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And... Game... On

Done deal. All the principles are moving forward with their lives. Lakers fans should do the same.

Food for thought: March 2003. Artest picks up the umpteenth flagrant of his career on then-Blazer Bonzi Wells. Now the two share a locker room. Fortunately, a level-headed guy like Bonzi doesn't strike one as the kind of guy who carries a grudge.

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They're gonna share a shower?

That's right! Bonzi Wells and Artest on the same team. Sweet, sweet justice! So good.

I'm not ready to move on. I still want Artest.


I meant "Share the shower room," which all players do, but I see the point. Should have been phrased better. I changed it to "Locker room."


Sorry Benjamin, but the deal is done. If you want him, then go talk to him yourself.

Anyone who thinks this is good for the Lakers is crazy. Not only do we lose a player who could have helped us out a lot, we gain a new threat in our own division!!! All you people who thought getting Artest was a bad thing must think him going to sac-town is great. This trade won't make the kings (or queens) great but it does make them a threat to get the eight spot in the west.

Assad (and others)

Excellent observation about the Kings improving- though the way they had played of late, there was a chance they could catch the Lakers before the deal. They are absolutely a playoff threat, now.

Quick question though: Say for the sake of arguement that you're right, and they do squeeze the Lakers from the 8th spot. Not to sound callous, but so what? Most likely, they'd have played a team that would have waxed them anyway. To me, it's not worth risking the future (assuming they had to give up some package including Odom, and perhaps Bynum) to take Artest on. The longterm goal isn't to get back into the lower half of the playoffs, but to construct a championship roster. Ron Artest is talented enough to have been a part of that, but he's also unstable enough to blow it up.

It's hard to look beyond the now, but the Lakers have no choice.

Keep posting. Thanks for the comments.


Indiana offered artest and croshere for odom. before that it was artest for bynum. i still think we missed our chance but maybe he just went there cause bird said go there for now ... maybe you'll ike it.. and if you dont wannt play there later, just act like artest and you'll get traded. LOL

I would have jumped on Artest and Croshere for Odom. Of course, then who would screw up the ends of games for the Lakers?

Lol jman!

I don't even think Bynum could fill those shoes.

Whatever, at least it’s over.

I work for a company that is a leader in our industry. We have had exceptional growth year after year, breaking all sorts of records. Most of that growth has come from acquiring smaller companies and absorbing them into our system. We have recently turned our focus into growing “organically” or from within. We want to improve and streamline our processes, learn to keep costs down and maximize profits, but all the while continuing our record breaking growth. I kind of liken the Lakers current situation to ours. We were a huge company before, industry leader, so we had that reputation established (Kobe and Phil), we then decided to go out and get pieces that made sense financially and provided us with a solid future (LO, Bynum, Kwame, Smush, Turiaf), and now we are trying to integrate the new companies into our system and get everyone firing on all cylinders (having everyone comfortable in the triangle and defensive scheme). We have seen some success (the Lakers are 22-19, in the playoff hunt) but we have almost infinite room for improvement. Hopefully the Lakers can continue to grow this franchise organically and avoid doing what most companies (the Knicks) do when trouble arises, they throw money at the problem.

Here’s to a great second half, Kobe for MVP, and the NBA Finals!!

Maybe fodder for a different blog, but just what is our plan to become a title contender? How exactly are we planning to get to the promised land? Who can/should we target? And how will this all come together in the next, say 3 years, which is when I would expect most of us to start antsy about getting a ring.
I've heard a lot about how the Lakers aren't building to become a playoff team, but to rather win it all. So, how exactly are we doing it? The Lord knows that it ain't happening with the team as presently constituted.

I personally have no problem with Artest not being here... but I did hope that he would be the "enforcer" that was once talked about. You know someone who would get in the faces of opponents when they (and I believe they will definitely do now if they haven't yet) clothesline Kobe. As it is now, we have Sasha?

And to add to speculation...who think Jermaine O'Neal will be possible for us (to have) in the future? He admires Kobe (then again most high school players do)

great point jmann! also, who else could guarantee atleast 1 offensive foul each game. some folks in here don't realize that lamar would never be the sidekick kobe needs to win consistently. in order to get that number 2 guy, you can't get by trading george or slava. do you really think the other gm are as stupid as kupcake?


