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The Lakers are off for a few days...

... and so are the Kamenetzky Brothers. We're both gonna take a couple days to chill and relax, as we've been posting a few times daily since the blog's inception. Thus, you're looking at the last new post until 2006. We will, however, update comments (although not as frequently), so if folks wanna keep yapping, feel free to fire away. And obviously, if something big breaks (for example, the Lakers trade for a certain psychopathic forward), one of us will put down the beer and put up a new entry. But otherwise, enjoy the rest of 2005!

And with that, I leave y'all with a topic. It's that time of year when everyone makes their New Year's Resolutions. Presumably, at least a few Lakers will be making a list of their own. If you could add an item to one (or more) player's plans, what would it be? And just to make things easier, here's the entire roster:

Kwame, Kobe, Bynum, Cook, George, Green, Mihm, McKie, Slava, LO, Smush, Profit, Turiaf (it's still up in the air, but what the hell) Sasha, Wafer, and Walton.  And just for giggles, let's throw Phil Jackson into the mix.

Take care,


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Please keep us posted on your thoughts about the Ron Artest deal. I am still finding it hard to believe that Mitch Kupcake could pull off such a blockbuster deal. I mean cmon.... Devon George for Ron Artest ??? That would be like trading Shaq for lamar Odom....... oh wait, so maybe it is possible!!!

I'm watching the Detroit-Miami game right now. The contrast between Dwyane Wade and Kobe couldn't be more stark. Wade involves his teammates, plays under control, and takes good shots. Hence, my advice to Kobe for the coming year is: "Be like Dwyane."

Kwame - To get some offense and learn to Dunk the Ball
Kobe- Shoot less and trust my teamates more
Bynum- To really Impress my Coaches So I can get some Playing time
Cook- To be a more aggressive rebounder only thing Im missing in my game
George- To be Healty and Consistent.
Mihm- To be on the floor more than 10 to 20 min a game.
McKie- To get healthy so Kobe can get some rest.
Slava- So many to choose! Health. Playing Time, Health
L.O.- To be more aggressive than Kobe Just one game.
Smush- Average 18 and 5 rest of the way.
Profit- Health and a spot on the team next year.
Turiaf- To sign and be playing with the team by the all star game.
Sasha- To be more than just a practice player.
Wafer - more playing time.
Walton- to be more consistent jump shooter.
Phil- To beat RED!

And Mine- To be more patient with the team and trust the coach.

Let's not forget Mitch and Jerry Buss... there is a resolution (or three) that they ought to be making right about now.

As for readers of this Blog, we have managed to build a rather nice commnuity, but I wish we could resolve to be tough, but fair with our team and one another. Critical comments shouldn't be read as "hating". In life there are all sorts of shades (both real and imagined) to an issue and we ought to be able to call things as we see it, but understand that other people may see it differently. That doesn't make us necessarily right or wrong -- or haters or lovers.

So, perhaps we could resolve to show one another a little bit more love when it comes to the team that we all seem to love so much. We all have the same interests at heart -- ultimately: the best Laker product possible.

Peace. And a very happy, healthy, successful 2006!

All I wanna see come JAN 1st when i take my son to our first laker game of the New Year is Ron Artest and Jalen Rose in Laker Uniforms........ Bye Devean and Slava, ya'll will be missed...........

New Years Resolutions:

Kwame- To buy a set of better hands
Kobe- To get a true second scorer
Bynum- To convince the coach I deserve more playing time.
Cook- To work on driving to the basket.
George- To find a nice home in Indiana
Green- To not get cut from the Laker Roster
Mihm- To convince the referee's that I'm actually getting fouled.
McKie- To assist the Lakers by advancing in the playoffs. Otherwise, all this rest would have been useless.
Slava- To find a nice home in Toronto.
LO- To stay off the trading block.
Smush- To not lose my starting position to Sasha.
Profit- For my injury to heal properly and quickly.
Turiaf- To finally make the Laker Roster and not turn into a disappointment.
Sasha- To gain weight and WAKE UP! THIS IS BASKETBALL!
Wafer- To not be given the nickname Wafle.
Walton- To not have my dad broadcast another Laker game on national television.
Phil- To land Artest to fill in that second scoring void.

My New Years Resolution:

To bench press 450 lbs. Right now I'm at 90. Anyone knows Mr. Palmero's Phone Number?

I love your resolution for Walton....LMAO. Wish I had thought of that one.

Kobe Bryant is the best

The Lakers New Years Resolution

Kwame- To catch the Ball and learn how to lay-up/dunk.
Kobe- To Pass the Ball more.
Bynum- To Grow Up.
Cook- To Be more Agressive.
George- To get Traded for Ron Artest.
Green- To leave the Lakers and head for the Pacers.
Mihm- To stay in the game for 10 mins.
McKie- To leave the Lakers and find a new home.
Slava- To leave the Lakers and head for the Pacers.
LO- To stop being a Softie and Shoot the BALL For god's sake.
Smush- To Not getting Crossed by Damon Stoudamire again.
Profit- To stop looking like Kobe.
Turiaf- To Make the Lakers Roster and help the Post because Kwame can't catch the ball.
Sasha- To stop getting crossed by opponent's Pointguard's that are 6 inches shorter.
Wafer- To prevent from getting Waived by the Lakers.
Walton- To learn how to shoot the ball better and tell my dad to please be quiet because his broadcasting really annoys people.
Phil- To shave my Mustache and Treat Ron Artest if Acquired as another Dennis Rodman.

Kobe- get teammates involved more often and take better (if not less) shots
Lamar- develop into a consistent sencond scorer and be more aggresive
Mihm- stay out of foul trouble
Cook- more aggresive on both ends of the court
Smush- average at least 15 points and 7 dimes for the season
Walton- develop consistent jumper
George- stay healthy and consistent or find a new home in Indiana
Sasha- develop into laker version of peja (difference being that you'll come off the bench)
Profit- continue to get healthy and hope for a spot on the roster next season
McKie- get healthy and be force off the bench like in 2001
Slava- get healthy, get playing time and hope not to get traded
Wafer- more playing time
Green- more playing time and not get cut
Turiaf- hope to get signed by the all star break
Bynum- develop kareems's famous sky hook
Phil Jackson- aim for 10th Ring (if it happens, Mt. Rushmore needs another face)

Jack Spratt, stop drinking. it's very unbecoming. so you want kobe to be just like dwayne wade? well then, give kobe an antoine walker, a gary payton, a jason williams, an alonzo mourning, heck even an udonis haslem around him...then he'll be juuuuust like dwayne. idiot.

okay, back to the purpose.
I, professional Laker, resolve to:

Bynum - show CBuck why this blog loves me so much.

Cook - drain the midrange J with consistency.

George - stay with McGrady next time.

Green - uhhh... try not to get waived when Turiaf signs.

Kobe - stop giving these random doubters ammo (i.e. "Be more like Dwayne" what the...?) drive more, find that balance by involving my bruhs, HELP build big leads so bynum can get some fourth-quarter love.

Kwame - play like i'm 6-11 and dunk the dang ball... while i'm at it, i really need to cut my cornrows.

LO - i realize two shot attempts in the first half just aren't enuff (ala Memphis), i must become aggressive and will myself into the offensive flow...hmmm, may i, mr. jackson?

Mihm - hustle to become a wizard under the offensive glass. and perfect that funky little hook i'm working on.

McKie - prove to CBuck (and i'm sure many, many others) that my best days didn't end in Philly.

Profit - heal!

Slava - (and ya'll were calling who a ballhog???) try not to become the Black Hole once again after i get healthy... chill on them baseline Js!

Smush - now that i've endeared myself to lakernation with my highlight dunks early this season, how about adding DE-FENSE to my rep... no more fly-bys for point guards.

