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The Lakers are off for a few days...

December 29, 2005 |  6:03 pm

... and so are the Kamenetzky Brothers. We're both gonna take a couple days to chill and relax, as we've been posting a few times daily since the blog's inception. Thus, you're looking at the last new post until 2006. We will, however, update comments (although not as frequently), so if folks wanna keep yapping, feel free to fire away. And obviously, if something big breaks (for example, the Lakers trade for a certain psychopathic forward), one of us will put down the beer and put up a new entry. But otherwise, enjoy the rest of 2005!

And with that, I leave y'all with a topic. It's that time of year when everyone makes their New Year's Resolutions. Presumably, at least a few Lakers will be making a list of their own. If you could add an item to one (or more) player's plans, what would it be? And just to make things easier, here's the entire roster:

Kwame, Kobe, Bynum, Cook, George, Green, Mihm, McKie, Slava, LO, Smush, Profit, Turiaf (it's still up in the air, but what the hell) Sasha, Wafer, and Walton.  And just for giggles, let's throw Phil Jackson into the mix.

Take care,