I feel what you're saying but it's never a bad thing to make the playoffs whether you get waxed or not. We have a very young team, and getting into the post season can give them some invaluable experience. I don't think the Lakers will be in the eight spot anyway (I really believe 6 or 7). My biggest worry is the Kings stealing games from us, that could lead to a higher playoff spot. Every game this season is important if were gonna make the playoffs.

Oh yeah, and my name is spelled ASAAD. It's all good though, I been dealing with the Double S thing since about.... birth.

AK, I'm just messin' wit ya, man.

You're awesome! Keep up the good work. And gimme my part II on Kareem soon, or else I'm gonna have to start doing some actual work here!


I knew you were messing. But it still needed rephrasing.


im wondering why everyone is worried about us not getting artest. if everyone was so worried about artest ruining laker franchise, dont you think artest could just as easily ruin the kings franchise? why worry about the 8th spot now? i have a feeling the lakers will secure a 8th spot this year.

the risk of artest blowing up and causing more drama to our team is not any more of a gamble than risking kobe's health on the line each and every game. at any given time, kobe could come down on someone's foot and sprain an ankle or he can catch an elbow to the face and be out for a while. the nba is a business and all businesses require some risk for reward.

now dont you think the kings are getting into artest's head to convince him to be the player he can be without all the craziness everyone THINKS he brings? dont you think the maloofs and the gm are in gonna be in artest's ear telling him to prove literally everyone in the nba wrong for doubting his ability to keep his cool and to regain his reputation as a top 15 nba player???

personally i think phil and kobe could have gotten artest to buy into that idea. artest so badly wants to prove his doubters wrong.

its a shame, but whats done is done. it was a nice thought having ron ron in forum blue and gold.

Whats with Magic then saying on radio that Lakers were looking at a scorer and another bench player ? Any clues on whom he was hinting at? Pierce by any chance?

if peja continues to play the way hes playing this year, what are the chances of us landing him during the off season for possibly the mid-level? i think our chances are good considering we have vlade recruiting him.

how the hell did Artest end up in SAC? how did the Kings get such a great player for a loser player?
Indiana Pacers organization are a bunch of stupid morons.

man lakers missed their golden chance to land a player like Artest DAMIT! GREAT Defense + GREAT OFFENSE IN A PLAYER AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!!! DAMIT!!!!!!! MITCH YOU FREAKIN IDIOT!!!

Well what i have been dreaming about for the last few months has officially become a nightmare!!!!
This really sucks Artest on the kings WTF. This doesnt knock us out of the playoffs but it gives us way more competition in the wide open west. Now lets hope we can trade for someone before the deadline. Maybe Odom and heats first for Pierce. I just made that trade on NBA Live 06 but this is real life. One thing we have to remember is we still have L.O. and love him or hate him he is still very tradeable and with us lookin for a scorer why not Pierce and Dalonte West or Kedrick Perckins. Heck i just want kobe to get help and get help fast before i get desperate and start talkin about trying to get Marberry or something. Well Mitch Artest is off the Block so lets go get Pierce.


anyone here play nba fantasy hoops?

ravi, he is talking about himself. he is coming back.

lamar sucks!


Why would Peja opt out of a contract that would pay him $8.2M next year to sign with the Lakers for the midlevel exception, which is around $5M?

I don't think his relationship with Vlade is worth $3M to him.

why is everyone upset for not getting artest? we all know that he is a loser like kobe. how could two losers exist in the same team.? both of them are ball hogger and bad attitude. kobe will never win another ring without shaq.

haha, ron- you are about as good at standup comedy as KG is on his commercial. Keep it coming man, good material!


Kobe is no call 81pt game a loser?? Maybe you're the loser. Kobe wants to win. You can see the game in toronto..all of his teammates didn't step up. So he turned on his greatness and rest is history.

Honestly its surely a little waste we didnt' get artest. Artest brings intensity in the defense. Imagine..lakers vs. detriot. Artest defending prince.. I bet prince will score less than 10pts. Thats how good artest in defense. I remember him guarding Shawn Marion last year and Shawn scored like 6pts.