Sasha - keep shooting that open 3! and even better, mirror my game as a tony parker, jr. (who can shoot)

Turiaf - get that $1.23 mill and be the beast under the boards and finally give the Lake Show some inside points off the bench.

Wafer - be prepared for the extra minutes i'll see in '06. just become game-tested and not follow jumaine jones' footsteps.

Walton - be the walton who was the pimp during Game 2 of the detroit series. where did that young man go?

Phil Jackson - rein in my young team when needed ... the '02 Lakers, they are not. get us to the point where we can hold seven-point leads in the fourth quarter and finally, keep eye on the playoff prize.

Kwame- Learn to dunk and let the FRO out!
Kobe- Grow your fro back & Make a higher FG%
Bynum- Get taller and listen to Jabar
Cook- Keep hittin that 18 footer
George- Welcome to the state of Indiana!
Green- Get better.
Mihm- Stop getting that famous look on your face when you get called for a foul.
McKie- Get Well and get younger.
Slava- Where the hell are you?
LO- Welcome to the state of Indiana!
Smush- Keep it up playa
Profit- Ouch, get well.
Turiaf- Get well, you better better not be a Kwame.
Sasha- Stop crying when Kobe yells at you.
Wafer- Keep it up playa, Kobe's new backup.
Walton- Work on quickness
Phil Jackson- Beat Red while a Laker

Pyschopathic Forward- Welcome to California!

Lakers as a whole:

#2 or #3 seed in the west by winning the Pacific. Hey, if we're gonna dream, let's dream big I say!

Here's the latest story about our rotten superstar, courtesy of Peter Vescey . . .

I hope that Dr. Buss and Mitch will realize the mistake they made and trade Kobe once his no-trade clause expires (at the end of this season, I believe).

Jack Spratt? Wade's passing the ball to Shaq? Remember him? Feed the big Dog?
Wade's numbers have been down this year and last night when he had to make the big play they put Prince on him for the first time and he turned it over. Kobe drags Prince around for 42 minutes 'cause they fear him more than Wade. Yeah, Kobe has problems balancing the offense game by game. You get him a "go to" guy, he'll go to him.

Honestly, thinking about the Lakers and the holidays, I really miss Derek Fisher...D FISH!!

Kwame - To spend all my free time with Kareem learning low post moves
Bynum- To hang with Kareem and Kwame and be ready in April
Cook- To be more physical, since I am a 2
George- To have a little arc to my shot
Mihm- To play defense with my feet more and my arms less so I don't get so many "unfair" calls
McKie- To earn the sixth man spot with defense and spot up shooting
Slava- To shoot a whole bunch when I finally get to play
L.O.- To watch film of Scottie Pippen and Magic and learn to be both agressive and unselfish
Smush- To take more of a lead role in running the offense, since I am a 1
Profit- Rehab hard.
Turiaf- To earn the staring 2 spot - it is available
Sasha - To become a consistent offensive weapon off the bench
Wafer - A new name
Walton- To look less like my dad and to play more like him
Kobe- To stay as upbeat and agressive as I have all year, but also to let Smush and LO lead the offense more so I don't get tempted to jack it up every posession
Phil- To keep developing this young team and scare somebody in the first round
Mitch - To stay focused on the long term while everyone is talking about getting a nut job like artest

New Years Resolutions:

Kwame- To start playing angry, punishing basketball
Kobe- To inspire himself and his team to play together as a greater competitive unit
Bynum- To grow stronger, quicker as he sets the foundation for future greatness
Cook- To go harder to the hoop and rebound
George- To stay healthy and remind everyone what a great player he is
Green- To prove himself and support team chemistry
Mihm- To learn to play aggressive defense without getting into constant foul trouble and gain true confidence in his athleticism
McKie- To lend veteran wisdom to the team
Slava- To get healthy and return as an aggressive scorer
LO- To spend a hell of a lot of time with Magic Johnson and let Magic teach him the wonder of a subtle, intelligent, aggressive basketball mastery
Smush- To step up and become the Lakers' dynamic, reliable number two scorer.
Profit- To get healthy and return to the Lakers next year
Turiaf- To become a comeback hero for the world
Sasha- To put on weight and develop nerves of steel
Wafer- To show the world how good he is
Walton- The become the rock of confidence and chemistry for the Lakers
Phil- 1) To figure out a way to infect the Lakers with the virus of Kobe's intense competitive spirit while still maintaining internal team harmony and chemistry
2) To builder a meaner, mentally tough team that hates its opponents, but loves itself, and experiences true joy from playing the game
3) To propose to Jeanie Buss

My New Years Resolutions:

1) To never lose faith in my team
2) To get myself back into kick-ass black belt shape
3) To put Laker-haters in their place
4) To leave this prison of a job for something of greater purpose and substance
5) To find a super-hot chick who loves watching basketball and providing me countless hours of physical pleasure

New Years Resolutions: (2)

Mitch Kupcheck: To maintain patience in the face of crazed impatient Laker-haters and have faith in the fact that Lebron James wants to be a Laker and has a 30 million bonus claus in his shoe contract if he moves on to a larger market (which Los Angeles definitely is)
Jerry Buss: To write a tell-all book documenting all the stupid, crazy things Shaq said behind the scenes.

We need to trade Lamar Odom and Kuame Brown for Ron Artest.
Message to all of Kobe's teamates, you need to move without the ball and stop standing like statues and then Kobe might actually pass you the ball.

Kobe MVP.

Here is a link to another story, this was reported a while back and dismissed by some, never saw the details though as they put here:

Hopefully this stuff isn't true.


Wow. I read the article. Actually, I hope its true. Kobe's right. I just hope the rest of the team is emotionally resilient to handle Kobe freaking out. If they are, they'll step up. If they're not, then Kobe's impatience (much like the impatience of Kobe-haters and Laker-haters) will destroy team chemistry and things will take a nose-dive this season.

I hope Kobe's gamble pays off.

It will be difficult to handle another season like last season. That was a true exercise in suffering.

Yeah, I just saw the MSNBC article too - what's up with A) there being no credited writer on the article, and B) the fact that none of the many media outlets in Los Angeles have said anything about this?

Something smells fishy at NBC, or should I say the New York Post, which is apparently somehow the only media organization to attend that game...


The Lakers should be renamed "Kobe and the Kadavers"! I'm DONE with Lamar. He plays too many minutes and does NOTHING! Mitch, pull the string, get rid of Lamar, Devean G. and whatever other Kadaver, and get Artest!!!!!


Here's the original NY Post article. Peter Vecsey anybody?

There seems to be a few made up facts in the article, so I don't know that I'm buying the LO/Kobe fight. When did Kobe throw 2 "air punches" at Josh Howard? He also doesn't even reveal how his 'sources' would know this information... were they teammates? coaches? Anyone can make up a story and call it in, if you want people to believe it, you have to give your sources credibility.

Kwame: Lose a little weight. I'm too big for my own good. I feel like a bear on skates.
Mckie: Retire.
George: Have fun in Indy.
Slava: Marry Brigitte Nielsen
Smush: Drive more often.
Cook: CHUNK!!!
Profit: Change name to Lebron.
Bynum: Hit the weights adn never get married before the age of 30.
Turiaf: Bring heart to the team.
Walton: Practice my shot.
Mihm: Play smarter.
Wafer: I got to many, I'll check in next year.
Sasha: Don't get down on myself. I'm special and people like me.
LO: Take some aggresion from off the court and out onto the court.
Artest: Get along with my new teammates and be a good boy.
Kobe: Destroy the Spurs and bring balance to the force. It is my destiny.

Fans: To have patience. 82 games.


