3 years of age and doing some damage controll work on his beaten image. None of this was about Kobe; Kobe has conducted himself with class ever since Shaq's departure. It is insulting to imply that this was some kind of mutual anything. Kobe moved forward almost two years ago; it just took Shaq that long to realize which way forward was.

I am very happy that Shaq made an effort but it is not a greater effort just because it was the first one he has tried to make. Shaq shows up gives a few hugs spares us his typical BS and its like "what a great guy" give me a break!

Okay, so am I the only person freaked out by the fact that Kobe keeps a pack of Pommerianians as pets? What's wrong with you people?

See, Brian Cook has proved his worth! He adopted a rescue dog! Now that's a man for you! No Pommerianians there!


I agree with you there. I think it really hurts Shaq that he couldn't retire as a Laker. I remember an old episode of MTV Cribs and like almost 50% of his cars or motorcycles, etc. had laker purple & gold on it or something laker related. He loved being a Laker. It's a shame he had to bring it on himself though.

Bomani Jones talks about how Kobe can't share the ball with his teamates and only cares about himself.

Thats a bunch of BS and he knows it.

When Kobe played last year as a facilitator, he averaged 6.0 APG. Lamar is only averaging 5.6 APG this year.

Also when Kobe played on the 2003-2004 "Dream Team" with Gary Payton and Karl Malone he averaged 5.1 assists per game while Payton averaged 5.5 APG. Kobe wasn't even the starting point guard yet he averaged just about as many assists as Payton because he had teamates that could actually play!

Kobe cannot be the passer that he used to be in years past. His teamates are just not talented enough. The talent (esp. offensively) is even worse this year than last year since they traded Chucky Atkins and Caron Butler.

Thats not going to stop these numbskulls like Jones who can't get it from writing about it.

Hey, I am not a Barkley fan either. But no matter how much you protest what he says, TNT will never get rid of him. Although he seems to be prediposed to dislike Kobe, you have to admit he's funny. You just have to know when you listen to him, to expect some negativity when it comes to the Lakers, and especially Kobe. If it is bothering you so much, my family and I play a game, we all make a bet on how many jabs Barkley will get in at Kobe. Just don't take him seriously.

Pet PEEVE: Mispelled Names

It's LEBRON NOT Labron (you don't have to capitalize the B, but at least get the "Le" part right)

It's DEVEAN George



... But it's okay if you can't spell Sasha's last name.

Ok, got that off my chest.

WRITE-IN SMUSH on your All-Star Ballots!

I'm out like D-Wade's jumper!

I totally agree with SpokaneLaker regarding his post on TNT dumping Barkley for good. As a whole I think that their halftime show stinks and most of the time they totally go off subject. Everytime FAT Charles speaks he looses me with his mumbling and regardless of what kobe does he will always hate him. He's a very BAD speaker (last time he referred SMUSH AS "SMUSHIE") and does not conduct himself in a professional manner. Bottomline, besides his "basketball smarts" he is not a pretty smart individual (acnowledging the fact that his friends did his hw for him in college) and TNT should learn that not every retired NBA player is a good commentator. I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say "DUMP BARKLEY!!!!"


TNT wants Barkley to speak off the top of his head. People tune in to hear the outrageous stuff Chuck says.
It can get tiring at times, but they're trying to draw in the casual fan, too. TNT doesn't care what you or I think.

Lay off on KO8E's defense on Wade. If you were watching the game closely, the defense was soft on Wade to compensate for the double or triple team on Shaq and good coverage on the rest of the guys. They contained everybody but they let Wade score more with less assists.

Shaq finally decided to grow up... It's sad that it had to take Bill Russell to tell him how to be "a man." If you ask me, I think Kobe was the bigger man by constantly downplaying the media. I'm just glad that the fued is over and now everyone could concentrate on basketball again. Also, that was totally uncalled for, for Shaq to bar arm him in the neck. Bynum didn't do anything out of the ordinary to him... I think Shaq was just plain embarresed. I use to be a huge Shaq fan until he showed me how immature he was.

kobe rocks my socks..........bynum will be the next shaq........