The bad thing about artest is his attitude but PJ knows how to deal those kind of players. He dealt with Rodman and it turned out okay.

So ron, please don't tell Kobe is loser. Artest is not loser also..he loves to play basketball..he only have attitude problem thats all

Ron, Go to the heat forum.

Give your valuable advice to Shaq and maybe he will pay you a few dimes

do ya'll thing with the kings improving and fighting the lakers for the final spots might revive the rivalry????? prally not, but knowing artest he aint shy to throw some punches here and there...anyway's this 4 day break is killing me, it has been one of the longest weeks since the offseason, but i guess its good rest for our players, cant wait till friday tho, hopefully turiaf will play...

go lakers

basically the 7-road game trip will decide if the lakers make the playoffs or fall out.

this is probably the most important time of the year for the lakers.

Hey Kev 8,

I participate in the Fantasy hoops.

With Ron Artest going to Sacramento, we can finally put it too rest. Maybe this was a good move by Kupchack to not try so hard for Artest, for maybe a better move for a better player sometime in the near future.

Faith, I wouldn't mind seeing Jermaine O'Neal in a Laker uniform.

Paul Pierce would be a great second scoring option for L.A. but I'm not sure if Pierce could except that role.

Would Kobe be willing to give some of his salary for KG to make it to L.A?

Elyse, yea that other ron is a trip! I just learned to just ignore him.

Lakers 4-Life

man i have a feeling the lakers will come out rusty like hell. hopefully they don't against the 3 point shooting team gs.

Looking at the Laker's schedule, the month of february is a golden opportunity for the Lakers to make some noise. This road trip includes stops at New York, Charlotte and Indian, all playing without some of their best players. After that, we have the rest of the month at home against teams we should beat. Could be a great time for a nice run. Eight seed? We're only a game away from #6 and the Clippers could be fading fast.

The Lakers at the 6 spot? The Lakers should, by the end of the season, be at the number 5 spot. I think they'll overtake the Clippers and Memphis. The Lakers are at 22-19 for the first half of the season and lost like 11 games by 6 points or less with an inexperienced group of player playing in the triangle. I see a big improvement coming. I think it's well within reasonable expectation for the Laker to go 28-13 for the 2nd half of the season. That would make us 50-32. That's only 8 more wins in the 2nd half than what we got in the 1st half of the season. That's my expectation for the 2nd half of the season. As for this 7 game road trip. We need to start fast, first with a win against Golden State at home. Then the Detriot game will give us a good look at the quality of play we execute. We need between 5 and 6 wins on that trip. Wins against the Knicks, Pacers, Bobcats, Hornets, and a split in Texas should get us there. If we do that we'll be in good position to build a serious amount of confidence for the rest of the season. That's my expectation.


Michael Teniente,

You're not thinking outside the box. It's not easy as you think it is. We take it one game at a time, Lakers will not just win like 10 games in a row. Because between games, they make stupid mistakes like the one in portland and sacramento.

(One game at a time)

kobe will never championship without the help of shaq diesel. u know kobe is a ball hogger. accept it.

hey, i just got an offer to trade ron for a bottle of florida wine made from riley's sour grapes and a case of Team First Ale from vince carter's private brewery. what do you think? you know, the offer's too good to pass up. i think i'll pull the trigger on this one, fellas. party at my place.

On the 7 Road Game, we should win most of them. The Hardest will be the Pistons and the Easiest will be the Knicks. If the Lakers win the majority of it, then we will be good. We should get either the 7th, 6th, or 5th playoff spot. If we can get teh 5th, then we are a better team than was previuosly thought. If such young team can get such results then watch out when they are the vets. We will be wearing the rings and Kobe will be the Finals MVP! Just give it time.

And the whole Artest thing, yes it sucks we were not able to get them. It's understandable for people to blow off some steam but we need to go on. Sooner or later, we will get a superstar. Just be patient.