Dr. Buss-Scrap the 2007 plan and strategize for the 'here and now.' Some of us are spoiled by the Lakers dynastic championships of yesteryears; we want instant gratification and we demand changes in starting lineup to include a viable second option to Kobe, possibly through a trade/acquisition. Being a savvy real estate investor and poker player it's in your DNA to take calculated risk and pull that proverbial 'trigger' on that key Artest deal in the coming days to reinforce the team with mental/physical toughness and return them to the championship glory of the past.

General Management:

Mitch Kupchak-Wisely apply that negotiation skill you garnered from your UCLA Anderson School MBA toward future NBA dealmaking process. The negotiation on your last Shaq deal left alot to be desired from the standpoint of equal value, i.e. we should've received D-Wade instead of the decrepit B-Grant.


Phil Jackson-Bring the team from darkness to light through a healthy balance of Zen's detachment and the laissez faire, i.e. allowing players to think on their own, and greater coaching involvement with a new, young team, particularly calling timeouts at late juncture of the game.


Kobe-Improve on shot selections by taking less long-distance shots and making more of the higher-percenage mid-range varieties and penetration move to the baskets. Trust the your teammates more by defering to them during times of double/triple teaming.

Lamar-(Barring a trade)Increase the shot counts and improve on shot selection with the mid-range and point-in-paint varieties, as well. Stay the course with your unselfish nature.

Mihm-Reduce fouls and increase floor time by endearing yourself more to the Zebras with brief diplomatic/humanistic dialogs when you're assessed fouls.

Kwame-Improve on the mental toughness to match the fine physical specimen with which you're blessed. Devour all the knowledge imparted by Phil, Kareem and other coaches.

D-George-(Barring a trade) Improve on shot selection with more higher-percentage shots and less three's.

Smush/Sasha: See "D-George" above.

Luke: Improve free throwing and perimeter shots.

Rony: "A votre sante."

Fellow Laker enthusiasts: Have a Happy New Year and God Bless!

DarthMamba is the best.

we're not the only ones who feel that kobe hogs the ball. i admit he should shoot a good amount but he really needs to get people touches to they actually feel like they're playing too!!

Chris Mihm on the state of the offense: "I really feel like if we'd have kept playing the way we were in the first half (Wednesday) with the way we were moving the ball, we would've controlled this game and won it handily. It's just frustrating. Kobe, being a great player like he is, is going to find a way to get to the ball. We need to find a way to keep our offense flowing."

Said Smush Parker: "The ball moves in the first half. Everybody got some touches, and everybody was in the game."

Bryant took 24 of the Lakers' 46 shots after halftime (making nine) and scored 29 of their 45 points. He did not have an assist.

The latest fiasco to come out of the Lakers' lockerroom involves are antagonist, Mr. Bryant. As Peter Vecsey noted in his article, and also Mike Breshnahan of the LAtimes, Kobe went after Lamar after the Washington game.

That is not the way to be a leader. Especially not against somebody who has supported you since day 1 upon joining the organization. Going after the Number 2 leader in the clubhouse does not bode well with the rank and file.

Kobe needs to learn how to lead. By embarassing Odom, Kobe has alienated the person that he needed the most to gain the respect and adulation of his teammates. Ruling like a tyrant may work for a while. Jordan ruled with an iron fist. BUT, Jordan won. Jordan had Pippen's unwavering support. Everybody else followed suit.

By doing this to Lamar, Kobe will no doubt lose many of the rank and file's respect. Maybe Kobe doesn't need the respect. Maybe Kobe doesn't care whether or not if his teammates like him because to Kobe, basketball is a job. He wants to win at any cost. Doesn't matter how he gets to the promised land. Does the end justify the means? Some might agree with Kobe's tactics. But as far as I can see, it is the biggest faux pas of Kobe's leadership regime.

Now that he doesn't have Odom by his side, who is Kobe going to turn to in the clubhouse? He's further distancing himself from his teammates. You can already see the body language of his teammates during this 3 game skid. Players are terrified of him. Not because they fear of retribution, they fear him because they find him annoying. As noted in the Daily News article, Kobe yells at almost all his teammates to pass him the ball. You can hear it on television. The familiar, "HEY HEY HEY..."

If I'm his teammate, it's hard to play with him. Sometimes, he wants you to shoot. Others, he wants you to pass. So not only do I have to worry about my opponent; I also have to appease Kobe too. Dealing with the enemy within is a lot more draining.

Kobe needs to change his ways. His so-called leadership skills is equivalent to Mussolini.

I am amazed at the reports that Kobe is going to be suspended for a couple of games because of the incident with Miller. EXCUSE ME!!, didn't Dwayne Wade give Kobe a really bad flagarant foul? didn't a player from Dallas do the same to Kobe?

What did Kobe do different to deserve a suspension and the other players didn't?

I see so much prejudice against the lakers and Kobe it's amazing, now with Kobe suspended we can expect more loses.

It's so strange that all of these articles about Kobe and his teammates are coming out, and now the suspension, to me it's not coincidence.

Personal stats? I never claimed it was about personal stats. Kobe wnats to win and he wants to win badly, even if it means sacrificing some of his personal stats. I don't think Kobe cares whether he averages 35 or 30 or 28 ppg as long as he wins. But IMO he really really really wants to win it HIS way, with him as the hero and it comes to the detriment of the whole team. He believes he is good enough to bully his way through every obstacle and to do it his way on his own terms and with others subjugating to his will on the court. And it doesn't work that way. Just because he is the franchise player doesn't mean everyone else has to do all the adjusting. That's where I find major fault with Kobe and his "leadership". He gives zero indication that he understands that HE will need to do the biggest adjustment of all, that he will need to go the extra mile to blend in with his teammates and not vice versa.

It's not even about winning it all. It's about making the best out of what you've got. IMO that is where you really see leadership qualities of a player, when he doesn't have much to work with. If a player can take a mediocre or even below average team and make it look good (not contender but 5-6th seed), with exemplary team chemistry and all-for-one-one-for-all team spirit, imagine what that same palyer will be able to do with much better teammates? It's about flexibility, about having the ability to adjust to whatever team roster you are working with and make the best out of it. And that's what I'm missing from Kobe, that flexibility. It seems the impression and the implication from many of his fans is that the only way he will be able to achieve good things (not great, just good) is with a good roster that is closely tailored to his specific needs. And that is troubling. First because there is no guarantee he will be able to make good things happen even with a good roster (not with leadership he is showing at the moment), second because it will be damn hard to bring in players that suit Kobe's style of play (I can't imagine many will be clamouring to play with Kobe with him firing away as he is and behaving like an immature brat whenever things don't go according to his lofty expectations) and third because no team will work if its leader isn't prepared to make the biggest sacrifices when needed.

What do I want from Kobe? I've already written a long post about it. What I want from him is to recognize the faults his teammates have and to figure out how he needs to play in order to get the best out of his teammates. We don't need him averaging 30+ points. We can win with him averaging 26-28 ppg. Easily. We don't need him shooting 26 times per game. he can average 30 ppg on 21 shots if he figures out a way of shooting 48-49% from the field. Lebron does just that. Is Kobe good enough, talented enough to shoot 48% from the field? I think he is. He should be anyway. Stop taking so many treys, pick your spots, attack the lane, don't force things, don't try to be a hero and kill the other team with daggers with the finish in sight. Play each possession with care and don't rush things. That's what he can do to improve his own game.