That's what I'm talking bout. I'm glad somebody besides myself sees the truth. Kobe Bryant has carried himself like a man throughout the entire Shaq ordeal. I too am glad that Shaq grew up regardless of the reason. But it didn't matter. Kobe is was and will always be a great player. Even if the sports writing media never gives him total credit for his all around talent, doesn't mean that he doesn't have and doesn't mean that we don't see it. I'm also glad to know that others notice the anti-Kobe theme of ESPN. They lie in their articles, they twist the facts and they always can find someone to bash Kobe for the exact same things Wade does, Lebron does, T-Mac does and others. But if you guys have been checking it out the players tell you who's the best. Wade, Iverson, Kenny, Magic all of them say they check out Lakers games or ESPN highlights to see what Kobe is doing or has done for the night. As I've been saying for a few years Kobe is the man. A man doesn't complain about how he's being mistreated, he just keeps his hand to the task whatever it is. When you are a man, you do it your way, so if you fail, you did it your way, if you succeed you did your way and there's no regrets. His teams know they can count on him. He'll always give them his best on the court. But the scary thing is, the best is yet to come. We haven't seen the best of Kobe Bryant yet. The night he scores 80 has 10 rebounds and 10 assists will be one of the greatest nights in NBA history. Go Lakers, Go Phil and even Go Shaq!

Amen to that Todd. Kobe just gets the short end of the stick. But in the long run, we all know he'll stick it to his let it ride.

"hooking" on Bynum? Please. Was Miami watching the same game? I know sometimes you give biased reviews to your team, but anyone who can't see that Bynum clearly outplayed him, without laying a hair on Shaq, is just stupid.

Hear that Miami? You're stupid!

Hey Laker fans, we owe Shaq, Kobe and Phil and the supporting cast the three championship from 2000-02. We should all be glad that Kobe & Shaq have patched-up. Someday, I dream of Shaq having peace with Mitch and Jerry Bass s0 we can close melodrama and go back to basketball. Whether you are Shaq, Kobe, Phil a fan or a hater, they all deserve a banner at the Staple walls when they retire. Don't you think so? I am sure a lot of presure have been released on the part of Kobe for this show of reconciliation. Ideally, he should also patch up with Malone too after the season. He could focus now on his ultimate objective of bringing back the championship to LA with Lamar or with the Laker's future: Andrew, the Giant and Flying Turriaf. Kobe is now in the pedestal of playing with greatness like Mike, he may not achieve what Mike did, but at least he's the closest player who could play like Mike. With regards to the statement of Phil that he would like to send the young players like: Green, VonWafer, Ron Turriaf, Andrew Bynum and Sasha Vujacic to NBDL, I don't know whether this is another psychological ploy of Phil to force these kids to play good but don't you think we need every piece in the playoffs especially Bynum, Turriaf and Vujacic. We need speed, height and youth as well as maturity but not NBDL.

Lamar has just "One" good game Khan!? He did that kind of thing more than once! You're brain is the size of a molecule!





Hope you guys are watching Stpehen A. Smith's "Quite Frankly" He gave Kobe much deserved props proclaiming Kobe to be the best 2 Guard in the addition he said the only way he could see Shaq extending the olive branch to Kobe was if Kobe made a move first. That's interesting considering that anyone who's watched Stephen A's show or watched him in the studio for NBA games knows he is definitely a "Shaq guy." It's good to see Kobe gets some props.


Amen Todd.

what did phil say on the air? i can't find a clip of it anywhere...

also, no talk about artest being at the game AGAIN? seems a little funny to me...


I'm sure the little dogs belong to Kobe's wife (as is usually the case with those things).

Can't blame him for not having a bigger dog, he's on the road 50% of the year at least, can't expect the wife to actually walk a giant dog around the block a couple of times a day while she's preggers, the little yappers can just be let out the front door like a cat. I feel you though, I can't stand the little dogs, but it's very much an image thing with the wealthy, although I always thought they got rid of them once they had real kids, but it's probably more admirable that the Bryant's are not the type to just trade in the yappers like some celebrities (i.e. P.Hilton) have been known to do.

There's no excuse for the 8th Wonder owning a pack of yipping mutant Pommerianians! If they're his wife's yappers, then he needs to have a talk with his wife! He needs to say, "Baby, I'm not letting my kids be raised around a bunch of mutant pseudo-canines. They'll grow up all screwed up. We're getting a real dog. We'll have one of our handlers take it on a daily walk if you're too busy with the kids. Sorry, its the way its got to be."

I friggen hate Pommerianians. Every time I see one psychotically yipping at me I have to hold back the urge to kick it. How can someone own one of those things as a pet? There must be something psychologically wrong with them. They're not cute. They're freaky, distorted mutations of what a dog is supposed to be.

How can you take a noble wolf and through inbreeding create these twisted mutant things that are closer to a rat than a real dog? Kobe, get rid of the rats. Get yourself a real dog. Have some self-respect for God's sake!

Now, regarding Bynum. Bynum is not the next Shaq. He's the next Bynum. THAT'S how great this kid is going to be. He's going to carry on the torch that was held by Shaq AND Kareem. I can't wait.

