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A Little More on the MDE

Andy covered the bases on Shaq's courtside appearance on Sunday, so there's no need to rehash at length.  I agree that there was no reason for Shaq to stop by, other than to get the huge applause, his face on the Jumbotron, and to rub Kobe's face in the pageantry.  It was pretty bush.  My question is this:  Why did the Lakers play the Superman theme, announcing his presence as if a hero had come home?   Yeah, he's a hero for many LA fans, but one who plays now for another team, certainly played a role in his own exit from town, insulting the owner (verbally) and fans (through a lack of fitness) during the year or so before he was traded. 

Put his face on the Jumbotron.  Let fans know he's there (like they wouldn't have noticed anyway?).  Let fans applaud him for the years he gave to this city.  When his playing days are over, retire his number.  He deserves all that.  But to play the music while the man sat courtside, watching his rival struggle to carry a thin team, added something I thought was wrong.  On another team whose locker room soap opera wasn't the lead night in and night out on SportsCenter, it might have been okay.  But here, where every action is laced with meaning, it sent out the wrong message.  Yeah, Shaq put the team in an awkward spot, but the Lakers (perhaps in an effort to seem diplomatic) made it even more so. 


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I'm not even sure Shaq knew the implications of his actions. He might be thinking "what's the big deal?". I doubt it. But even if that is the case, part of having class is being aware of the impact of your behavior. Not classy, Shaq Ex-Daddy.

The Lakers are bigger than any one player.

They showed the true class this organization has by this action. They are above petty squabbles and spiteful remarks. Showing respect for one of the great players of his generation is never a bad move. Doubly so in this case, since we benefitted from some of Shaq's best years.

That said, Shaq's attitude is childish. His inablility to move on only strengthens the argument that he needed to go (an argument with which I agree). Thanks for the memories Shaq, now go away til Christmas.


That the Lakers may have been trying to stay above the fray and show class is a fair point, J, but still, playing that song? To me, it just sent the wrong message, because EVERYTHING that happens, even now, in whatever remains of the Shaq/Kobe saga has implications. It was one step too far, one reason being it sent the wrong message to the guys (and the guy) still there.

Granted, if I remember correctly, they played a montage to the guy before the Christmas Day game last year, and I don't remember it bothering me at the time. It's a sticky issue.

The truth is, while Shaq's several chins and overgrown 350 pound frame didn't break any chairs at Staples, his cocky classless actions drove my quota of Shaq nasuea to a new level. Thanks Shaq, for justifying my feeling towards you, you downward spiraling over-bloated soon to be bosshog manchild. You are a giant boy... albeit a damn good baller of a giant boy.

Also, worth noting. You have a few good years left, true. It won't be until 2007 that Drew Bynum, in the limited minutes you meet him on the floor, will dominate your every move.

Bruce. Out.

I have to say its about time that everybody started feeling about the oversize whale the way that I feel. He disrespected the Laker's when he left like a spoiled baby and he has disrespected Kobe every chance he got since he left. I feel you show love to those who show love to you. I cant wait to see Shaq's face and hear his excuse the first time that the Lakers whip the Tonka trucks azz.

What strikes me about this whole situation is..who gave the go-ahead for the superman theme song? Was it Dr. Buss himself? I dont think they would play his music, with all the negativity thats gone on since he left unless they had permission from someone up top.

Shaq is the BIG Disrespect! At least when it comes to the Lakers. I think the Lakers play it straight, to show Shaq for the villan he is.

Noone ever talks about it, but what must it be like for him to be playing in Florida...again...If I were an Orlando fan (do they have those?) that would suck to have their Villan from way back prancing around, so close.

When I heard that song and saw Shaq I was confussed. I would have boo'ed him. Yes he did give us some great years, but the truth is he lost interest when he would come back to camp out of shape while the rest of the team practiced dedication to the game. On top of that, he was spouting a bunch of garbge well into Christamas time last year about the Laker organization and the fans. He showed no class on his exit, but that just my view....

Wouldn't have been great if the showed his picture on the Jumbotron and played the theme music from Underdog instead of Superman? I would have paid to see Shaq's expression.

The person who plays the superman theme song for Shaq is out of his brain, Shaq is not the most dominated man in NBA, he is not scoring leader, rebounding leader, when Shaq in LA, Lakers is number 4 or 5 in the West, people forget that, and when Karl Malone out in the Finals, Shaq can't carry Laker team any more. The interesting thing is, can Shaq win in Miami, with good players around him.

I know that he has been discussed a lot on here the past few days, however, I have a new topic involving him, which hasn't been discussed much if at all. I am referring to Shaquille O'Neal and my topic involves a re-visiting the trade from two summers ago.

Back then, and all of last season, and even some times still, it has been said that trading him was at worst the dumbest decision in sports history, or at the least the amount of return didn't matchup. I disagree with both and the reason I do is being seen this year. I said all of last year that a trade of this magnitude could not be evaluate simply on a short term basis. It takes years to see the true benefit of such a trade. For instance, when the Lakers acquired Shaq and traded Vlade away for a higher draft pick (Kobe Bryant turned out to be the pick.) the Lakers didn't instant win a championship. When they trade away Eddie Jones for Glen Rice, they still lost against the Spurs in the second round. However, all three of those moves coupled with Phil coming in and the additions that offseason led to a championship.

One I am suggested is that the Lakers are building up to another championship eventhough people don't see it. That alone is enough reason to let Shaq go....but I have another as well.

Shaq is getting older, much older every day (in basketball years). Just as he has been out all but 1 game this season, he would have done similarly the same with the Lakers had he been kept. Where would that have put the Lakers? They had Karl Malone and Gary Payton....Fisher was leaving, and Kobe would have possibly left as well. In two years, Shaq's stock would have been no greater than Patrick Ewing when he left New York. The Lakers would have been stuck with a large contract and no leverage to build anything. Instead, they have a young growing team that only needs a tweeking each year to reach a title in a few years. I believe that they are closer to a championship than people think. The "need" for a power player downlow could disapear as Bynum ages. He is getting a solid amount of playing time and getting better with each game. If he continues to work during the summer, he will be ready to step forward next season.

Yes, I don't agree to play the Superman theme song is the right dicision. We should just ignore him. Remember, he is playing for Miami Heat now!
Shaq has such a overinflated ego that he totally disrespect anyone. He disrepect the fans by not keeping himself in good shape. He disrepect Laker fans by excuse of "regular season is my workout time", but he forgot people paying big dollar to 82 regular season games to watch him play, not jogging into condition". He disrespect fans by operating his toe right before the season starts, and excuse himself that he got injury during work, so he entitle to use working time to heal his injury. He disrepect Buss by shouting at him in front of 15,000 fans during a preseason game "Are you going to pay me now"? He disrepect LA by calling "LA is a fake city".

Enough said, Laker fans should let go Shaq, and Shaq should let go Lakers also!

A friend of mine who as a crew member worked on a lot of commercials told me about working with Magic and Shaq on separate commercials.

He told me that in person Magic cradled the basketball like it was a baby. One could tell simply by being in his presence how much he loved the game, how it was practically a spiritual thing for him.

Shaq, on the other hand, held the ball callously, like it was a tool. Nothing more. He concluded (as a Lakers fan) that for Shaq basketball was simply a means to an end.

I find myself becoming something of a Shaq-hater over the last couple of days. I'll never forget all that he did for the Lakers, but upon reflection I'm also suddenly remembering all the things he did that I forgave BECAUSE HE WAS A LAKER. Now that he's gone, it sure seems like he was a big jerk a lot of the time.



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