Second, he needs to accept the shortcomings of his teammates. Accept them. They are flawed. So be it. That's what great leaders do. They assess the strengths and weaknesses of the people they are leading and they assign tasks to those people according to their strengths and weaknesses. I have no feeling Kobe is thinking of his teammates and how to make the best out of them when he is out there on the court. he just goes out and plays without much thought to how to make the whole thing work. It's like he figures they just need to paly hard, play up to their potential, step up when needed and it'll all work out. But that's not how it usually works. You need to make it work not just expect it to fall into place. Much as he probably hates the idea he would genuinely need to become their babysitter out there and coddle them and understand them and pacify them when they make mistakes. Sounds gay and not macho but they are inexperienced kids. You have to give them psychological assurance to coax the best out of them not military drills and tough love. Few guys in the league respond well to tough love (Kobe being one of them). Most prefer the understanding, patient treatment, especially the young guys, a leader who will use time and patience to gain their trust, who will go out of his way to understand them and their own basketball problems, weaknesses and frustrations. That's the only way you can gain their respect AND ONLY THEN do you have the freedom to yell at them when they *** up. You need them to trust and respect you BEFORE you lay down the hammer. That is the only way they will respond to criticism in a positive manner. Phil for the most part understands this. Kobe absolutely doesn't.

And that's the main problem with Kobe as the leader IMO. He just doesn't get the psychological aspect of it at all. He seems to think that if something works for him it should work for others as well. That if he has hard skin others should as well. That if he can perform on a certain level others should as well. And it doesn't work like that. He can work on his game all he wants but if he doesn't take the time to really understand what makes his teammates tick as basketball palyers, if he doesn't accept their weaknesses and tries to work around them, if he doesn't show them he really cares and wants to understand about their struggles and problems and frustrations, he won't reach them and he won't get close to the best out of them. And there is no indication Kobe is prepared to do that. So unless you bring in 3-4 more starters with very similar attitudes to his own, to whom he can relate without taking the time to know them better, you are stuck. Chances are, that is precisely what will happen. They may be professionals and millionaires but they are also insecure, still immature kids who need to feel comfortable with their surrounding and have trust in people they work with. An insular, detached, highly-strung loner with short fuse and unreal expectations of others won't accomplish that. A couple fo claps and pats on the back won't do. You need to go much deeper than that, show much more will and personal application. Psychology is a huge part of team sports and Kobe just doesn't seem to care or is completely unable to apply it unless it is in a threatening manner. Which in vast majority of cases won't achieve anything but more frustration and resentment.

Breaking News: Kobe suspended for 1 game for elbowing Miller. Everybody has a chance to score now!

Poor Lamar Odom. Can you imagine being trapped on this Laker team w/ a legit nut-job like Kobe Beane Bryant? The horror . . . .

just heard that kobe is suspended.... no indication of how long however...

for the hard elbow, of course... not for freaking out on odom...

Subject: The Pointlessness of Resolutions

The biggest source of tension and discord during the Shaquille O'Neal years was . . . ? Kobe's selfishness and reckless style of play. Not only couldn't Shaq tolerate Kobe, but the rest of the fellas hated him as well.

The biggest emerging source of tension and discord on this current Laker team . . . ? Kobe's selfishness and reckless sytle of play. No doubt Kobe is the most hated player on this squad, too, and for good reason.

Bottom-line, Kobe's never going to change. He's a selfish player who doesn't know the difference between a good shot and a bad shot and who doesn't know how to get along with his teammates. A sociopath in sneakers.

It's time to think about rebuilding the Lakers -- minus Kobe Beane Bryant.

I don't believe Kobe threw any air punches at Josh Howard after Howard fouled Kobe going to the basket. Kobe pointed his finger at Howard and that was it.

Thats ridiculous that kobe got suspended. Wade's elbow to him the other day was much more blatant and Wade should be suspended as well.

kobe is suspended for 2 games for elbowing mike miller

>>>>>>>>>>>>>.....I'm DONE with Lamar. He plays too many minutes and does NOTHING! ......

Posted by: DJ_LAKERFAN | December 30, 2005 at 10:32 AM <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Totally, totally, totally inaccurate. Lamar Odom fills out a box score from left to right. To say he does nothing in capital letters has got to be one of the most inaccurate comments anyone can make about any member of the Los Angeles Lakers. Period.

dywane wade was frustraded by kobes better skills that he had to release that fragrant foul

Kobe is suspended 2 games.
All you Kobe haters come out and say your piece now. Cuz you know, if the Lakeshow wins the next 2 games against Utah, LO blows up with a trip dub, and Kwame shows up --- the "trade Kobe now" or the "lakers can win without Kobe" ish is gonna start up again and again.

But if they loose and they cant make a shot, Kobe is going to validate why he takes the shots. Get it out of your system before he comes back from suspension.

For the Artest thing, I dont think it would happen. The Lakers need to throw someone with a big $$$ figure into the trade to get Artest and Rose as what was reported. The only one that would fit the bill would be LO. I dont think it is time to give up on him yet. if he truly is a better 3rd option than a 2nd option, we need to keep him here if we do trade for Artest. It would fit LO nicely and wouldnt suprise me if he starts paying like an ALL STAR.

Couldnt the Lakers just trade for Al Harrington. Good scorer no excess stuff following him.

As far as New Year wishes for the Lakers.
- Kobe - No more flying elbows. I would hate to see you flying in the air and someone droppoing you like you did Miller.
- LO - Hope you stay, but pick it up
- Mihm - No more soft hooks. Get up there and try to dunk that thing
- Smush - I dont see how you became a playground street legend. Prove it!
- Cook - Shoot that J until they tell you not to
- Wafer/Green - start a notebook, a couple years from now you could sell a True Hollywood Story of all the drama you see on this team
- Slava - Give the Lakers back the money you got, stop eating snickers as meals
- Kwame - Maybe you should ask Roberto Duran for his nick name - Hands of Stone
- Mckie - Get healthy, they gonna need you
- Bynum - Listen to the Kareem, there is a reason he scored all those points and didnt really have to jump
- Sasha - dont think about shooting the ball, just do it
- Luke - same as Sasha. Keep dropping those dimes
- Turiaf- you see what the Lakers need inside, step up and show the bigs how its done
- Laron - stay healthy and get ready for next year

Jackson - ask Jeannie to marry you. For a gift, Dr Buss can get you a proven All Star by the All Star break

All - stay real and stay safe, lots of crazies out there this time of year.

Josh Howard's cheap shot at Kobe was much worse than Kobe's shot on Miller and much more dangerous since Kobe was in mid-air. Nobody thought for one minute of suspending Howard. Hell, nobody thought for one minute of suspending Miller for the cheap shot that started the whole thing on Wednesday. Instead of "air punches", whatever happened to Iverson for the REAL punches he landed on Vujacic when we played in Philly? What a joke, two games! Could very easily be the difference between playoffs/no playoffs. I could see Kobe and Miller each getting a game, but two games is ridiculous.

Broderick Tunrner of the "Riverside Press Enterprise" wrote an interesting article a couple of weeks ago in which he stated that Lamar Odom had emerged as the leader of the team -- the player who gathered the other players in a huddle before the game, the one who gave instructions and encouragement to the other players during games. Kobe might be the "best" player on the team, Turner wrote, but Lamar Odom was the leader.

I can't wait until the Lakers add Ronney Turiaf to the squad. He's exactly what the Lakers need -- a player with size, strength, post presence -- and enthusiasm!!! Here's a recent article about the former Gonzaga Bulldog . . .

IT will be interesting to see if anything comes of this Lamar-Kobe incident. I believe that this time around Phil has more job security than Kobe and if he feels that this team can only go so far with Kobe as the leader, he would say something to management. I'm not sure when Kobe's no-trade clause is up, if ever, but I wouldn't be completely adverse to dealing him if this type of selfish behavior continues. However, I do hope he continues to play well, increasing his trade value. We would obviously get $.75 on the dollar for him in a trade, as is with all trades involving a superstar, but team chemistry is the number one priority (see Detroit Pistons) and there would be some interesting deals out there. I really like this team, and I like LO, but sometimes Kobe just rubs me the wrong way. Happy new year people.