Regarding Barkley, he's a loser. He'll always be a loser. He'll never have a ring and I bet it eats him up inside.

Kobe's a winner. Period. Losers hate winners. Their intense envy eventually transforms itself into compulsive hate.

Charles, you're a loser.

Magic's a winner.

Kobe's a winnner.

You're a loser and your envy of Kobe's ability and gifts is becoming transparent and tedious.

By the end of this winning Lakers season, Barkley will praise KO8E's game. He may be hard on KO8E, but he's not hating him as much it seems. I remember the time when the Lakers swept the Spurs in the playoffs. Barkley praised KO8E as a better player than MJ. He even called out AI, Vince & TMac for not playing as hard as KO8E. I believe Barkley set a much higher standard for KO8E than every other NBA star.

Andrew Bynum,that was a great comeback! As far as Charles Barkely on TNT, most of the time he is funny.
However, I question why he sides with Shaq over Kobe. Shaq has been the one throwing the verbal barbs, while Kobe has always taken the high road. Also, Kenny also sided with Shaq over Kobe. I haven't had many opportunities to watch the Inside the NBA or all of the half-time shows, as I live in Japan, and through Satellite, only a selected games are available. In most of the TNT shows, I thought Charles was a laugh, maybe I haven't watched that many half-time shows to be exposed to his anti-laker views.

Sorry for the off topic guys...but I was just noticing Chris Mihm's stats are pretty much on par with Chris Kaman's....I like Mihm and I think his game is still improving. I thought there were a few instances last night when he made Shaq look old and slow (much like Ben Wallace did two years ago). Why is he never given any respect?

kobe di't play real one on one defense against wade. its obvious with his defensive stance. i think he relied on the team defense. somebody to step in for the block or clog the lanes. he need not play lock up defense agaist opposing teams top perimeter players for the entire game bc it takes bunch of energy off him and will affect his offense. he jst have to do it when it is badly needed. kobe is still one of the league's top one-on-one defender when he's on up to do it. see what he did against LJ?.

Kobe 4 MVP
GO GO GO Lakers!!!

as i have always say, in lakerland right now kobe can do it all...the smell of a championship finale for LA is getting stronger right now...much with the MVP honors for kobe...

kobe haters, think you better pack your pillows...kobe is coming!!!

as i have always been blogging, in lakerland and in the nba right now is the best player...i could even smell the championship for LA...and the scenario of kobe finally holding the larry obrien trophy and mvp trophy. go kobe! go LA!

About Charles Barkley............

He is a strait up bulley. He always says he likes guys that are the type that could probably kick his ass in real life, or give him a run for his money if they threw down, but he likes to talk S%@t about smaller guys or non fighting types, or if not, he takes the side of the guy that EVERYBODY says good things about, ala Reggie Miller. For instance, Barkley likes Wallace, Artest, Rasheed Wallace, Shaq, Kenyon Martin, Charles Oakley, etc....... He also likes Jordan, Magic, Miller, stockton, Malone, etc.... Now, he wouldnt be a bulley if he liked some of the older players I mentioned because they mostly all had extreme class, but he also likes some punks. Another nice Barkley thing is when he says someone is his hero, which he does once a broadcast, well, if someone is Barkley's hero, he's less likely to be mine. I mean who cares who Charles Barkley has as a hero. I so bad just want to see someone say "shut your mouth b#tch!" to him. I am alot smaller than him and I swear if he talked like that to me I'd say it to him. Yes, for those of you that think he is kind of entertaining, and sometimes funny, I swear I used to say the same thing to many, many, many people I know that hate him, but now, it's just so lame its not funny, when is illiteracy funny? Honestly, I DO NOT BELIEVE that he brings them ratings, I think if they made a move and got rid of him the ratings would slowly go up. Honestly, I like to see highlights, and when TNT goes to show them, he is blabbering about something stupid as hell every time and I have no idea what is happening on the highlights, so I turn it to ESPN. Then I end up leaving it there because I can understand what they are saying since they must have taken english in school, and something better usualy catches my eye. Barkley's mouth was humorous for a time, just like Who Wants To Be A Millionair was an entertaining show once, or like Stalone used to be a movie star. He sucks now. I would love to see some UFC guy mop the street some day with Barkley, but it wouldnt happen because Charles would kiss the guys ass, cuz he always does with someone that he cant bully. Barkley must go.