Ron: Screw you! Shaq is FAT. Kobe Rules!
Go Lakers!!!!

omg I can't wait for the next Lakers game COME ON HURRY UP!lol

Artest is one of the few players in this league that can bother Kobe. No one stops him one on one but Artest has the size and strength to slow him down. I wish we could have made a trade happen. Indiana didn't do well on their end. Peja is just a few more points, but Ron will fit in on both ends and play well with Bibby. OK so our roster is set for now, first round exit in the playoffs and we're rooting for Kobe MVP, scoring title, another 80? Still don't like this 2 year salary cap plan.

okay... here is my final thoughts on the artest to sac dealio !!!

i wanted him to be a laker... as long as we didn't give up odom. oh well huh... time to move on...
i think artest wanted to come to the lakers, but indiana didn't want to send him to the destination of his choice...
so, instead, they sent him to sac...
who are currently last place in their division...

on another note... this 4 day layoff is killing me...
i need to see our boys play again...
can't wait till friday when we meet golden state...


I'm not trying to think outside of the box. Just stating my expectations. If this isn't the Lakers expectations, well, there's something wrong with their mentality. Of course, it has to be one game at a time. I would think that would go without say. No one said it would be easy and no said the Lakers are expected to win 10 in a row. 5 out of 7 is not 10 in a row.


man I suck at fantasy hoops I'm 2nd to last in the standings of 12 teams. yea I suck bad

Finally, I have watched Kobe's 81 point game buying it off of google. What a great performance! Great play from the Lakers as a whole as well with their defensive pressure. I think it's safe to say that when the ref's get Kobe upset, the opposing team is in for a long night. Great job Kobe!

Lakers 4-Life

Im happy artest was traded to the queens. He will be soooo miserable there that he leave when he becomes a free agent and the lakers will then proceed to sign him. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!!


Right now I'm in 3rd place in my league, my team consist of:

Shane Battier
Vince Carter
Marquis Daniels
Tim Duncan
Channing Frye
Richard Hamilton
Mike James
Chris Kamen
Brevin Knight
Mike Miller
Shaquille O'Neal
Rasheed Wallace
David West
Jason Williams.

Currently, I'm trying to make a trade for Kobe Bryant/Caron Butler in exchange for Tim Duncan/Rasheed Wallace.

There's a team who's undefeated, my record is 7-5

Is there a place where you can download Kobe's game? lol for free..

damit I want the game the video lol

Hey AK, BK

Isnt there anybody you can talk to in the Lakers Front office that could possibly give us a clue as to Who Kupchek i.e. The Lakers are looking at?
Whos left out there thats of interest to them now that Artest is off the Market?
Who could possibly come in and be effective in this (Phils) Triangle offense?
You Guys have any inside info at all?
Please ease our Pain a little.
Thanks for the Blog Guys. Guess you have some competition with J.A. now Huh. LMAO.... YEAH RIGHT.......

Hey Kev,

Go to google video, it's only 3.95 for the game. I don't know how to transfer it to DVD otherwise I would of sent one to you at no charge. Besides, that is probably illegal anyway. lol.


Yea, I want to know some inside info as well. Obviously, we are not winning any titles with just Kobe, we of course need a second scorer. I hope the Lakers and Mitch have their eyes on either:


Just to name a few. I'm not sure if the Lakers can ever match the contract of KG unless if Kobe's willing to give up some of his salary. Otherwise, if we can trade Lamar, Kwame and George plus a first round pick for Garnett, I'm all for it. And that might sound far fetched.

Lakers 4-Life

kev. you can always just download the game illegally, although i dont promote it. but people do. you have to use bit torrent.

lol I'm sure any file sharing program has it on its distribution list...

holy crap Bit torrent takes forever to download. lol Azuerus sucks

who knows the best website to download anything from movies to all this stuff using the Azureus bit torrent anyone know a website to search up stuff?

Hey dumb ass Ron: make up your mind. do you like or hate kobe? I am tired of you switching sides in each post. idiot...


Everyone on here thinks the Lakers have some major moves planned.
Well here is a news bulletin: They don't.
Their plan is still 2007 unless something out of the ordinary happens (like the Artest situation).
Even when looking at the Artest situation, they still were not going to hurt their plan
for 2007 or ruin the core of the team.

Folks, there is nothing the Lakers can do to win a championship this year.
Other teams would have to help them by getting injured.
Sure, kupchaq can make some deals this year and improve the team.