He got suspended for elbowing miller's FACE. not chest or stomach. I think 1 game should have been enough tho. We'll see how the other lakers step up.
and to think about trading lamar for artest? are you kidding? having 2 ball hogs on the same team without a passer means they'll start jawing at each other after one game. they both wants to take 30 shots and both wants the ball at the end. you really think kobe and artest would get along? odom needs to be on the team to keep people happy. kobe, artest AND odom ... conference finals!

Now all kobe haters get their wish...lets see who among the so-called "shot-deprived" lakers will step up in the two games against Utah.

Kobe to get a second score on the team so I can pass the ball
Kwame- to get a better inside game
Mihm-to learn to play without commiting fouls
Smush- to take it to the hole more
George-to get some defense
LO-to stop shooting the three,and to drive
Sasha- put on some weight an get some bettter defense
Wafer- get some more PT
Green- get some more PT
Bynum-learn from the Cap.

David Stern has gone insane. Someone needs to kick this wannabe facist dictator off his pedestal. Two games for a flagrant foul. Completely uncalled for. Stern is trying to domesticate this game even more than he already has. Shouldn't it be a game? Shouldn't it be played with some actual passion and soul, it shouldn't be run like some lifeless corporation where employees show up in drab business suits and play simply to collect their paychecks. I know he's afraid of losing his precious yuppies who pay outrageous prices to sit close to their action to impress their spoiled kids and bored wives/dates. But he is going to far. Kobe did not swing a fist at Miller, he didn't even get kicked out of the game. How can you decide to suspend him for two games?

David Stern needs to remember what made the NBA so popular in ther first place. It was the passion in which Magic and Bird played the game. You don't want players to be dirty, but at the same time you want them to play with intensity and toughness.

I think Stern has been in charge for way too long. Its time for a person who actually understands the game like Jerry West to step in and take charge.

People Need to calm down.
Kobe isnt going anywhere. Neither is Lamar. And neither is Phil.
What did you think this was going to be easy? Did you think the Lakers would just go to the championship without any issues?without any struggles or growing pains?
Now that Kobe is obviously in the wrong for taking himself out the game Phil can get through to him. And it's so easy, let a rogue like Kobe shoot himself in the foot and then Phil can reel him in appropriately.

How much would it hurt Kobe for the lakers to lose winnable games to the Jazz? No doubt it will humble Kobe.

Stop acting like drama doesnt happen in the NBA. Didnt Isiah Thomas fight Bill Laimbeer in the locker room? Didnt Gary Payton throw a dumbbell at Vernon Maxwell? Didnt Scottie Pippen and Barkley become at odds in Houston? The point is that history repeats itself and this isnt NEWS. Especially when Peter Vescey exaggerates and fabricates most of it. Let Marc Stein write that and I will believe it.

We have Phil for a reason. Guaranteed Kobe will come back and play a more prolonged period of complete basketball after his self-imposed punishment.

Remember, the true mettle of a person is how you respond to adversity. We all know Kobe comes back stronger and better than ever after adversity. I'm actually glad this is happening now.

Sit back, let Phil work his magic and watch how the Lakers SLOWLY start to become a WEST contender NEXT year. This year we are a 6-8th seed with the most dangerous,combustible player on earth.









“This being our home court, people come here and think it’s Hollywood and all sorts of stuff, so they think they’ll come down (the lane) and look pretty and shoot jump shots and dunk the ball and finger-roll the ball and do all sorts of cute stuff. And we’ve got to stop that.” - KOBE BRYANT!

stop it with the crazy talk!

i want the lakers to win these next two w/o kobe... who cares if the haters come out, let them come out! we can't afford a 5-game losing streak.

if they lose, it will be a shallow, tough victory for us kobe supporters... a victory i don't even want

recognize kobe's a baller, but we gotta cheer for the LAKERS

































I've got to agree with my man Tex Winter. He's right, Dwyane Wade is the BEST all-around guard in the league.

Did you guys watch Wade versus Detroit the other day? Wow.

Anyway, here's the article quoting Tex to the effect that D-Wade is the best all-around guard in the league, reminding him of Jordan:

Personally, I wouldn't trade Kobe for LeBron or anyone else right now. I'd like to see how far this team as presently constructed will go.


For the sake of discussion and purely a hypothetical question, matching of salaries and salary caps aside, who do you think can you trade Kobe for straight up that will improve this team?

Since we have started to stray from the "resolution" theme here, a couple of things that have come up in a few posts that are worth underscoring.

1. Odom DOES really bring a lot to the game and is too valuable to lose (at this point); however

2. Odom is NOT at all comfortable being the second scoring option (nor should he be expected to be). It probably isn't in his make-up and it ought not be the way that the Lakers hang their hat, if it can be avoided;

3. This means that the Lakers ought to find a 2nd option; unfortunately

4. Finding one inside the organization seems unlikely, given the pressure that an increasingly combustible SG is directing at everyone within ear and eyeshot;

5. Finding one external to the organization seems unlikely given what would have to be given up (i.e. LO, who has not had a chance to settle into his role as facilitator and #3 (or #4) scoring option).

6. Phil seems very comfortable with where he is organizationally, but also with the team struggling in ways that seem easy to pinpoint. The losing of continuity in the 4th quarter, the way that increasingly combustible SG keeps going off -- these are good things, I believe, for Phil's long-term plan of the team finding its center, achieving higher enlightenment and, ultimately, putting it all together collectively;

7. Of course, this is all predicated on the increasingly combustible SG being given entirely free reign and creating an unbreachable chasm in this team;

8. It will be interesting to see what happens if (and I expect when) the Lakers sweep a (n admittedly) weak Utah team without that increasingly combustible SG. If they do, they will do it with team play and positive energy... and this will also play into Phil's (long-term) hand.

Who knows what it all adds up to, but these are facts that are in the mix when Mitch/Phil/JBuss are trying to sort out what's what concerning trades, line-ups, game rotations and strategies, and resolving internal conflicts.

Which, after all, has to be the ultimate New Year's resolution for Laker management and Laker fans.

I think Lebron is better than Kobe -- alot better, in fact. Moreover, I would trade the ENTIRE Laker roster, including Kobe, to get Lebron. So would Mitch, Phil, and Dr. Buss.

Predictions on the Kobeless-Lakers Upcoming 2 Game Series with the Utah Jazz.

The Kobeless-Lakers Current Poll:

-Who thinks the Lakers will come out on top 2-0?

-Who thinks the Lakers will come out even 1-1?

-Who thinks the Lakers will fall 0-2?

Please take the time to answer, just simply reply.

I want to know your thoughts.

I saw Kobe and Lamar talking about the rumors of their 'problems', both of them said it was not true. And I do believe them, Lamar said that those comments were made by a bad reporter and that it was bad reporting, because when you tell a lie is bad reporting. Kobe also said it was not true and that they called eachother on the phone and laughed about it.

See we live in a city like L.A and well drama sells. Since Mr. O'Neal left the drama department has been a little dull. Reporters need the drama and since some fans believe all the rumors, they get bigger and bigger and eventually hurts the team, not because the rumors are true, but because so many negative comments take a toll on people.

Hopefully Kobe, Lamar and the entire team don't get distracted with the gossip and just make their objective; to make the playoff and be competitive.
I think the team is doing better than expected. They are very competitive and well critics don't like to be in order to distract them....what better than drama.
The suspension on Kobe is ridiculous, but that's life. I hope the team wins the next two games without Kobe, maybe the team gets more confidence and Kobe starts trusting his teammates again, and they can find a balance. The team needs to prove they are good, Kobe already proved that and continues to do so.

I have read and heard of all sorts of trade rumors going around such as Artest coming to LA, Devan being shipped to Indy, the arrival of LeBron, Yao was mentioned earlier this season, Boozer's name popped up somewhere along the line and even Peja was to be lured in by Vlade.............