Most biassed announcers/T.V. personalities toward the Lakers I can recall...............(local announcing personalities not included)


Doug Collins(seems to be not so biassed now)

Hubey Brown(same as above)

Al Saunders(when it was the "in-thing" to do he totaly lambasted Bryant in an interview.(now seems like previous two)

note: collins and brown were biassed to the Lakers in such that when they did telecasts, they would always be saying what the other team needed to do to beat the Lakers, or get excited and say if the other team got a stop they could win, and then say how a call was a bad call if it favored the Lakers, and many other chapters from the official book of hate. They seem to be more fair now.

Take a look at the Miami Herald's blog and you'll see what a "hometown" paper is all about. Just check out the blogs concerning last night's game and you'll see what a slanted persepctive the dudes down in South Beach have in regards to the Heat. I have been a Laker fan since Magic's very first game in 1979. I now live in here South Florida and listen to idiots like Dan LeBatard kiss Dwayne Wade's ass all day & night. Listen, Wade is good, real good. However, he is not the second coming. I still like #8. I still wish Shaq was in Laker gear, but he got what he wished for. I am looking forward to an exciting second half of the season...

I posted yesterday that we booed because he's got no class, but I saw the replay of him exteding a hand to Kobe and have come to a conclusion: We should still boo him if just to give us that advantage of winning. We forgive you now too Shack.

Happy for Shack and we can enjoy the love and leave the hate ..... this is how the world should be

Shaq was more so pissed at Kobe about revealing his indiscretions to FIVE-O when he was being questioned in Colorado! That is some ISH to try to get over. That code was broken, every dude in Professional Sports lost respect for Kobe on that one! I think he just panicked, was talking out the side of his head, not particularly about Shaq, but in general, and it came out and of course, the authorities ran with it! After all, it was a STORY and that's what they get paid to do. I think Kobe had already apologized for that but Shaq refused to accept it. That lead to him blaming the Kobester for getting him ousted when Shaq all along, threatened to leave if he didn't receive an extension! Go figure! Anyway, I am glad that dumb ISH is over, cuz that's what it truly was, DUMB ISH! As for Barkley blasting Kobe, he is just a HATER. He has no rings thus no credibility. I rest my case! GO LAKERS!

Jon, I believe your hared towards Pommeranians borders on unhealthy. I do agree with you however, just not with such fervor. But seriously people, if you want to look into a good organization and cause, check out the Amanda Foundation, it's good stuff. And get yourself a "real" dog, as Jon would say, they need homes.

On to basketball. Here are a few things I noticed about the game and Lakers in general:

1. Kobe Bryant is absolutely on his own level. Maybe it's the national media constantly bringing him down, or the fact that I haven't seen enough of him against the other big names (Wade, Lebron), or maybe I just didn't want to sound like a homer. But watching that game I realized that Kobe just plays the game at a different speed, with different vision. It does remind me of Jordan, Magic, and Bird in the way that there was just a "difference" between them and the rest of the players.

2. D-Wade is a beast. Say what you will about the kid, but I have never seen someone go to the hole like he does. His game is still very rough around the edges, but he is going to be awesome. Give the dude his props, and lay off Kobe a bit about his defending him, no one can really guard that guy.

3. Let's not get too excited about Bynum. Obviously he is showing great potential and is probably way ahead of the curve Mitch and Phil set out at the beginning of the season, but the guy is not the second coming of Kareem just because of one dunk (although the highlight of my 06' so far). HOWEVER, I do think he has shown enough to end all talks of him being included in any Artest trade. If Artest wasn't crazy (in which he would not be on the market so that point is mute) I would consider it, just because I think Artest is that fine a basketball player and you never know what's going to happen with Bynum. But let's be realistic, the kid is not built like a Wilt or Shaq and doesn't have the athleticism of a David Robinson or Hakeem or even Patrick Ewing, so how high do you see his upside? I think he could be like Yao, but I'm not sure that's not worth using as trade bait if something really good comes up.

4. Shaq is really a shell of himself. I know I've read about it all day every day on this blog, but that's the first time I've watched him this year and it's amazing how far his game has fallen, even a bit sad. He will always be huge, but what made him great was his quickness. That's basically gone now and on defense especially, he's more a liability than a benefit.


kobe is the best ,no thinking but his D is very bad latly. i remember a game where he flew over and blocked a shot against the board ,that was voted second best block of the year!! get kobe s D back and give andrew more min our D will be great.
whith bynim showing that much heart every night we will have lots of presence in the inside !im not saying start him just give him more min
and try to motivate odom
lakers in 2 years whith bynim (whith experience)kobe as always the best in the leaugue if not of all time(whith all the respect MJ) and odom at all star level
u get another three titles easy

Props to the Lakers for a great game. I would hate to see our future get wasted in a trade for Artest or anyone else. While Kobe is by far the BEST player in the game today, AB will lead the Lakers in the future. Laker fans need to be patient and just let this kid develop. In two, or three years, we will see Kobe and AB become the best #1 and #2 punch in the game. It was fantastic to see David stand up to Goliath. AB showed everyone what he is made of. It is too bad that he doesn't get enough playing time to show us what he is really capable of.