But it usually means the Lakers have to spend more money or the player may have more than
2 years on his contract. This is something the Lakers do not want to do in 2007! Getting rid of kupchak won't change this plan.

Unless the player is going to help them win a championship now, or the player has
less than 3 years on a deal, or A Laker is injured for the year, NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN!

I don’t think we’ll see another title in the next three years. There is always the possibility the front office can pull something off and get a team in here that can start to play up to Kobe’s level, but it’s a tough road to hoe. I know we get cap space in 2007, but any star out there is going to demand more than we can pay anyway. I think the fact that we have so much money tied up in Lamar, and we’ve all come to the conclusion he’s not a #2 guy, we’ll be strapped to pay a guy to lighten the load of Kobe. I am interested in some of the big players that might be moved this offseason. If Indiana continues to tank, you might see Jermaine O’Neal become available. Unfortunately the Lakers really don’t have much in trade value that they could send back, but I’m thinking a package would probably have to include Lamar AND Bynum, for financial and future potential reasons. I would probably be okay with that deal, but it’s a long shot. As for Peja coming to LA for the mid-level next year, it would shock me more than Kobe going for 81. He’s got an option for $8.3 million next year if he wants it, and could probably fetch $10-$12 mil a year on the open market if he plays well the rest of the year. With the new CBA in effect, its very difficult for a team to go out and bring in stars via free agency to improve. The best way is to get young talent in the draft and bank on them excelling while on a rookie contract. That’s where the Bynum pick was strange. If we were thinking about being and elite team in three years, a pick like Danny Granger would have made more sense. I really like LO and what he brings to the table, but I think he has a lot of value in a trade and if he could be used to bring in a player like J. O’Neal, Pierce, or Bosh I would make that happen. Believe it or not, the Lakers are in a pretty good place right now. They will have some money after next season and if they can get this current team to step up around Kobe between now and then, this conversation could be drastically different at that time.

Why don't the Lakers go after Jay Williams, formerly of the Bulls/Duke? We need a point, and he probably can be gotten for an incentive laden price!

Artest is gone, good new, if Phil can't make Odom play hard, smarter, how can Phil make Artest better? Bynum have baskeball IQ, he needs playing times to get better, because we don't play good teams every week. Lakers fan, be patient, don't trust Phil because he just want to win now and and he will be gone and leave Lakers with bad situation.


Because J Williams won't make them a championship team.




Well Kevin....

Phil doesn't need to make Artest better. We needed just what Artest already brought to the table. His consistent 19pts...league leading steals. And hardnosed defense that would have freed up the reliance on Kobe to guard the top scorers on each team. The problem with the lakers starts with management. We have a coward in Mitch Kupcake who turned down the trade for Artest and Austin Croshere for Odom. Does anyone have any idea how deep of a team we would have been with those two added to the roster. That was one of the dumbest decisions I've ever heard of. I have no faith whatsoever in Mitch. Name one decision he's made since Jerry West left other then trading Shaq to miami for not even 1 All-Star in return!! And basically took on Brian Grant's contract just to make the numbers match. Now we're stuck with his ridiculous contract for 2 more years!! And now, he decides to waste a few of what could be one of the greatest players to ever play the games prime years to..(in his words)"wait for 08' when Lebron or Carmelo or Dwade is available". I'm sorry, and I'm a laker fan to the core! But Mitch has to be the dumbest Exec in history to ever think Kobe and Lebron will ever be playing alongside eachother. He might as well see if Garnett, Shaq, and McGrady would like to jump aboard as well. I'm sick and tired of his decisions ruining this franchise. We don't need the biggest name in the game. We have Phil Jackson and Kobe bryant. All you need is a "consistent" second scorer which Odom has proved, he'll never be...and with the brillance of Kobe...we'll be right back in the mix.
If Jerry Buss doesn't open his eyes and put someone in management that's a risk taker and can make some moves for this franchise...we'll be in trouble. And we'll never get back to the elite status we deserve.
And with that being said..I know he'll never remove mitch so.....long live the lakers :(
I'm still a fan though!!! :)

#8...The greatest!!

where did i can downloads the march to the Hornets



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