We have all heard our share of stories and like all Laker fans out there, we all have the dream of another parade through downtown LA.

But no matter how many trade rumors are flying around, no matter what bogus stories are written, no matter how may "in-fights" there are among the players and coaches, no matter how many books are written and scientific analysis for playoff seed positioning is made, all does not matter in the end because we the fans should always believe and cheer on the Purple & Gold - THE Los Angeles Lakers.

I will always root for the Lakers.........even if they win.

Actually, I think it's good that Kobe gets suspended for a couple of games. Kobe is obviously getting frustrated with some of his teammates... as well as the lack of foul calls. I think he needs some time to settle his emotions down. He's so energetic, passionate, and competitive about basketball that it can be a double-edged sword. He needs to sit back & watch what his teammates are capable of doing and hopefully can gain confidence in their skills. Plus, without Kobe on the floor, it will force them to step up their game. Also, it should make them appreciate what Kobe brings to the team.

With that said, I do think it's unfair that Kobe is the only one getting suspended for a flagrant. Josh Howard's clothesline definitely deserves a suspension. I don't think Dwayne Wade's elbowing deserves one, though, because it wasn't as injury-threatening as the others.

I think everyone should calm down about the current losing streak. We have to remember that this is a young team, learning a new system, and still trying to get a feel for each other. I have faith in Phil & I think he knows what he's doing.

Team resolutions are...
Kwame - To get more offensively aggressive and to dunk the ball.
Kobe - To have fun playing the game, to get my teammates more involved, and to learn to trust my teammates.
Bynum - To hit the weights & bulk-up and to impress the coaches, so I can get some playing time.
Cook - To be a more aggressive rebounder and to learn to drive to the basket.
George - To be healthy and consistent.
Mihm - To learn to stay on the floor for more than 10 to 20 min. a game by staying out of foul trouble (even though it's the ref's) and to be more offensively aggressive & go to the rim, so that I can be the #2 scorer when LO and/or Smush are offensively cold.
McKie - To get healthy.
Slava - To get healthy.
Odom - To be more offensively aggressive, so that I can be the #2 scorer when Mihm is in foul trouble and/or Smush is offensively cold.
Smush - To be more offensively involved, so that I can be the #2 scorer when LO is offensively cold and/or Mihm is in foul trouble, and to be a better defender.
Profit - To get healthy.
Turiaf - To get my stamina, strength, & conditioning up and to sign & playing with the team by the All-Star game.
Sasha - To be a better defender, a smarter player, and more thick-skinned.
Wafer - To be less trigger-happy and to try to get more playing time.
Walton - To be more consistent with my jumper and to take more initiative.
Phil - To beat Red's record & prove I'm a great coach and to prove the critics wrong by going to the playoffs.

And Mine - To be more patient with the team & remember that we're only one player & one year away from the Championship title again.

Happy New Year everyone!


ok that article about wade being better than bryant is absurd! in the christmas game wade only got 21 points because of kobe's crazy defense and why he hit kobe cuz of wades frustration to keep up

You know what the problem in L.A. is? It's not the Lakers. It's the People or the so-called "Fans". When the Lakers were winning Titles, no one was to blamed on the roster. This town is ignorant and the fans here are spoiled.
As you know, throughout the History, L.A. Lakers have been a successful Franchise.
This place is so accustomed to the Lakers winning ways that they are ridiculously impatient about the Lakers situation. REALITY is that they are REBUILDING to still try TO figure OUT A ROSTER AND A STARTING LINE-up. THEY ARE NOT IN A SITUATION TO WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP. BEFORE YOU START CRITICIZING KOBE, YOU NEED TO GET A REAlity CHECK!
I mean come on you got to be kidding me. They are still trying to find the right pieces. you can't expect them to win a championship this year. I'm sick of people blaming everything on Kobe Bryant. It seems like Kobe can't do anything right after the Rape Trial. He's been criticize game after game. Remember couple of days ago, he scored 62 points in only Three Quarters? He made History. but guess what? Critics still discriminate and criticize him. L.A. is so accustomed to winning that the fans here are too impatient and they need a cushion to hold on to. This cushion is Number 8 Kobe Bryant.

Thank you Haters.

TAco Boy you are an idiot. Saying Lebron is better than Kobe please get a reality Check know what you are talking about you obVIOUSLY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BASKETBALL.

"I think Lebron is better than Kobe -- alot better, in fact. Moreover, I would trade the ENTIRE Laker roster, including Kobe, to get Lebron. So would Mitch, Phil, and Dr. Buss." - Taco Boy

I love LTV.. James Worthy is my hero and Alan Massengale is Cool. They are the only ones that speak the Truth about the Lakers. James Worthy is one of the few People that can speak the Truth about L.A. situation.

I love Kobe Bryant but one thing that bugs me is that I remember he mentioned that "Basketball is a job, we have to do our job" something like that.. I know that's nothing but i can't help it.. i don't like it when he says that because it's kinda disrepectful to the game that people o-so love. Basketball is my getaway My passion My sanctuary and I'm sure it's too others as well. It shouldn't be lower to that value.. or compared to a job... ridiculous...


in my opinion, i think it was good kobe got suspended for the next 2 games. for one thing LO and the rest of the team get to show that they can get it done if they win which in my opinion they'll go 2-0. after all, its only the jazz back to back nights. i see LO goin off for consecutive trip-dubs, kwame and mihm are gonna show that they can get it done down low, and i see guys like smush, george, walton, cook, sasha show off their perimeter game. my prediction, lakers go 2-0 w/o kobe and will be ready to take on the 76ers and the Clips to cap off a potential 4-0 week after this frustating week to end the year. i'm almost sure they'll go 4-0, they want revenge for that heartbreaking loss against AI and the sixers and they want to get back at the clippers so they can regain the LA throne. THE CLIPS WILL ALWAYS BE 2ND BEST!!!! LAKERS FOREVER!!!!!


I hate to say this, but much of Kobe's recent troubles can be laid at Phil Jackson's decision not to use psychologist George Mumford, who worked four seasons with Jordan and three with Kobe and Shaq. Mumford, you may know, specializes in meditation and relaxation techniques. When Phil is called the Zen Master, it is Mumford who provides the Zen to the equation. His speciality is mindfulness and focus and relaxation.
Athletes such as Michael Jordan are under immense, inimaginable pressures. Mumford was so good at helping those great Bulls teams deal with the pressure and play at a high level. As Scottie Pippen explained to me, you couldn't really compete until you had been "Mumphied."
Mumford pointed out to me recently the immense pressure Kobe has been under in trying to carry this Laker team on his shoulders. Tex Winter, Kobe's friend and mentor, has been concerned about the pressure Kobe has put on himself to lift this team back to competitiveness. Like Jordan, Kobe also puts tremendous pressure on those around him.
I've been reading this blog now for a while, and I pretty much hear a group of Laker fans who are absolutely obsessed with winning. I love it. People in L.A. and Lakernation in general really demand a winning team. That's a huge reason why the franchise has played in almost 30 pro basketball championship series (including one in the old national league as the Minneapolis Lakers).
There's no excuse for some of Kobe's screw-ups, except that he's trying with everything he has to do the things you want accomplished. No one wants to win more than Kobe Bryant. I hate to borrow from 50 Cent, but Kobe's biopic would be something like, "Win It All Or Die Tryin'."
Mumford said if Kobe's going to take on this immense challenge, then he obviously needs help dealing with the stress in a positive way. Let's hope Jackson and the Laker staff help him find that help. Kobe Bryant's life is perhaps the ultimate dare-to-be-great situation in all of American sports. It's not always easy, not always pretty, not always on target. It is what it is. You never really know what's going to happen with this kid, except for this—he's gonna lay out everything he's got to make things happen. Nothing's held back. The "Die Tryin'" part of the equation is no hype with Kobe. It's raw and it's real.

