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Extra! Extra! (12.14)

December 14, 2005 |  8:18 am

Kwamebrown_iou6fikn The Lakers' strong road trip has been more than just a smile generator for fans. A team's early games are often the difference between a legit playoff push and scrapping to survive. And the Lakers have it doubly hard, with 29 of their first 49 out of house. Obviously, this particular swing doesn't guarantee a postseason birth, but it could end up a difference maker if L.A. does find themselves in the top 8. Some, however, would just say the true difference is the current relationship between Phil and the other top 8.

Kwame Brown's return to the active roster has also meant Andrew Bynum's return to the bench. But nobody can accuse the kid of not keeping a good sense of humor about it. Check out his criteria for getting back into the rotation.

A breakdown of the Memphis game. The Griz are slumping a bit, so now ain't the time for letting up.