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It had served as nothing more than a throwaway line. But it quickly became a rallying cry for the L.A. Times Lakers blog readers. With there being very little Laker news and the fact I wanted to enjoy a Saturday at the beach, I suggested to everyone to try to shoot for 500 comments in that day's only post. When I returned the next day, I saw everyone carry that pledge ... and then some.

At that point, there were around 600 comments on the thread, and I thought at first maybe I had just been out in the sun too long. But no it wasn't a mirage and it wasn't about to stop anytime soon. After then raising the ante to 800, this legendary post eventually reached 1,130 comments, which might spark a petition on my behalf to see if it this qualifies for any sort of Guinness World Record. Hey, then we'll be spoken within the same breath as Lamar Odom and Shannon Brown for shattering a record for most free throws made in a minute. To make it easier to store this legendary post for future use, I made a new category called "1,000 comment post," which is included in the categories below. That category will include the original post as well as this one that highlights all the best comments so you can treasure it for years to come. It could also serve as an easy reference tool for when the good people with the Guinness World Records verify our claim. Now we just need a volunteer to get in touch with them.

Without further ado, below the jump are the best comments from that memorable post.

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-- The Orange County Register's Janis Carr reports that Ron Artest's rap single, "Champion," is featured in NBA2K11.

-- Pro Basketball Talk's Kurt Helin likes the Lakers-Celtics rivalry synopsis presented in the Lakers' Championship DVD

-- ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky outlines Shannon Brown's options.

-- Yahoo Sports' Marc Spears and Adrian Wojnarowski rank the winners and losers during free agency.

--'s Mike Trudell looks at Kobe Bryant's three-point shooting this past postseason.

-- Longtime sportswriter and author Don Yaeger explains at how Magic Johnson became a successful businessman.

-- Silver Screen and Roll's DexterFishmore grades Derek Fisher's play this season.

-- Forum Blue and Gold's Phillip gives some quick-hit thoughts on the offseason.

Tweet of the Day: "RIP Lorenzen Wright. I was blessed to know him." -- RealLamarOdom (Lakers forward Lamar Odom)

Reader Comment of the Day:"love our off-season so far. the Steve Blake signing was all i had asked for this season in addition to retaining Brown and Fisher. the Barnes move is ok considering the toughness he brings to the table. Farmar never fit the system anyway and should do pretty well in New Jersey i think. i would've liked to have gotten Bell as another defensive stopper but oh well. also i love the upside of our draft picks after watching summer league. Ebanks is an Ariza clone, which is great and Caracter is the hustler we so desperately need off the bench. i feel the Ratliff deal was fairly irrelevant but he can at least do what Mbenga did for us. i feel like we addressed our most glaring need, bench production and intensity. i mean i cringed every time the second unit went in because they would constantly blow double digit leads and Phil would always leave them in to "let them work it out" as he puts it. then Kobe has to come in and play hero for us to win. i feel like we have to still be the favorites either way you look it regardless of what everyone else is doing. Artest has a full year of the triangle under his belt, Odom has big games when we need them, and hopefully Bynum can stay healthy. the other guys go without saying." -- SoCoolCurt

--Mark Medina

Photo: Lakers guard Shannon Brown remains in negotiations with the team. Credit: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times.



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