Roland Lazenby
author of The Show

We're constantly reading articles about Kobe being frustrated with his teammates, not trusting them, etc

But why don't we read more articles about Kobe's teammates being frustrated with him?

I mean, does anyone on the Lakers take more bad shots and make more bad decisions with the ball than Kobe?

The guy is a joke . . . .

Interesting quote on Kwame Brown (one of the keys for the Lakers to continue to improve) from Kevin Ding's blog:

"But Phil Jackson knows he must get more out of Brown, which is why Brown is supposed to get shaken out of his comfort zone Friday and Saturday in practice, when Jackson starts running Brown at power forward again. Since returning from his hamstring injury on Dec. 10, Brown has played center, because it’s the simplest position in the triangle offense.

Brown has concluded that he has no business playing outside the lane in the triangle, because he can't shoot from out on the wing. Frankly, he has yet to show he can shoot from the lane or the free-throw line. So he's not altogether wrong that he is better suited to playing center for the Lakers.

But there are going to be times in the playoffs -- yes, the Lakers fully intend to be there, despite this three-game skid -- where Jackson needs Brown to defend a big power forward. It'll be interesting to see if Brown reacts to this situation with any desire whatsoever for more playing time. Unlike about every basketball player on the planet, Brown is not eager to play, which might just be the real problem behind everything."

Another quote from Kevin Ding's blog on another key to the Lakers:

"3) Both Artest and Odom are 26, but which one has more room for improvement? Both players would be well served to ratchet down the the emotional overflow on the court and better focus to improve. But the Lakers believe Odom can still improve in just about every aspect of the game, which is one reason Phil Jackson was so intrigued by the chance to coach the Lakers again. Just imagine if Odom were to get better as a jump-shooter or as a finisher -- just one of the two. He'd instantly become a top-shelf scoring option (while also being a better rebounder and ball distributor than Artest, albeit not as dominant a defender)."

Be sure to read the letters section in today's (saturday) L.A. Times. Quite a few letters concerning our Lakers -- with plenty of Kobe bashing. The letter writers see the same thing the rest of us see -- a brain-dead shooting guard almost single-handedly loosing three consecutive games on account of his selfish, wreckless play. The Laker-related letters can be read here:,1,4863705.story?coll=la-headlines-sports-letters




Well, if Tex Winter thinks Wade is the best all around guard in the league then I think we can stop wondering about the Shaq trade. Had they stayed together they would have wound up providing high drama but losing again as he and Wade did, and maybe earlier each Spring as Shaq gains years and weight. Wade's demeanor, born out of never being touted, surprising everyone with his game, would have to be more appealing to Tex and Shaq for that matter. We'll have to see if that demeanor gets him 3 rings or just shoe contracts.,1,2864333.story?coll=la-headlines-sports

this article shows kobe's reaction to the suspension the last sentence is pretty funny.

this article shows kobe's reaction to the suspension the last sentence is pretty funny.

i agree with mr. roland lazenby ... kobe's under alot of pressure and it is beginning to show ... alot of bizarre behavior, crazy incidents, etc ... i also agree with him that kobe is an incredibly hard worker with a tremendous will to win ... but i find fault with kobe because he doesn't know how to play basketball ... basketball is the ultimate team sport ... kobe doesn't share ... he ignores his teammates too often ... shoots really bad shots ... his teammates probably don't like him ... i think kobe is leading the lakers down the wrong path ... maybe we can trade kobe at end of year ... maybe for jalen rose + chris bosh (maybe they trade bosh if they think he'll ultimately opt out) ... probably we're stuck with kobe ... when dr. buss sided with kobe i think he did a deal with the devil, dooming us all ... just my thoughts for the day -- ronnie bell 02

I'd like to see the Lakers add someone like Ron Artest or maybe Ruben Patterson to the mix. You know, a no-nonsense tough guy.

The value of an Artest or Patterson, however, wouldn't be on the court against the Lakers' opponents.

Rather, the value of an Artest or Patterson would be that he would punch Kobe in the mouth when Kobe refuses to pass the ball, as Ruben Patterson once did during his brief stay with the Lakers.

Let's face it, Kobe needs a serious beat-down if things are going to get better.

Roland's hit it on the head with his post.

I think what Kobe supporters see and relate to is his passion and dedication to win. It's overpowering, and we all wish we had that kind of drive. It is misguided at times, yes, but it's borne out of a desire to achieve.

That's what we're all arguing isn't it? His intentions - one side sees it as desire for victory, the other side sees selfishness and greed.

He's iconic - we see him and we relate it to some situation in our lives. Either we see him as a misunderstood hero struggling against incredible odds, or he's that guy at the office who won't cooperate with the department.

i'm so relieved to learn that new york post article about kobe and lamar fighting is false. it sounded unbelievable when i read it without any real mention of a qualified source, not even mentioning that the account came from a security guard. to hear kobe and lamar on tv talk about the article and say it was false ends this NBA year on a good note for me. anyways, why should we believe anything the new york post prints about LA's team? aren't they still made Phil Jackson is here? aren't they made that they're own team sucks so much worse than ours?

on another note, i love kobe but he's been throwing serious attitude since the 62 point game against dallas. he needs to chill a bit and maybe this 2 game suspension will be a blessing in disguise. let's see if the other players step it up. some of them mentioned not getting enough touches during the memphis game in the 2nd half. well, how did they go scoreless and lose the lead when kobe was out for a few minutes after he got cut? did he take the ball with him to the locker room?

i was having problems with lamar odoms play the past few games but have now come to realize that lamar is just following phil's direction. phil wants him to be a passer first, not a scorer. we should be blaming phil for lamar's lack of aggressiveness. i think lamar can be much more aggressive in the offense and still distribute the ball. those 2 abilities can co-exist, phil just needs to give him the okay to do it. i want lamar to come out again and proclaim he'll be more aggressive. the last time he did, he had good scoring games and still a good all around game.

happy new year everyone!

Note: You can totality tell what Each Laker have on their minds.

Cjust a little something to cheer up the fans)

Kwame- 5 feet Lay-ups are so hard They seem like 15 feet jumpshots. I'm big but I'm scared.

Kobe- I just want to win, I just want to win. I don't care what people think of me.

Bynum- I'm so scared out there they're older then me.

Cook- Maybe I should stop smiling because of my front tooth.

George- I play good Defense but why am I getting traded?

Green- I look pale on the court.

Mihm- These referees keep calling fouls because I'm White.

McKie- I'm the oldest guy in the Team, special me.

Slava- I should learn how to go inside but then again I'm getting traded.

Lamar Odom- I hate Kobe, he yelled at me, maybe I should start shooting the ball?

Smush- I'm so special I can dunk the ball and I'm a PG.

Profit- Why do I have to be injured. I was playing good.

Turiaf- I'm going to learn how to speak better English.

Sasha- Why is Kobe so mean to me?

Wafer- Why won't Phil let me play?

Walton- Why does my dad look like me? How come I can't play like him? maybe i should just broadcast.

Phil- I want to shave my mustache so I can look good for Jeanie Buss. She' 40 and I'm 100 but we make a good couple.

I can't believe no-one has mentioned yet that the NY Post just got caught with their pants on fire. Articles in today's LA Times and OC Register have demolished Vecsey's article about the Odom/Kobe "fight" - the fact that it also mentioned non-existent Kobe "air punches" was kind of a giveaway that it was purely a 'hater' article, but the fact that MSNBC picked up on it and published a much more prominent article really peeves me.

What do you guys think? Shouldn't the media be held accountable for this kind of false journalism? What would be the recourse? An apology article, or something more creative? Should Vecsey have to reveal his "sources?" (assuming he had any to begin with..)

it's hilarious how ppl like Jiggie Ferrer must gather a chorus of like-minded souls ... somehow if he can link to every story, or post every letter, he feels validated in his thoughts



ppl who write e-mails to the LA Times, more power to them. they're entitled to their opinion. i just find it humorous how jiggie finds solace in their thoughts.