As for Barkley and his comments, just consider the source. He is a LOSER and can’t stand the fact that Kobe has three rings and continues to get accolades.


Props to the Lakers for a great game. I would hate to see our future get wasted in a trade for Artest or anyone else. While Kobe is by far the BEST player in the game today, AB will lead the Lakers in the future. Laker fans need to be patient and just let this kid develop. In two, or three years, we will see Kobe and AB become the best #1 and #2 punch in the game. It was fantastic to see David stand up to Goliath. AB showed everyone what he made of. It is too bad that he doesn't get enough playing time to show us what he is really capable of.

As for Barkley and his comments, just consider the source. He is a LOSER and can’t stand the fact that Kobe has three rings and continues to get accolades.


Adding to what Mr. Toz Johnson was saying over Kobe's indiscretions over Shak, when being questioned in Colorado. Kobe grew up in a total different environment than Shak. Kobe is not guilty of having being raised for a good part of his life in Europe, where people as a whole sees life in a complete opposite way than a typical American....

Shak is proud of his degrees, but does not show any understanding of Kobe's situation and probably not for any one under those circumstances, being interrogated by the police and probably for his first time ever. People under these stress tends to be extremely vulnerable like in a state of shock for a moment one's defenses are down and you forget, like a child would do, about loyalties, what the code of honor says or not, you just feel compelled like a little child to say the truth even if it is not socially correct.

From here everybody started judging Kobe as if he should have behaved coldly and sharp at that point as he is as a player; without not knowing that his brilliance comes along too with years of preparation to play at that level, but there was not a single second of preparation to face the situation he was under when interrogated. An all this at an age of 23 or 24.

Sick dunk by Shaq! Even sicker move by Big Drew Bynum!

Man, what a night! I don't know how true this new truce by Shaq-Kobe is but it was like a flashback to the three-peat years when Shaq and Kobe would find a way to get a long in the playoffs and run the table as the most dominant one-two combo since Mike and Pip. The whole drama gave me goose bumps. Even if the truce doesn't last it was good TV if anything. As a Laker fan I'd like to believe that Sahq and Kobe can at least have some sort of "respectful and professional relationship" if not ever a personal one.

Wow! Kobe again showed the world that he is a prime MVP candidate if not the top choice. D Wade can't shoot like Kobe can in the clutch...or EVEN shoot for any matter! yea...yea Wade has got some inside moves like Kobe when he spilts 2 and 3 defenders and still manages to get the ball through but that's where Wade's game is comparable...he is a work in progress.

I too hope that someday in the next 2 seasons (before Phil's 3 years are up) the Lakers can still meet up with Miami in the Finals. That would be something else.

Here's hoping for '07-2008 post-season

2 reasons why Charles Barkley hates Kobe. 1) Kobe has more rings. 3 more rings actually. 2) For whatever reason, Kobe broke that player code and ratted out Shaq. i'm sure that Barkley, being such a popular guy in the NBA and among other athletes, upholds whatever codes they have.

i think he's a funny guy especially when he's trading insults with Kenny Smith, but i take many of his comments with a grain of salt knowing he's coming from a bitter place.

I can remember when I had to take anything I could about a Piston's game and make it sound good, even when I knew in my heart that they were a crappy team. Sure, you've got Kobe, but get real, he isn't now and never will be MJ! The only reason Kobe has any rings is because the Big Man was there to help. Just like today, if Shaq hadn't been there the Lakers would have been just another average team. Try and console yourselves now, but come playoff time the Lakers will be sitting on the sidelines watching while Shaq will be fighting for the Eastern Conference title(with a little help from that Monster D Wade. Don't get me wrong, Kobe is a great player, but he cannot do it alone. Other than Air himself there has never been a player who could will his teammates to greater things than their ability suggested they could give. Shaq was a beast in the middle and given another strong player the results in LA would have been no different; though I don't believe Shaq to be anywhere near the player MJ was. Maybe Bynum is the big man that will take the Lakers to the next level, maybe not. One short, productive outing against an aging Shaq just isn't enough to convince me! Good luck all of you Laker fans, you're going to need all you can get. GO MOTOWN!



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