Happy New Year, Blog. I'm glad I found this.


2) (Don't get me wrong about this. I'm a huge Kobe Bryant fan.) Someone on the Lakers needs to kick Kobe's ass, literally kick his ass in a closed practice. Remember when Kobe first came to the Lakers and Shaq bullied him? Kobe, 18 at the time, tried to fight Shaq one-on-one in practice. Insane, but admirable. Now that Kobe's the bully, he needs to be reminded of what it feels like to be pushed around. Someone needs to stand up to his rants and kick his damn ass.

If Kobe is a man (which I believe he is) he will accept the fact that Kwame or Lamar or Von Wafer just knocked his ass out, and some equal dialogue will begin. As insane as this sounds, I suspect that Kobe would gain greater respect for whoever kicked his butt. Why? Because Kobe is a competitive nut and competitive nuts only respect people who also are competitive nuts. None of this passive, "What should we do Kobe?" crap will do. Kobe wants viscious fighters who go into a basketball frenzy when they smell blood. People don't need to acquiesce to Kobe; they need to step up. THAT will gain Kobe's respect, because Kobe wants to win and Kobe needs winners beside him, not follwers.

If not, then Kobe needs to chill the hell out or dive in front of a moving truck so the Lakers can move forward.

A team is never one man.


I know that this is a notion that's been struck down time and again as far-fetched and impossible, but it's such a tantalizing idea, that I wanted to revisit this.

Seeing Kobe and KG playing on the floor together during All-Star games, I was always struck at the terrific chemistry they seem to have. It appears to me that they have a very healthy respect for each other, both as players and as people. If there's any superstar out there who would ever play well with Kobe, it's probably KG. With them, I can easily see them deferring to each other and not making a big deal about who's 1 and who's 2. I can see them forming a more devastating inside-outside duo than Shaq/Kobe.

Perhaps the biggest reason that KG is the best fit for Kobe is that KG is probably the only other player in the NBA that can match Kobe's intense competitive spirit. This is what Kobe demands of his teammates more than anything else, and no one would earn his respect more than KG.

As much as I love the potential that Odom represents, I would be willing to give him up along with George and Bynum (even though I like him) if that's what it took to land KG.

Is this still absolutely impossible? Anyone have any ideas on how this could become reality? Somehow?

A few comments...I have inside info as to why the suspension for Kobe was for two games. According to league bylaws, any intent to injure whereas said injury my result in catastrophic and/or debilitating injury in means for suspension. There's two parts to the Kobe suspension a) was in intentional. Yes, as confirmed my Kobe's postgame comments (a mistake on his part). b) could this action have resulted in catastrophic and/or debilitating injury? Yes, because unlike the elbow by D. Wade, Kobe's elbow was aimed at and contacted a sensitive part (throat) of an opposing player. It's all about league liability and other stuff, but, there it is for those who are questioning why it was 2 days.

More info on the Kobe/Lamarr incident. I don't have all the details, but apparently Kobe did go after Lamarr, but it wasn't as violent as some these reporters are stating. Kobe, who had been upset with Lamar after the Houston game, was criticizing Lamarr after the Washington game, something he had done to other players. Usually, no one responds, as was the case with Lamar. But eventually, he did respond, thus escalating the exchange. Kobe then turned (only turned) and gestured toward Lamarr, not challenging him to a fight, but reinforcing his orignal criticisms. Someone who was walking close to Kobe basically put his arm around Kobe to lead him on and that's when Kobe flung down equipment onto the floor.

Still more info: There's more to the Artest trade than the public thinks, and Lamar's name is right in the middle of it. Apparently, Kobe's isn't supporting keeping Lamar on the team. The Laker organization is really going after this trade, but it remains to be seen if it will go down.

“Let Kobe Rain”

A Poem Of Greatness

: By Kevin Nguyen

Game in and Game out.

Lakers Fans are impatient and That’s what they’re all about.

When You’re not winning.

You’re blaming.

It’s okay, Let off your steam more on him than the Team.

Point all your fingers and Throw all your lies onto that one guy .

He’s probably wearing Number 8.

Look at all the hate; This guy must be that great.

Cast it on him, It’ll only pass by.

For you know how good he is, So you must deny.

Please don’t envy, Please don’t hate.

Maybe to you, This is just his fate.

Over and over again, He takes criticism and blame.

Again and again, How awful this is to the Lakers team game.

When the Refs can’t blow a whistle for him, You know something’s wrong.

Maybe they need to start giving him the respect, and Acknowledge what’s going on.

He gets more miss calls than Anybody that plays basketball.

When the game’s lock on tight, The Refs can never seem to call a play right.

How absurd it is to watch.

The Refs can’t fool us.

Calling nothing, Just playing it cool.

I’m disappointed in the City of L.A.

As much as I am in the Lakers Plays.

Sick of those so-called “Lakers” Fans.

Those that care only about the W, Maybe that is what counts.

But we shouldn’t put one guy in the spotlight and Shout.

They just all need to cheer Kobe on and Start clapping their hands.

Maybe till then, Things will change.

They need to give him support

so He could realize

that the fans are right by his side.

-Thank you.

(Damn I'm Good) Feel free to comment on it.

Lamar will not be traded for artest because Kobe wants lamar on the team. It was reported yesterday that Kobe is not allowing the lakers to trade Lamar; that is why the deal is not going through. Kobe and Lamar have known each other since they were really young 15 and 16, and Lamar is one of Kobe's closes friends on the team that is why he won't get traded.

People are trying to create drama, like Lamar said yesterday everybody has heated arguments, that doesn't mean that they hate eachother. We all fight with friends and then we move on. So lets move on.

jalen rose and chris bosh for kobe bryant? now thats just plain stupid...

yo that wuz a bombass poem...i really like the message...propz

Man that guy Kevin can write a good poem

Great Poem their Kevin. Speaking from the truth, and I agree with every word. I see the same going on and when the Lakers are losing, it's open game to blame Kobe, because he's the star of the team. But when the teams winning, Kobe is a saint. Anyhow, I read many comments and I sit back and laugh in disbelief. I'm a true Laker fan and I don't blame Kobe for losing, never will I.


Keven inspired me to write a poem as well, so here it goes.

Bitch Please!
Blaming losses on Kobe like its a disease
But when the Lakers manage to produce a win
Dem peeps are back on Kobe's jock again
Ain't it funny, I see it all the time
Kobe's to blame, opinions are fine
But when someone suggest
Kobe should be traded
Put up your hands
Yo ass should be raided
Po Po look for the drugs
That boy must be on crack
Needle in his arm
Laying flat on his back
But back to the subject
You haters must be hatin'
Kobe doesn't know how to play da game
So what you sayin'
Are you suggesting you can take his place
be the star of the team
Deal with all the media attention
and not play so clean
You will pass the ball more
Depend on your cast to get it done
Put yourself in Kobe's shoes
Ahhh,'re not the one
Enough with all this negative talk
You need to stick to the script
Can't hang when were losing
Then take the bandwagon trip
The Clippers need fans
Oh that's right, they're losing too
Clipper Fan, Clipper Fan

Keep it Real,

And Phil tells the press:

"Believe me, all these guys are licking their chops thinking, 'There's 30 shots out there that are available to us,' " Jackson said before offering a slight suggestion to those who will play.

And then he said: "The quality of shots are really what's important."

You guys are calling for another psychologist? You got the best one under K at this very moment.

Are you listening Kobes? LO? Cookie? Sasha? Smushster? Phil's talking to all of you -- in different ways -- at the same time.

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